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Dear people, in response to a question I received from someone about whether one should participate in collective meditations, I decided to write a blog about it. It's a topic I've considered devoting a blog to before because I've read fairly often anyway how people don't support it. My position is that it is ALWAYS a good idea to participate in collective meditations. There are a number of nuances and considerations at play here that I want to bring to your attention with this blog.

The two biggest arguments that I see regularly come up as to why one should not participate are the following:

1. “We should have faith that everything in the world runs as it should, and it is not for us to want to exert control over it. Turn inward and do your inner work, instead of being led away from it by wanting to influence the outer world. By doing your inner work, you also heal the outer world.”

It is true that a lack of inner freedom can give rise to the motivation to start or participate in such an initiative. It is true that such well-meaning intentions could be fueled by underlying pain and frustration. It is true that due to a lack of inner freedom a need may exist to control or improve something in the external world over which we have no or limited influence. It is true that there are also many, unconscious layers at work during such, collective meditation, in which there may also be a lack of neutrality at play. It is also unfortunately true that some events in the world are of a hard-to-catch, higher order that may have to take their course to some degree. It is unfortunately also true that in the chaos of a time of transition, “It gets worse before it gets better,” and that this requires a certain acceptance, trust and surrender. And it is certainly also true that one needs to turn inward especially to heal oneself, and that that has a healing effect on the outside world.

But what is so important to realize: one does not exclude the other. There is enough space within ourselves to do inner work and outer work side by side. Let not the emphasis on the importance of one or the other lead to division. Everyone always faces the challenge in everything we do of finding and putting down the balance between the inner world and the outer world, and not letting the space of one exist at the expense of the other. And that applies to both sides. It is never OR-OR, it is always AND-AND. The head and belly see OR-OR, the heart sees AND-AND. This is also about the inner balance between our yin and yang consciousness. Too dominant a yang consciousness in this balance tends too much to want to control the outside world from a lack of acceptance, trust and surrender. Too dominant a yin consciousness in this balance tends too much to be preoccupied only with the inner world, and not to give space within itself to impulses for action and putting down willpower in the outer world. Both are needed in life, and the balanced cooperation between them forms the optimal bedding for beneficial evolution and beneficial creation.

There are times when we may focus on stillness and internalization, and there are times when we may bring out our “light warrior selves” to assert ourselves to influence the outside world, even if only on an energetic level. This applies at both the individual and collective levels. An extreme example on a collective level, I have learned in meditation how on other planets populations have been able to save themselves from meteor strikes using technology, thanks to the use of their yang consciousness. It is too easy to say about that, “Yes but, maybe that would have been the intention.” The fact is that God, through our Higher Selves, also issues impulses to action to change something in the external world. And consciously or unconsciously ignoring, suppressing or pushing aside impulses to action is as big a trap as following the impulse to overact. Karin and I are regularly encouraged by our own I AM selves to hold the Earth in our joined heart fields, and we do so several times a week in silence in our meditations. This too is an impulse to action to engage with the outside world, and can be called a collective meditation, even if we do it just the two of us.

The fact that impulses to action have not yet been purified to the absolute, because traces of pain and judgment may still lurk beneath them, is no reason to then never take action at all. Nothing is absolutely purified in this dimensional reality. In my consciousness, past lives still surface in which I have been very naughty, and when they are active in the background in my consciousness, they also influence my behavior, however subtle and temporary. And should you feel any of that in my blogs, respectful reflections are always welcome. I am work in progress. We are all constantly acting from a mixed bag of love and lovelessness, whether you embody the 3rd, 5th, 13th or 50th dimension. No one is ever done evolving, and the dusty, prevailing definition of enlightenment is very misleading in this regard. The idea, of course, is that thanks to our spiritual growth the mixed bag tilts more and more toward more love, however, without paralyzing ourselves with respect to activity in the present, because we would not be sufficiently purified yet. If we were to allow that paralysis, perhaps from fear or judgment of impurity, then no creation comes about at all, and stagnation is also regression. It may also be based on beliefs that it is dangerous to create from impurity, and then chooses the safety of passivity.

Purity is not a dichotomy; everything is always gradual. No one is absolutely pure or absolutely impure, and nothing is absolutely true or absolutely false. All we can say is that in our growth we become a little bit less impure, and ideas become a little bit less untrue. It is about embracing the perfection of imperfection, in which we accept that no person and no action is perfect, but in everything we do we hold on to love as a compass, stepping individually and collectively up Jacob’s ladder one step at a time. Regardless of what is unconsciously at play in our consciousness and motivation and unconsciously working through in our actions, our intention may well be of a nature of “unconditional love,” even if we do not yet embody it in an absolute sense. And that is such an essential fact, and so important in initiatives like collective meditations. Holding to the highest intention. Everything is about intention, and when it is focused on the highest attainable, the greatest good for all, then at its core it’s ok.

It is our God-given right as human beings to influence the collective human consciousness. It is our God-given right as human beings to get involved in the fate of humanity as a whole. Not on an individual level, that is where karmic boundaries come into play where informed consent is necessary, but on a collective level that space does exist. Feel free to occupy that space, to feel the “light warrior” within yourself and use your willpower from a loving intention, and don’t get caught by the trap of the idea, that your interference or meddling with the outside world is not appropriate or not pure, or would be at the expense of your inner work. As long as your intention is to pursue the highest good of all, you take karmic boundaries into account, and don’t forget that you have inner work to do alongside it.

2. The second counter-argument to participation in collective meditations that I have frequently encountered is, “It is risky to participate because there are many impure layers at play in the collective unconscious of the participants in such initiatives. The meditation may be well-intentioned, but through the unconscious there is so much manipulation and disempowerment by dark forces that it is better not to participate.”

Again, as far as I am concerned, embrace the perfection of imperfection. The focus is not on a perfect result, but on the best possible result. There is always opposition to major initiatives that lead to an increase in Light and Love. Assume that in advance and don’t be surprised. Be well grounded, and ask your I AM to protect you energetically. You can also sit in the new Diamond Heart of Mother Earth during the meditation, a wonderful, safe, grounding, soothing place. Ask your I AM to place you there prior to the meditation.

This second counterargument is a fear-driven position, and shows an underestimation of one’s own strength and flexibility and ability to recover. Light work and spiritual growth sometimes also require a fearlessness, to take firm steps forward like an Aries, knowing that it is part of the job to occasionally suffer some minor collateral damage, which may be repaired afterwards. We are not incarnated as lightworkers to come through it completely unscathed. Spiritual growth is three up, two down, three up, etc. It’s not a straight line, and as long as the net result is positive and moving forward, it’s worth it. Just as they say entrepreneurship requires being willing to take risks, the same is true of lightwork and spiritual growth.
By the way, I do not mean by this to exclude scenarios in which one intuitively feels one does not want to participate for legitimate reasons. There can always be temporary, personal circumstances at play that make it appropriate for the protection of, for example, a personal, sensitive, energetic process that is underway, for self-protection to take precedence over participation in the lightwork. I’ve certainly had those moments myself.

Then on the subject of the collective meditation that gave rise to this blog, events in Israel and Palestine. Obviously, any form of taking sides misses the point. All suffering on all sides deserves equal loving support. In addition, there is no human being who sees through the whole situation. The causes behind conflicts on Earth are ALWAYS immaterial in nature. There may be physical parties playing countries and groups against each other in geopolitical power plays as invisible third parties in the background, but those parties are themselves energetically manipulated to do what they do. All duality comes from a multidimensional struggle for energy, from a quest for nourishment and the right to exist. Dark forces are therefore always looking to take possession of energetic power spots. That applies to Orion, that applies to Ukraine, and that applies to Jerusalem. Ukraine is what you can call the capital of the dual Earth Matrix, and Jerusalem is the largest ley line junction on Earth. And so it was to be expected that these places, all three of them, would become fierce protagonists in this time of transition, and that is exactly what is happening. In addition, a galactic element also plays into it at the same time. The conflicts on Earth are microcosmic processes as a result of macrocosmic collisions, with the result that if it is resolved microcosmically, and peace and mutual love is created here on Earth down to the DNA level, that will also affect the macrocosmos. So there are many interests at stake, with many eyes on them, even from outside Earth.

I was told ten years ago by the Ascended Masters that there would be another violent situation in Israel, and that seems to relate to the current situation. That does not mean, however, that its full course is written in stone. Perhaps certain developments were inevitable, but a very large, variable space still exists around it in which free will determines how violent it is and becomes, and how the suffering can be alleviated. And it is in this space where loving attention can certainly make a difference.

Collective meditation is perhaps the greatest and most important tool at our disposal to contribute to Love in the world. Our collective, loving intention is our greatest power of manifestation. There are many roads to Rome, and the Divine Plan assures us that we will arrive in Rome, of that I have no doubt. But so there is indeed space in which we have choices and can perform actions in the external world to take, all things considered, the most favorable route to Rome, in which Love alleviates suffering as much as possible. It is ultimately our collective intention that will shape the future, and that is exactly what collective meditation is: setting a focused, long-term, collective intention on the increase of Love within the human collective.

Finally, I have full confidence in the intentions of the initiator of this collective meditation, Ton van der Kroon. It is no coincidence that he is so connected to the area, and I know that he carries “Law of One” keys that lead to more unity in the world, and that adds bearing to this initiative. And in the unlikely event that the meditation does not directly or indirectly lead to peace, at least a large, soft, pink, energetic blanket will be placed over the area through this initiative, which will give the area an energetic, relaxing cleansing and reduce victims’ stress levels to some extent, and that is already more than worth the effort.


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