The Shadow on Iona

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Since our coming together in 2012, Karin and I have been able to do a lot of light work in our meditations together. Our twin soul connection has always offered additional empowerment in that, like a "1+1=3" formula. Often it involved ascension activations in many forms and in many locations, for ourselves and for the collective, but often it also involved breaking through dark constructs within the dual Matrix on Earth, and neutralizing dark forces that were holding light forces hostage, or blocking energy flow in certain, important power places.

For example, on a mountain in the Andes, near Lake Titicaca, exactly at the new location of the Earth Kundalini, there was a huge dragon with the help of black magic trapped in an eternal sleep by dark forces to stop the energy flow of the Earth Kundalini, this dragon we were asked to awaken this dragon and free it. There were also light dragons trapped deep beneath Antarctica and in ruine remnants of Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean, which carried important keys, and needed to be freed.

Also on physical trips, we were regularly given assignments to carry out. In 2015/2016 we had a series of meditations dealing with the Sun and Iona, the Scottish island, and restoring the route souls take when they come to Earth. Souls travel through Suns to planets to incarnate, and an important arrival point for souls on Earth is the island of Iona. The island carries a pure, still energy, making it very suitable for silent meditation and retreats. In addition, it is very quiet, and there is no car traffic from tourists. A beautiful, low-impulse place that helps you get very close to yourself. In 2016, Karin and I were invited to come to Iona, and stay in a women’s house there. I was allowed to stay there as a man by way of exception, which I considered a great honor. Prior to the trip, in an aura reading, I was given an assignment by Spirit to perform there on Iona. Apparently that could not be done remotely, and I had to be physically present for it. I had to neutralize a shadow being there who had ruled there for many centuries, and had taken a strategic position there to block the influx of souls. At the time when the Vikings held their raids in Britain, around the year 800, it had been this shadow being who had energetically drawn the Vikings to Iona, to wreak havoc there, extinguishing the pure light present there. Druids were killed, the monastery destroyed and treasures stolen.

After a few days’ stay on the island, the time was ripe for confrontation. I had received the exact location of the shadow being during the aura reading. In the monastery garden, west of the monastery. Karin and I walked there, I positioned myself in that spot, and Karin stood 15 meters away to support, with light and third eye vision. As I stood there, the creature became visible and began moving busily and restlessly through the air above me. Around me appeared a circle of druids, who, to my surprise, made their excuses. Apparently, they had had a part in the arrival of this creature. I suspect not willfully, but through irresponsible, naive experimentation with low-frequency energies. I could only say back to the druids what came through me, I said “It is as it is.” Then I turned to the shadow being and again words came through, which my little personality would not have made up. I said to the creature, “In the name of the Father, your reign ends here!” I began to send light from my hands to the creature above me, which moved around faster and faster to avoid the light. It soon became clear that we did not have to do this alone; although the initiative was man’s, helpers appeared right away. Dragons and a spaceship appeared above us, and with a concerted effort, the shadow creature was neutralized. The energy in the place changed immediately, more light broke open.

Immediately after the trip, I received an aura reading, and it was no unnecessary luxury. I had a lot of headaches and stiffness in neck, back and shoulders left over from this adventure. The shadow being had tried to penetrate my aura with its tentacles and had been successful in doing so in a number of places, especially around my head and neck. Much of the aura reading was spent removing the remnants of the shadow being’s black energy, and by the next day, the physical discomforts were gone.

We live in a wondrous reality and in a wondrous time, and I am grateful to experience it consciously and to contribute to it along with many others. All the multidimensional experiences have made me realize deeply how the causes of events in the material world are only a reflection, an elaboration of what is happening in the ether. The change of duality on Earth begins with the change of duality in the ether, and we are collectively making huge, positive leaps in that.


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