The collapse of the Matrix

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I notice that there is still a lot of talk about the Matrix on social media and in youtube videos as if it still exists in full regalia. Although I can imagine that that perception exists if you only look at the physical dimension, given the destruction and corruption in the world at the moment, I do would like to offer a dissenting voice on this.

The Matrix really is collapsing on a 4-dimensional level. There are many lightworkers who have consciously contributed to this collapse of the Matrix especially over the past 5 years. Not only in general by increasing the Light on Earth (through self-transformation, downloads, meditation, visualization, etc..), but specifically, guided by their Higher Selves and often in collaboration with the Ascended Masters and Extraterrestrials, through multidimensional precision actions on the mechanics of the Matrix and the organization behind the Matrix.

While I’m not a fan of over-focusing on the dark side of the 4th dimension, it’s good to name it at least to become aware of it, then park it and focus back on the Light of the higher dimensions. So that it becomes clear and concrete that the Matrix does indeed exist as a multidimensional reality, but also that there is a conscious step-by-step plan behind the movement to the 5th dimension and the New Earth, which also involves the breakdown of this Matrix. I am specifically focusing on the Matrix here, but the collapse of the Matrix, of course, represents only a single facet of the entire collective ascension process. The grounding of the Christ energy and the I AM god force, the restoration of the Earth’s geometry and light grid, the purging and transformation of the energy bodies of the Earth and of the collective human consciousness are developments that largely occurred parallel the collapse of the Matrix.

The Matrix is not an abstract thing, it is a very real, concretely designed energetic system in the 4th dimension. If I had to define what the Matrix is, it would be something like: a 4-dimensional controlled simulation, consisting of a negatively polarized planetary grid system, supported by a multitude of alien quantum technologies, that aims to hold its grip, and keep the planet inhabitants in an illusory experience of reality and prevent them from coming into their real, divine power. The technologies used extend to holographic projections, mind control techniques, aura and chakra manipulation systems and more. All to control perception, discourage spiritual growth, and drain energetic power. This Matrix was created by negatively polarized extraterrestrials, but they in turn were directed by spiritual shadow forces.

Right now, in my experience, the Matrix is really coming to an end. The Matrix and its creators are on their last legs. And, because as a result of this they no longer receive the nourishment and manifestation power from the 4th dimension, so are the elite in the physical world. That is not unfounded optimism, it is based on a knowledge based on many personal experiences. The elite also know this themselves, they notice that their occult magic no longer has the power it had before. Like many other lightworkers, Karin Thomas and I have had experiences in our meditations related to the collapse of the Matrix. We witnessed operations against negatively polarized extraterrestrials, and many different dual etheric forces and demonic types. Sometimes inside the Earth in underground bases and caves, sometimes on Earth, sometimes outside Earth, on spaceships and other planets. We witnessed how the negative grid system around the Earth was dismantled, how an illusion generator of the reptilians was destroyed, and how we ourselves were disconnected step by step from this grid. In 2018, “matrix plugs” were disconnected from my head. No implants, but coupling cables, just like Neo in the Matrix movie. I felt the spots on my head for a week afterwards.

Furthermore, we witnessed how a council of reptilian commanders was brought to light and integrated by their own enlightened Higher Selves, and how reptilians tried to evade arrest by escaping the solar system. And at times we have been allowed to work with positively polarized extraterrestrials, such as the Arcturians and the Avians, to activate certain portals and ancient sites on Earth that diminished the Matrix’s control. The negative grid system, which was like a black net around the Earth, had its grounding point, it will not surprise you, under Buckingham Palace in London, and there was also a huge unicorn dragon trapped there, which has now been freed.

It is my intention with this text to attempt to alleviate a bit of the sense of hopelessness that some people display online. The feeling that they remain prisoners in this Matrix system, and that there is no prospect of liberation. That’s not true. The Matrix is collapsing, and the physical extension (the social system of control and corruption) will inevitably follow. The remaining negatively polarized aliens are no match for the massive presence of the positively polarized aliens in our solar system.
It is not my intention to contribute to the judgment of the dual players, or to create an us-them mentality, on the contrary. Many lightworkers have had mischievous 4th dimensional aspects on the other side of the game that they have been allowed to embrace and integrate during this process. Something to dwell on. Bringing light also involves settling karma and integrating one’s own dual aspects. The darkness triggers the Light to move, to evolve. The awareness of the difference between love and light is also of value here. Light occupies a polarized position with respect to darkness. Love embraces both. “Love is found through the darkness”. And since really every being has dark aspects moving around in Creation, one cannot escape the embrace of one’s own darkness in one’s own evolutionary path. It is a reflection and integration that you can postpone, but not cancel. I can say for myself that I hardly feel any judgment about the dark practices anymore. The more I have opened my heart and the more I have learned about the workings of creation, the more I have come to put the role of darkness into perspective. It’s all illusion in the end, and we all live forever. Detachment is a great asset.

Nor is it my intention to suggest that it is a good idea to sit back in the knowledge that the Matrix is ending. Watching the fall of the system with popcorn on the couch, without working on one’s own spiritual growth. The disappearance of the Matrix does not relieve one of the responsibility to raise one’s own frequency, if one wants to go to 5D. A 3D frequency level without the Matrix is still a 3D frequency level. The road to 5D will probably be easier and faster now than before, now that many condensed fields and opposing forces are falling away, but self-transformation is still necessary. Every human being on Earth is able to raise their own frequency level from 3D to 5D in a few years. Explicitly indicate to your guides and Higher Self that you want to go into 5D and are open to allow all that needs to happen for that to happen, and allow the violet fire energy to flow through your aura for an hour daily. In addition, connect yourself sufficiently with nature for a healthy, solid grounding. That is already a good basis, and it costs nothing. And it also helps you stay more balanced during the chaotic conditions of this transition time, as the violet energy transmutes active, low-frequency emotions and thoughts. By the way, I am aware that many people reading this who are already open to these realities are already “5D-ready”, in which case this last paragraph is not for you.


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