Maxim Lazet

My name is Maxim Lazet, I am 45 years old, and I live in Brummen, the Netherlands. I have been living in the province of Gelderland for several years, but before that I always lived in South Holland, near Rotterdam and The Hague. I dedicate my life entirely to spirituality, consciousness and ascension. I have a loving relationship with my twin ray, and my partner and I closely follow the movement into the 5th dimension in our meditations together. It is my passion and my mission to work to increase Love, Truth and Unity, within myself and in the world.

I give meditation workshops, focused on healing, increasing frequency and ascension. I also give free collective distance healings, feel free to receive them. I have done both activities for five years in the far past, and after a long break in which the focus had to be on my own process, I recently picked it up again at the direction of Spirit. In addition, I have been the owner and administrator of the free spiritual agenda platform for 11 years now.

Maxim Lazet

Although I have been consciously on the spiritual path for about 16 years now, my entire adult life has been dominated by profound spiritual growth. My guides indicated a long time ago that I would not live a “normal” life this incarnation, and I can fully confirm that. Really everything has been about ascension, my personal ascension and my contribution to the collective ascension. From the day I turned 20, the themes of grounding and transformation were central to my life, which made it not always easy to lead a “normal” earthly life. Every day I experienced the consequences of these processes in my body and spirit, and it was hard work to balance it with my earthly life. A lot of meditation and a lot of energy work have supported me well in this. If you like, you can read more about my background and life course below.

We live in a very special time, and many souls are eager to incarnate during this time of transition, to experience the collective ascension process. It is up to all of us to make the best use of this for our soul evolution, by focussing on our healing and increase in frequency, for ourselves and for the Earth. We are all really living in the central years in a central incarnation on a central planet right now. Many eyes are pointed on this planet. And then the Netherlands is also a central country in this process. How central do you want it to be? 🙂


I had a nice, stable, carefree childhood, in a nice family and with a nice circle of friends. I was comfortable in my own skin, and I was too busy having fun to be serious about anything. It wasn’t until my 18th that I started to focus more on reflecting on existence and the nature of humans. My parents were always interested in psychology and astrology, and I took on this interest more and more. I also began to delve into philosophy, and startee to look at life more contemplatively. I was looking for the Truth, but then still one-sided in my head, in a rational, intellectual way. Except for a little astrology, spirituality and esoterics didn’t really cross my path at that time, and I (unfortunately) never touched a book about “New Age” in my parents’ bookcase. I also wanted nothing to do with religion, it felt too forced, too ceremonial, and too strongly shaped by mankind itself.

A lot changed when I was twenty. I went to law school, but I was also deeply involved in my philosophical quest. In my search I came to the conclusion more and more that finding the Truth was not about getting answers to all questions, or finding out how everything works, or how Creation works. It was more about the realization and application of the importance of respecting the truth in everything, and of course especially in relation to one’s Self. Living truthfully, being brutally honest with yourself, getting to know yourself, learning to see through the tendencies and pitfalls of your own ego so that it loses its power over you, and thus realize the True Self. During that time, I also discovered an inherent ability to “turn on and off” my energy. I was able to, as it were, trigger energetic, orgasmic explosions within myself at any time with my intention. It would be many years before I learned that this was the kundalini energy, which I could raise and lower with my consciousness. I played around a lot with this energy, it felt good, although sometimes it gave me a headache when too much energy went to my head. Later that year an expansion of my consciousness occurred. A clairknowing arose. Alle levensvragen vielen weg, zonder dat ik dat aan vergaarde externe kennis te danken had. Mentally I ended up in a calm, clarity and certainty, it was as if I was linked to a field of wisdom and overview. Instead of “searching” for the Truth, it then became more of an “opening up” to see if insights and wisdom came through that I could put into words. I enjoyed the inspiration it brought me.

My twenties (1995-2005) became a big challenge for me. I lost both my parents to cancer. I was very ungrounded, barely present on Earth, barely present in my belly, and I started to isolate myself socially. It felt like a lot of pressure was being put on my body, everything was viscous and heavy, as if I weighed 200 kilos. I abandoned my pursuit of a career as a lawyer and started working in IT, to earn my money with my programming hobby. It was only after this period that I learned from the Ascended Masters that this period had been a tough, karmic period for me. It was like a “dark night of the soul”, in which I had to struggle through the illusion, without background knowledge and without divine support. It also turned out to be the first years when the collective ascension process really got going. Great, dense fields had indeed pressed upon my being.

In 2005 everything changed for the better. I decided to clean up, live a healthier life and immerse myself completely in spirituality. This was a clear push from Spirit, as many have received in the years around 2005. I also got the strong impulse to declare to “above” that I would surrender my life in service to God, Source, whatever you want to call it. Since then my sensitivity started to increase rapidly to what happens in my aura and chakras. In the first readings I received, I was told by guides various messages, such as “you have already reached the spiritual summits, you just need to ground” and “you are in a process of becoming true.” I needed to make a downward movement. It was time to get out of my head and find embodiment. I then started doing everything I could think of to ground as best as possible and to bring my consciousness fully into my body. Running, walking on the beach, acupuncture, bathing, massage, all sorts of things. But also work with spiritual energies. It was a fascinating experience to learn to work and play with subtle healing energies, and to train myself to feel them more and more. I also received confirmation from guides that working with these energies stimulates the body’s own energy flow, which supports the grounding very much, and I could notice that, it helped me get into my body and feel my body better. I experimented with energies like Reiki, Shamballa, Tachyon, White Time, and the many cosmic energies that you can invoke directly yourself. I then also started meditating a lot, it became my favorite activity to let transforming, high-frequency energies flow through my aura during deep silent meditation, and to focus my attention exclusively on feeling these energies.

I then also activated my Merkaba, which was also an important step, according to my guides. Ik ben veel aura readings gaan ontvangen, daarin kwamen aardig wat vorige levens voorbij waarin mijn gronding flink beperkt werd, soms vrijwillig, soms onvrijwillig. I learned about the collective ascension process and my role in it, and began to notice that in that process, with the continued grounding of ever-larger collective fields on Earth, and personal fields within my own consciousness, many past lives in my subconscious “popped open or activated”, surfaced in my consciousness. This could cause quite a bit of imbalance, physically, emotionally and mentally. I could notice more and more clearly how the external world is a mirror, and how because of these activated past lives in me, people around me were triggered in their own unconscious by my processes, and reacted to me differently than usual. In order to keep my balance and to make my personal ascension path run as smoothly as possible, I have worked out hundreds of past lives in hundreds of aura readings over the past 15 years. Especially feeling through the energy of lives in slavery and as a victim of black magic I experienced to be very heavy. Because of all the spiritual work I did I also felt myself getting lighter. While my felt weight in my twenties was about 200 kilos, this had now been reduced to 1 kilo. I also felt my mind becoming more youthful and flexible.

I also began to regularly visit some spiritual centers to meditate in groups and listen to the wisdom and insights of channeled Ascended Masters. I was led in early 2008 to go to a spiritual center, where I was able to meet many soul brothers and soul sisters, it was truly an Essene reunion. I soon became the website manager for the center, which allowed me to attend workshops free of charge, and as a result I was there every weekend for years. Now the Netherlands already plays a special role in the worldwide ascension process, as we will see in the future, but whatever happened there in that spiritual center in the years leading up to 2012, I truly believe that it was a worldwide epicenter of ascension activations, planetary lightwork, and preparation for the December 2012 transition. It was a concentration and meeting point for Ascended Masters-to-be on their way to embodiment and realization. On the weekends when there were no activities organized, I was allowed to use the space of the center to give ascension meditation workshops myself, and I did that with great pleasure. During those years I also made several spiritual travels with other lightworkers for lightwork and personal initiations. To countries such as Egypt, Israel, India, England, Scotland and Italy (Rome), where I have been able to experience a lot and learn a lot about myself and my soul mission.

At the beginning of 2010, I got a strong impulse to build a free online spiritual agenda platform, so that lightworkers could display their activities without barriers. This has become, and it quickly became the largest platform in the Netherlands for this specific purpose. The function of the platform turned out to be multifaceted, not only did it have a practical, informative function, it also had an energetic function, it connected users and visitors of the platform with the Great Pyramid of Giza, with which the platform (and myself) has a strong energetic connection.

I’ve had short-lived relationships with some twin flames in those years, but in 2012, my twin ray, Karin Thomas, entered my life. We were brought together by Spirit in 2012, and we have now been together for 11 years. In a beautiful synchronicity a twin flame friend of mine was given the name Karin Thomas from Spirit at the beginning of 2012, as being my twin ray. I contacted her the same day, and a few weeks later, after a special activation of our heart connection, we started a love relationship. Later that year, we were surprised to enter a spiritual-energetic marriage initiated by Spirit in a Maria Church in Rome, with a blessing from Lady Master Mary (Mother Mary). We have lived many lives together as spiritually aware partners, including in Atlantis, Egypt, Israel, India, Malta and Mexico. At the moment we both embody our I AM Presence, and we are both full embodiments of our Ascended Master Selves. These higher dimensional parts of ourselves work closely together in the higher dimensions as well.

It was our intention, our blueprint for this incarnation, to come together this life on Earth and to ground our cosmic selves completely within ourselves and come to self-realization. Since 2012, we have gone through a stormy development together. In the first phase, from 2012 to 2020, we had to do our work in silence and anonymity, in favor of our inner transformation and our planetary light work. This gave us the energetic rest we needed, without too much interference from outside, from people and from opposing etheric forces. This period coincided exactly with the period it took for the Earth to ascend to the fifth dimension after December 2012. Before 2012, we had both already given many workshops in the field of ascension (me) and sacred geometry (Karin), but we stopped doing this in 2013. In 2009 Karin also wrote a nice, spiritual children’s book.

Karin and I meditated a lot together in the period 2012-2020 and did a lot of work in the ether. We have done a lot of inner work to clear, ground and unify ourselves and our twin ray connection. During those years we have also worked closely with the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Elohim, Extraterrestrials, Dragons and Nature Beings. We have been involved in the December 2012 transition, the anchoring and protection of the Diamond Ray on Earth, the reconnection with Source, the grounding of Divine Truth, the grounding of the Cosmic Christ Child, enabling embodiment of the soul, the movement through the 4th dimension, the dismantling of the 3D Matrix, and the birth of the 5D Earth. We have played pioneering roles in freeing ourselves from the Matrix, constantly having too deal many dual forces and 4D technology trying to prevent this. We have traveled in meditation to many places on, inside and outside the Earth for healing, grid work, activation of sacred sites, receiving initiations, neutralizing dual forces and releasing trapped light forces. Places where we have performed light work, among others, are the Netherlands, Egypt, Israel, Ethiopia, Italy, Bosnia, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Panama, Iona, Antarctica, Atlantis, Telos, Niburu and Arcturus. We are both strongly connected to Arcturus. Often in our work our twin ray heart connection played a decisive role when we had to break through dark fields, but in the end no dual beings proved to be able to withstand this love force. Sometimes we traveled to the “Heart of Darkness” to change something, and there our love power was put to the test, putting a lot of pressure on our heart chakras and physical hearts. Outside of our guides and Higher Selves, Archangel Michael in particular has played a major, guiding and directing role in our meditations. At major milestone activations and initiations, our Elohim selves showed themselves.

In June 2021 Spirit indicated that it is time to step out of anonymity and start giving healings and workshops, which we are now starting to do. Spirit emphasized using our twin ray heart connection in our activities, and that forms the foundation in both our distance healings and in our workshops.

The collective ascension process, the Earth experiment, is already a great success, and many eyes throughout the cosmos are currently pointed on Earth. The Light has won, the Earth and the people who have transformed themselves are ascending, there is no turning back. What remains in the coming years is to support the portion of the world’s population that has not yet consciously opened to spiritual reality and the possibility of ascension into the 5th dimension. There will be a lot of changes in the coming years, enforced by the increasing Light, and in these years there will be a great need for explanation, balancing, healing and frequency raising. Many lightworkers will be called to do this by Spirit, and we, Karin and I, will do our part with love and dedication.

Thank you for reading this lengthy introduction. 🙂 I have decided, unlike in the past, to be a little more open about my background and development path. Spirit indicates that it is now time to make myself more visible, but after many years of adventures in silence, I still have to get used to it. 🙂 I hope this text has touched, stimulated or inspired you to engage (more intensively) with your own spiritual growth. Remember that its fruits have eternal value, and it represents the most valuable investment there is. The acquired inner freedom it offers you take with you after this life, and experience it in the countless adventures in your eternal future. In conclusion, one of my favorite quotes from the Masters: “There is more to experience in the cosmos than you can experience in your eternal existence.”.

In Love and Truth,

PS. When I speak of “past” lives, I actually mean “parallel” lives, as everything takes place in the eternal NOW. So healing or processing a previous life actually means “rewriting a parallel life”. However, I prefer to keep calling them “past lives” for convenience. 🙂
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