Christianity, New Age and the End Times

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The atmosphere shimmers with the energy of change and its anticipation. Everyone feels it. Lightworkers sense an approaching tipping point in the ascension process. Christians believe en masse that the End Times have arrived and that the "Rapture" is imminent. And the so-called elite know that the end of an era is approaching and feel the pinch, and are rushing ahead with their plans in a vain attempt to retain control, by tightening control over the world's population and securing their position of power.

We have reached the end of an era of materialism, rationalism and atheism, and are on the eve of a great leap forward in the evolution of our consciousness. The quarantine systems that were present around Earth have now been removed. Some of these were applied by dark forces, to control us, and some of these systems were applied by light forces, to protect us and our interplanetary environment. From a cosmic perspective, you can say that humanity is currently maturing, promoting from homo sapiens to homo galacticus. At the same time, it will become increasingly clear in the future that it is about much more than that. Earth is a central stage for a cosmic solving of duality, and humanity is achieving a monster victory in reaching maturity, initiating a universal ascension process.

Unconditional love requires respecting and giving space to each person’s perception of reality. However, in the upcoming phase we will be inundated with many new, confronting truths, which are going to clash with the reality perceptions of many people. This confrontation is inevitable because we are now entering a crucial epoch of a macro-level ecosystem transition that will begin to force the change, whether we want it or not, and whether our perception of reality accepts it or not. We are forced by processes at higher levels of existence to either go along with it, or move as souls to other ecosystems. When I speak of new truths, I also primarily mean the removal of outdated falsehoods, which can no longer vibrationally survive in the upcoming, new collective state of consciousness. In particular, these falsehoods are related to the illusion and corruption that existed on Earth over the past thousands of years, to the true nature of existence, and to the true facts of human history. The most important truth coming at us is, of course, the revelation of the divinity of existence. Atheists will be reminded that the reality in which we live is indeed divine, that evolution is directed in detail and is meaningful, and that the existence of man is not a scientific fluke. But religions will also be asked to let go of certain assumptions and beliefs in their perception of the Divine. Spiritual evolution is always about the movement from form to formlessness, and thus the detachment and letting go of forms. Ideas, beliefs and thought forms are also included in those forms. We will collectively be asked in the coming time to let go of or refine various ideas and thoughts that we have held onto, sometimes for many lifetimes.

Recently, in an online interview, I stumbled upon some common ideas within Christianity, including the judgment and rejection towards the spiritual culture, the New Age movement. In this regard Christianity also faces some confronting truths, and a challenge to let go of certain beliefs. Before I continue, let me emphasize that I have no anti-attitude toward Christianity at all. I feel nothing but love for Christianity and the Bible, as well as other religions. They played an important role as a compass to move beyond atheism and immorality, and choose God and Love. I consider all religions to be legitimate tools for spiritual growth, and I myself have spent many lives with these religious schools of thought. But we may also see and acknowledge the imperfections in it. We on Earth have had to deal with imperfections within religion through ego influence, through struggles between love and power, through the limits of human comprehension, through coloring by local cultures, and through unseen influence. Acknowledging these imperfections is not a negative judgment, but an acceptance that we simply live in a reality layer in which these imperfections have their role and permeate everything, all facets of life, including religion, our relationship to the Divine. These imperfections challenge us to grow and clarify our perceptions, let go of the ideas that block us from being free, and choose love more and more. Our consciousness is in a constant process of maturation, including our perception of the Divine, in which we steadily let go of restrictive forms or hone in on less compacted forms that do not clash, or clash less. In love, forms do not clash, but give each other space and value each other without detracting from each other. Where an anxious, closed heart feels constriction and experiences a lack of space for different forms, an open, loving heart feels nothing but space and celebrates the diversity of forms as a richness of existence, without feeling threatened by it.

At the same time, a loving attitude, in which you give space to everything, is also subject to cosmic truths, and has to take into account the ground rules of Creation. Frameworks determined by natural laws, evolutionary mechanisms and astrophysical conditions. Which means there may be times when the space for certain forms, certain ideas and thoughts, literally and figuratively runs out. At this moment in time, we are going to run head-on into this fact, in which we can no longer maintain space for all forms with a gentle hand, with the cloak of love. All the ideas that we still adhere to, that do not resonate with the new ecosystem, the New World, and do not align with the transition phenomena that are ahead, will inevitably chafe and wring, and eventually dissolve in the process. Seen from this context, a time is dawning when there is great need for truth, for “tough love,” however unwelcome and unpleasant, to accelerate the necessary understanding about the transition, and to prepare us for the great, inescapable change that is upon us. To develop the acceptance and flexibility in heart and mind to indeed be able to let go of old ideas and open up to new ones. In addition, at the same time as this “tough love,” there will of course also be a great need for compassion, for “soft love,” to let go of the old ideas with as much gentleness and understanding as possible.

There are a number of ideas that are held within Christianity that will be thoroughly tested for their truthfulness in the coming years by the transition phenomena. Many of these ideas arose through the interpretation of phrases from the Bible. Below I will discuss some of these ideas. For the sake of candor and completeness, I should say here that I have not read the Bible in its entirety in this life. I did read many excerpts, heard preachers speak and recite, watched Bible movies, and had personal, Bible-related experiences. To be clear, as always, this is of course my personal truth, take what resonates, and disregard the rest.

* First of all, mankind especially really needs to let go of the sense of sin, and begin to realize that it has done nothing wrong. Jesus did not die for our sins, he created an opening, and it is each person’s own responsibility to create the conditions to pass through that opening. The love that Jesus preached is also about self-love and self-forgiveness, and this is completely opposite to the idea of sinfulness, self-condemnation and the impulse to feel shame and guilt through sin consciousness. Nothing stands in the way of happiness and fulfillment more than low self-esteem by punishing oneself. Love for others always begins with love for yourself. We may choose morality without self-condemnation, not with it. Man is not sinful; we are all voluntarily incarnated in this crude reality layer to play a role in a Creation story, in which God has always kept the reigns. And in this story, unseen, man has been subject to such an enormous amount of unconscious influence that it has had little choice in the direction it has taken. The understanding of humanity’s role within that Creation story, by the way, is going to take such an enormously positive turn in the coming decades, that humanity’s self-esteem is going to be jacked up considerably, with a healthy, renewed pride, and a gratitude for the experience of being human.

* The Bible contains many metaphorical truths about the End Times, but they sometimes seem to be taken a little too literally in interpretation, or lead to unrealistic deductions. Such as the idea that the Rapture will bring Christians to a heavenly sphere in a sudden move is too simplistic a representation of things, which will become apparent in the years to come. The Christians, like all who are ready, will make a step-by-step movement toward the New World, which will not show itself overnight, but which we ourselves are creating here together, only uninfluenced by the sabotaging, unseen forces of the Old World. This so-called heavenly atmosphere refers to the New World, but it is not extremely different from the Old World. There will still be challenges, there will still be ego, only the unseen sabotage will exist to a much lesser degree, and the heaviest emotions of hatred, fear, shame and guilt will no longer be able to exist, making existence a lot more humane and light-hearted, and allowing society to flourish more easily, in harmony and prosperity.

* The idea that the Rapture would precede the Tribulation, and that in it Christians would be taken away from Earth and they would be spared from the Tribulation, is also a fallacy. We are all in it together the coming years. The transition from the Old Earth to the New Earth has an overlap of several years, and one could argue that both the Rapture and the Tribulation both occur simultaneously in the coming years. However, the Rapture will take place in a subtle way as I describe in the previous point and not as a sudden move to a heavenly sphere. Everyone will have no choice but to witness the Tribulation, including Christians. However, to what extent one will suffer from it, therein lies the big difference, and that is also hugely gradual, and varies from one individual to another. Free will choices, traumatic baggage and unresolved karma will still influence everyone’s individual circumstances. By and large, those who go to the New World will perceive the drama of the Tribulation without inwardly be dragged into it. They will observe in a degree of detachment what is happening, and offer support as much as possible. So the Christians will not suddenly leave Earth, they will stand like everyone else during this period with one leg in the Old World and the other in the New World, having freed themselves from the unfree influences of the “Old Earth,” but will, however, still perceive it as long as it still exists. By the way, I want to emphasize here that any death of people during the Tribulation does not imply that they are not going to the New World. In many cases, souls will choose not to go through the ferocity of the transition and still be born in the New World in a subsequent life.

* You don’t have to be a Christian to be part of the Rapture or Ascension. You don’t have to embrace Jesus; you don’t even have to believe in God. This may sound strange, but it is nevertheless true. The condition for ascension/Rapture does not lie in your perception or embrace of God or Jesus, but in your embodied Light, in the power of your heart and your integrity and morality. Choosing good, choosing love, and living by it, is what matters. It is about the degree to which you have allowed Divine Light into your consciousness. Ultimately, ascension/Rapture is a matter of physics and energy, and does not involve any judgment. It is only a question of whether your consciousness is ready to live in the next, more loving reality layer. The only one who decides that, besides the condition of sufficient integration of Light, is your own soul. This means that even an atheistic, moral person can ascend. Don’t get me wrong, it can certainly help when you do indeed open your heart to Jesus and God, there is no doubt about that. That has a real effect on the love you feel in your heart, but it is not a hard, explicit condition. For example, there are a lot of still young people who already have crystal clear consciousness, but because of their young age are not at all concerned with God, or Jesus or ascension, and may even have an adolescent, rebellious attitude toward it. They are mostly just being young, going through this transition at a young age. And even if they pay no attention to it and may even consider themselves atheistic, they will simply ascend with it because their consciousness is ready for it. On the other hand, there are also Christians who may not qualify for the Rapture because they have not allowed enough Light into their hearts. For example, a Christian with deep hatred in his heart for other religions or races has not understood it yet.

* Jesus is not the only way. He never meant it that way either, it was not about his person. He was a representative and mouthpiece of a collective field of consciousness that spoke through him in a personalized form. This is a crystalline field of consciousness, which permeates the entire cosmos, into which everyone steps when one reaches a degree of spiritual maturity. This field receives any human or being who has developed a degree of clarified, matured, christed consciousness. Ascension/Rapture is primarily an inner process, in which one is internally responsible for the change required. One must demonstrate love oneself, transforming oneself from the cocoon to the butterfly. Others can lead the way in this, but not walk it for you. And opening one’s heart to Jesus is never a bad idea, but there is the trap of thereby creating a passive dependence on something outside of ourselves, and placing responsibility outside of ourselves, assuming that this step is enough to qualify for the Rapture.

* Creation is multidimensional in nature, and it is not a sin to interact with other dimensions. The church and various articles in the Bible preach staying as far away as possible from the paranormal, from magic and witchcraft, and this seems to be a hard-wired belief among Christians. Granted, it was probably indeed a good idea for most people in Bible times to stay away from it. But it is a misinterpretation that this was intended as eternal advice. It related to the evolutionary status that applied to humans at that time. It is a matter of maturation of consciousness through which multidimensionality naturally opens up. Eventually, across multiple lifetimes, everyone becomes “paranormal,” even its greatest detractors. It is not a gift or abnormality, but a natural trait, a broadening of sense perception. All religions have always had mystical branches in which seers and oracles learned the secrets of existence because they were ready for it. Jesus himself had plenty of multidimensional perception in his life, and he regularly meditated with Mary with an open mind’s eye. And Buddha too had multidimensional perceptions when he was attaining enlightenment. We on Earth need to come to understand that for all life in the universe, the so-called “paranormal” is the norm, not the exception. Humanity, on the contrary, has been the exception in this, having access only to its physical senses. This was related to the quarantine of Earth, and forces that wanted to prevent us from being able to perceive the true nature of existence and keep us in the physical illusion. Because the illusion on Earth was too strong for a long time, there was too much risk and danger for most if one started perceiving multidimensionally too early, but that is now changing on a collective level. It is no coincidence that in this time of transition, so much esoteric knowledge has been released in recent decades where previously it was only accessible to initiates within small circles. It is also essential to distinguish between black magic and white magic. Black magic only serves power and restricts free will, and it is certainly advisable to stay away from it. White magic, on the other hand, is concerned with protection, healing and growth, it respects free will, and thus can serve the evolution of the soul. As an aside, within the Church, which has always publicly disapproved of magic and witchcraft, there has been plenty of use of black magic to increase its own power.
The great transition now taking place, and the elimination of Earth’s quarantine, has great implications for this subject, because many, many people are now ready to start perceiving with their mind’s eye, which will slowly but surely make the “paranormal” the norm on Earth as well. And that will ask Christians to put aside their resistance to it. By the way, this is not an argument for just agreeing with all paranormal practices. There are also forms within this realm that will no longer be given space in the New World. Ouija remains a very bad idea. Within the paranormal, we also may collectively grow in maturity, wisdom and discernment, so that we will deal responsibly with the possibilities of the mind’s eye.

* Yahweh is not God, Source, the “Most High” or the Supreme Creator. Yahweh is a creative being who appropriated that role and acted a bit like an angry jailer over the Earth. But his power is now broken, humanity is free from his yoke, and free to reconnect with true Source. Yahweh’s power energy permeated the Old Testament, or rather, permeated the consciousness of those who wrote the Old Testament. As a result, the Old Testament carries a palpably heavier energy, and contains texts that are quite severe, harsh and judgmental, and do not reflect the love of the true God. We do not have to fear the true God, we do may be in awe and reverence, therein lies a great difference. By the way, in writing this I am not claiming that what is written in the Old Testament is untrue, only that it is layered and contains condemnation, and thus between the lines carries within it an unseen, sabotaging force that unconsciously thwarts people in the maturation of their consciousness.

* According to my information, Jesus did not die on the cross. He did hang on the cross, going through a “through death” initiation, which involved both a step in his own, personal evolution and created an opening for human, collective consciousness. But he did not actually die on the cross. Prior to his time in Israel, he spent time in Egypt, where he went through the initiations of Christ Consciousness. And after the period in Israel, he lived for years in India and Tibet.

* Jesus is not the only son of God. We are all children of God. In our evolution toward the absolute embodiment of unconditional love, it is essential that we see everything and everyone, including ourselves, as equal, and understand that any perceptual inequality is a product of our own lack of self-worth. Love sets everything horizontal. And I mean, EVERYTHING. In love, all inferiority complexes and all superiority complexes melt away. That is what true self-realization is also about, the removal of every trace of perceptual inequality, creating a self-confidence that is not ego-based but pure freedom in beingness.
We are all equal sparks or aspects of the Total, All-Embracing Consciousness that is God. Like drops in an ocean, or the cells in the human body, we are all cells in the body of God. The consciousness of God manifests itself as energy, and the entire cosmos consists of this energy. Everything that is, everything that has taken form in this ocean of energy, is born of and is inextricably part of God. And that makes man divine, the dog divine, and the blade of grass in the garden divine.
Embracing the fact that we are divine, and not just Jesus, seems to be a hard thing for many Christians to accept. Without wishing to downplay the great, loving work of Jesus, there may also be value in seeing his role from a larger perspective. As humans, we are understandably inclined to attach great importance to what has happened in front of our noses in the present and recent past. But what if we dwell on the idea that the cosmos has an infinite number of planets on which intelligent life lives? And all these planets deal with natural cycles, eras characterized by descending and rising consciousness. Then it might not be crazy to think that there too prior to the end of eras, such as the one we are in now, loving messengers will appear to create openings and show planetary inhabitants the way, showing the option to choose love and spiritual growth?

* In addition to the gift of life, we have been given the gift of free will and creativity. And that makes us not only Divine, but Creators, within the body of God. Admittedly, at this point, Kindergarten Creators, but Creators nonetheless. As we grow in consciousness, we are all given an ever-increasing space to create and ever-increasing responsibilities, right up to governing entire universes. And on that long path, even Jesus is just at the beginning of it. Many Christians seem to have a hard time accepting that we ourselves are all Divine Creators. It has the appearance of posturing and arrogance, of an immodesty before God. They might look at how Lucifer has behaved by splitting off and creating his own reality, and one may fear that this is the fate of all, who act like a wayward Creator. The difference, however, lies in the fact that if one continues to recognize God as the highest authority, conforms to His natural laws, pursues love as the highest good, and respects free will to the absolute, there is still a very large space within which, within those frameworks, one can freely create, or be delegated tasks by God, to govern parts of Creation in free will on behalf of God. And all that in a humility, egolessness and reverence to God and Love. Such is the great beauty of Creation, in which so much pleasure in creativity is experienced. We on Earth may learn to be less frenetic about that, and accept that that the Lego box we love to play with is taking on larger and larger forms, to an ultimate size we cannot yet comprehend as human beings.

* And then the New Age Movement. This actually deserves a separate blog, but in summary, it is essential to separate the main issues from the side issues, and to separate the content from the many appearances. In principle, the New Age Movement is not a social order. It is not a trend or a hyped culture. It is not defined by the wide variety of products and services offered within it. It is not defined by the ego moving within it, or the corruption within it. It is not defined by the illusions to which it is exposed. And it is certainly not defined by opinions and judgments from outside the New Age Movement ón the New Age Movement. Do not judge it by the many forms or sub-currents developed by participants within the Movement, or by the many imperfections that exist, as in everything, within the New Age Movement. Do not judge it on any, unpleasant interactions with other participants within the Movement. Don’t judge it for disappointing workshops, frivolous festivals, empty rituals or disproportionate revenue models. Don’t judge it by fearful, multidimensional experiences or personal, disappointing, spiritual events. New Age is not a victim of false light; rather, it breaks it open, in its own Divine timing. Any discovery we make that exposes illusions, even within the Movement, is part of the dynamic process of the movement toward Divine Truth, and does not diminish the purity or success rate of the Movement. All the peripheral issues have always been predictable and inevitable elements, and it is up to us to keep the big picture in mind, and to hold on to courage, persistence, patience and confidence. Don’t blind yourself to peripheral issues that are not running optimally. The process is not easy for anyone; the ego is in agony in this process of transformation, individually and collectively. Therefore, be gentle, compassionate and forgiving, toward yourself and others. In moments of lack of confidence, disappointment or fatigue, do not allow cynicism to enter your heart regarding your perception of the New Age Movement. You are not doing anyone a favor by calling the New Age Movement a New Cage Movement, not yourself, and certainly not newly awakened people. Love and optimism is what the heart asks for, and cynicism is a killjoy in that. The joyful, open-minded child in us knows no cynicism, and it is this child who will inherit the Earth, carrying the creative impulse that will soon create the New World with joy and effortlessness.

What is the New Age Movement then? The New Age Movement is essentially a giant consciousness revolution that is succeeding. It is a divinely planned acceleration and broadening of spirituality beyond the limiting elements of religion. It is a necessary introduction to the esoteric, multidimensional reality that will soon be commonplace on the New Earth. It is a grand, collective transformation process that is proceeding at an unprecedented speed that all eyes in the galaxy are applauding. The New Age Movement is not a creation of Satan, although of course Satan would like humanity to believe that. The New Age Movement is the capstone of the Divine Project to bring the Christ Consciousness to Earth. You cannot separate the coming of the Kingdom of God spoken of in the Bible from the consciousness work being done within the New Age Movement. It cannot be separated from the events described in the Bible. The project behind the Jewish lineage through Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, David, Solomon and Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and the spread of the Christ DNA through the children of their children over the past 2,000 years, ends with the incarnation in the present of millions of souls, the lightworkers, to complete the work, and truly bring the Diamond Revolution and the New, Golden Jerusalem to realization. The Essenes, the Apostles, the Cathars, all these souls are currently reincarnated on Earth, and are part of the New Age Movement, to finish the work they started in previous incarnations. Do you think the term “starseeds” came out of thin air, and that there is no connection between the army of starseeds in the present, and God’s statement to Abraham that “he shall have as many descendants as there are stars in the sky”? (Genesis 15:5) The starseeds ARE these descendants, the starseeds who, thanks to the transformation of their consciousness, will fertilize the starry sky with the seed (activated DNA) of their renewed consciousness.

No human being would alone have been able to bring the amount of Light to Earth that was needed for this transition, including Jesus. Will there be a Second Coming? Certainly, it is imminent, the I AM Presence that was embodied by Jesus and spoke through him has been collectively nesting in humanity since 2021. However, this Second Coming does not refer to the person of Jesus, but to the return of Christ consciousness on itself, which will be widely embodied. Do not be surprised if it will be many “New Agers,” among others, who will represent this Christ Consciousness in the future. And many of them will do what Jesus did, as he himself said. Bringing the Kingdom of God or Heaven to Earth has always been the main goal of the New Age movement, and this Divine Plan is on track. Therefore, try to develop an integral vision, see the overlap, entanglement and cooperation between Christianity and the New Age Movement, and do not let it lead to division. We are all moving together toward the same future. The divide that people experience between them exists only by the grace of their own perception and some outdated ideas, which we may collectively start to loosen under the influence of the upcoming transition phenomena on Earth, in order to take steps towards more formlessness and detachment, which in turn gives more room for the unconditional love, which we all long for, and which will take the reigns in the New World.


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