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There are currently many starseeds on Earth who have led few lives on Earth. Some of them have led only a handful of lives here, and some are even here for the first time, in service to the Divine Plan for Earth. These starseeds often have great difficulty being here, difficulty grounding properly. They have not yet become well accustomed to solid matter and friction in this compacted reality. On the other hand, they do have the advantage of thereby carrying less Earthly trauma and karma that they have to transform during the ascension process. I am not one of them.

As a starseed, I have been on Earth for a long time. Spirit told me long ago that I had taken it upon myself to collect codes, and to do that I had to incarnate in all cultures and in all eras. And in those lives I accumulated karma that I had to redeem in other “extra” lives. Starseeds who have been on Earth longer and have led many lives here have become more accustomed to the compacted reality on Earth, but thus during the current ascension process they also have more transformational work to do, letting go more. In this transformational work, the many 3D/4D trauma frequencies incurred in those lives come to the surface to be healed.

In early 2006, Spirit led me to an aura reader, saying, “So, from here on out, you have to do it yourself.” Since then, I have received an aura reading from this reader almost every 2 weeks for 17 years to this day. In all these readings, I have had the opportunity to transform more than 600 past lives. As a result, I learned a lot about my earthly incarnational path, and reincarnation in general. I once considered writing a book about this, from the perspective of the readee, rather than the reader, but it didn’t materialize. The familiar themes often came up in these lives, such as war, slavery, religion, spirituality, white magic, black magic, extraterrestrial presence on Earth, and more. I have seen every imaginable role pass by in these lives, on all continents, and in all cultures, races and religions. Caveman, slave, nomad, soldier, knight, king, farmer, architect, boatman, magician, witch, minister, monk, pharaoh, they all passed by. In addition to past lives, other aurareading techniques were also covered, according to what was going on at any given time, such as removing energetic cords, clearing chakras, ancestor line healing, releasing entity influences, and more. Cord removal was also always a rewarding element. On the one hand, because there is an increased vulnerability to external influences such as cords when you are in transformation; after all, wounds are exposed. On the other hand, to neutralize the unconscious energy projections from the egos of people in my social environment.

In the early days of the readings, I was especially fascinated by the wondrous, multidimensional reality we live in; I wanted to learn and experience as much of it as possible. When the initial fascination waned with increasing experience, I was mostly concerned with the spiritual growth, the inner liberation it promised. But at some point that motivation also waned, and since then I have been, and still am, more concerned with receiving periodic, energetic maintenance sessions, in order to make my personal ascension process with all its accompanying ascension symptoms smoother and easier. To smooth out the daily, energetic turbulence, so to speak, and experience less physical, emotional, mental and social discomfort.

One of my main tasks as a lightworker has always been spaceholder, and that mainly means staying as much as possible in your stability, in your inner stillness and Being, in order to contribute, together with other spaceholders, to keeping the collective field firm and calm. It requires minimizing turbulence in your own life, both in your inner and outer reality. It asks that you not invite unnecessary drama into your life, and not allow toxic conditions into your life. But because of the inner transformation processes that are going on anyway because of the ascension process, some turbulence is unavoidable, the stirring up of unconscious trauma and karma pieces just can give some emotional, mental and social fluctuations. Receiving these energetic maintenance sessions helped me tremendously to eliminate all causes of inner turmoil, and to cleanse my aura of the influence of energetic conditions that were playing out in my life at that time, inner and outer, and exerting a disturbing influence on my equilibrium, my inner peace, and the climate of my thoughts and feelings.

These energetic maintenance sessions brought me tremendous benefits. They helped me keep feeling good despite what was going on inside and outside of me. They helped me better maintain harmony in social interactions and relationships, and be less reactive in them. They helped me in interpreting the multidimensional background of events in my life, where I could not do it myself. They helped me maintain and improve my grounding. They helped me prevent many physical discomforts and symptoms of illness, or if already present, accelerated healing. They helped me stay close to myself, stay the right course in my life, and not make unfruitful life choices. By quickly neutralizing active energies in my energy field as a result of the processes, they helped me prevent early potential suction of negative events. And they helped me keep my aura firm and closed so that the seen and unseen outside influences, as much as possible given the ongoing transformation, were kept to a minimum.

Needless to say, I am an avid supporter of receiving aura readings. Aurareading has always been the most effective and profound method for me to receive effective, permanent healing on themes, cleanse my aura, and thus step by step, in addition to energy meditation, increase my frequency. Clairvoyance and akasha access are a prerequisite in this, though, if you want the result to be precise and definitive, in my experience.
Everyone has to deal with a blind spot in themselves, and because of this, it is always a good idea to get help from a neutral observer. Over the years, I have regularly encountered people who seemingly out of some sort of pride of “I’ll do it myself” dismiss the solution of aura readings. That is not my stand. Because I usually went into the readings with an open attitude, my Higher Self (in cooperation with the reader’s Higher Self) was in control of the readings, making it well attuned to the energetic needs of the moment, and urgent issues could be addressed right away. But often, of course, it corresponded to what I felt playing out in my body and energy field, such as the energetic cords I could point to and physical issues I knew had an energetic cause. It was never about frivolous requests to satisfy the ego-mind. No “crystal ball” requests, no future predictions, no money or relationship questions, and no personality-instigated “reincarnation tourism.” The focus was always on relevant healing, smoothing out active turbulence and easing the ascension process, with Higher Self having the overview, and from this overview setting the agenda of the readings.

Back to past lives. Linearly chronologically, my last incarnation before this life was that of an Englishman, killed as an Allied soldier on the coast of France during WWII. But since time in reality does not run according to earthly linear time, and the soul is free to place each successive incarnation in a different epoch, it is more interesting for following one’s own evolutionary development to see what sequentially, non-linearly, the last incarnation was. It is that incarnation that determined where you had left off in your spiritual growth as a soul before you stepped into your current incarnation. In that sense, my last incarnation was that of a Buddhist monk who lived a very reclusive life and meditated all his life. His teacher had applied an energetic cord system to his kundalini and chakra system which extra opened up the higher chakras and pinched off the lower chakras. This helped him to focus on the spiritual and not be distracted by the earthly, the material. At some point later in life he reached a point in his meditations where he knew he had reached the spiritual summit on Earth. After his incarnation, however, he arrived “upstairs” and was told, “You have to go back one more time.” That is what this life has become. The reason I had to go back one last time, as I interpret it, is threefold.

1. First of all, because of that last life and previous, spiritually oriented lives, my energy field was quite out of balance. What you often hear about yogis in the East also applied to me. In that life, I had been so focused in my consciousness on the spiritual, that the material side was rather poorly developed. I had only been expanding my consciousness and connecting with the cosmos, and not connecting with nature, my fellow man or feeling through emotions and traumas. My chakra system had taken the shape of an inverted pyramid, so to speak. Lots of crown, little base. My spiritual and mental strength was way ahead of my physical and emotional strength. Spiritual development should ultimately occur in a balanced, integrated way. This means that the material and the spiritual are equally important, and the lower chakras are as important as the upper chakras. Red is as important as purple. Love is always the end goal, and the love power of the heart at the center of the chakra system depends on this balance and an equal unfolding of all chakras.
By the way, it does not mean that such a one-sided life is “wrong,” that impression sometimes seems to exist among spiritually interested people. The soul looks across multiple lives, and can fully consciously choose to develop different specialties in different lives. In earthly existence, it is not always easy to live a perfectly balanced life. It is easier and more effective in terms of growth, so to speak, to live an extreme physical life first, then to live an extreme spiritual life, and the third life to balance this, than to live consecutively three lives all trying to find a perfect balance.

But back to my balance, I thus needed to embrace matter in this last life. That meant incarnating in the materialistic West and living an earthly life. I came into this life very ungrounded, and a big focus was going to be on clearing and developing my lower chakras. So that meant: grounding and transforming. Living an earthly life, including work and relationships, but at the same time addressing traumas from past lives especially in my lower chakras that were preventing me from properly grounding and connecting emotionally. In my path of grounding and connection, it helped that both my mother and my love partner are/were both Taurus in star sign. The most earthly signs of the zodiac have received and assisted me, as Sagittarius (the most spiritual fire sign), supporting me with their field in my anchoring. Incarnating in Rotterdam region also helped the grounding process, because this area carries a blueprint that is strongly grounding, so the people who live there are literally “down to earth.”

2. The second reason for incarnating one last time is strongly related to this. I not only needed to become more balanced, I needed to simply “clean up.” My reader has also sometimes called it a “cleanup life.” For example, in one of the first aura readings I received in 2006, the cord system was disconnected from my aura that was still present from that last incarnation as a Buddhist monk. I had spent the first 30 years of my life still living with that system in my aura that pinched off my lower chakras. I have since been allowed to release many blockages and traumas at a rapid pace in this long series of aura readings, and slowly began to ground more and more, and sink from my head into my heart and belly. As a side note, there were galactic factors at play here as well, but that is beyond the scope of this blog. Shaking off the deepest trauma frequencies, such as slavery lives and lives as victims of black magic, felt heaviest. During the readings on especially such lives, I felt heavy energy being released into my energy field, in which I only just remained conscious, but which then was completely dissolved after the readings, making me even more lightfooded again. Also, it must be said that in almost all cases of processing past lives in the aura readings, there was no emotional re-experiencing involved, nor was there any need for it. The heaviness of the energy was palpable, but without emotional charge and without (self-)condemnation.

3. The third and final reason for coming back one last time has also been touched upon and may also be obvious, given the special time in which we live. Namely, to participate in the collective ascension process we are now in, and to be part of the army of lightworkers, to bring in our keys and codes together in service to the Divine Plan and anchor the incoming, cosmic Light on Earth. Many lightworkers know of themselves that this is their last life on 3D Earth. The life we are living now is also called the central incarnation, the one that concludes the reincarnation cycle in this dimension. The physical ascension of the Earth and humanity is a great adventure with great promise of growth, and an undertaking never before undertaken in this form in this universe. It is proceeding successfully, and great joy will engulf us in the very near future, when higher-dimensional life begins to open more and more, we begin to remember our galactic identity and we begin to consciously reconnect with our galactic family.


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