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Occasionally, I come across articles in social media and blogs that deal with the so-called "false geometries" used by the dark forces in the universe to create illusion matrices. And always when I read these articles and the comments below them, I feel an atmosphere of "mind over heart," doubt and pessimism surrounding them. The stories surrounding this false geometry suggest that we are stuck here in illusory prisons, there is no way out, and the ascension process is an illusion. When people get sucked into the rabbit hole of this matter, they often seem to become disoriented and discouraged, losing faith in the Divine Plan and its success. It makes them doubt everything, all the spiritual information they have ever consumed about the ascension process. Through this blog, I want to shed new, positive light on it, based on my personal experience, divided into a number of points.

1. First of all, we should not be surprised that sacred geometry has been tinkered with. The story of Creation is characterized by both a universal descension process and a universal ascension process. In the oscillation of the universe, descent takes place as the exhalation of God, in which everything becomes more and more distant from Source. This descent path inevitably involves destruction. Descent is a necessary movement to bring about Creation. Things need to happen that cause the frequency to drop, circumstances need to take place that cause an ever-increasing compaction of energy to take place, all the way down to solid matter at the bottom of Creation where humanity is. It creates the route and environment in which Spirit can descend into Matter, to experience Matter, and then elevate itself from Matter. Although much trauma is of course experienced by individual souls during this descent, especially in the lowest dimensions, it is a path that all souls choose to experience. After all, souls want to experience form and individuality, and so they descend into the dense forms, taking the traumas for granted.

Given that sacred geometries are the building blocks of Creation, they are naturally the first candidate to be demolished in order to enable descent. To realize the path from order to chaos, the building blocks must be corrupted and subverted. It is important to realize that this is not just done from the agenda of dark forces. Dark forces may be its implementers, but they in turn are directed by light forces in the form of their own Higher Selves, who are behind this agenda because they serve God in the desire to create Creation. Given the fact that all beings are multidimensional, and thus have an existence in all dimensions simultaneously, we should realize that behind every dark being that performs a certain destruction in the universe, there is a Higher Self, a higher-dimensional aspect of this being watching and giving some guidance and streamlining to this destruction process, when it serves the intended, overall path of descent. In fact, these higher-dimensional aspects may have specifically taken upon themselves that destruction, because in the very highest dimensions of the universe, in the beginning of Creation, where only pure Light and Love exist, they have taken upon themselves a blueprint and a function within the universe that has both a sunny side and a shadow side, both a constructive side and a destructive side. This means that they accept the karmic responsibility of being involved until the entire consummation of Creation is a reality. Examples include Archangel Metatron and Ra. The former bears a responsibility for geometry, the latter for the underlying, supporting field of Suns. In the descent, they will both play roles through their own descended aspects that contribute to the descent by breaking down geometries in their case and filtering or blocking pure Sunlight.

As far as I am concerned, it is high time we stop looking dualistically and somewhat simplistically at the roles of beings such as Archangels, Ascended Masters and Extraterrestrials. It is not that one is good and the other is bad. Everyone is always both, depending on which dimensional level you look at it. But that applies to everyone, including every human being. In the game of duality, the greatest “opponent” of every living being in the universe is not an external, evil being, but one’s own deepest shadow self, one’s own aspect that has literally and figuratively sunk low, is living its own destructive life, and is waiting to be reintegrated. When you have integrated your own deepest shadow self in your human experience, then duality on Earth no longer has any effect on you, because you no longer suck it in, no longer get it mirrored. The key always lies in finding the neutrality within yourself that embraces both the Light AND Dark, and thus embraces your entire, own being, regardless of the “naughty” things it has done. Self-love is an incomplete concept as long as you do not enable yourself to also push against these parts of the Self, and forgive this part of yourself and thereby yourself.

To give an example of the dual roles played by all beings. Several years ago, I was meditating with my partner and we were led to the Pantheon in Rome, within which a holographic illusion generator installation by the Reptilians was located. We were allowed to contribute to the destruction of this generator, and after this fact something remarkable happened. There was a high council of Reptilians present in the temple who were integrated there by their Ascended Selves, their Ascended Master Selves. Now one might have a dual reaction of incomprehension to this news: “You see, these Ascended Masters cannot be trusted!” But then you ignore how Creation works, the roles we all play, and the neutrality we need to find in ourselves. This fact does not diminish the love, purity or frequency level of the respective Ascended Masters. It only means that earlier in the descent path of Creation, they took on the task of descending aspects of their own to play these dual roles. On the dimensional level where they are Ascended Master, they do serve the Light and they can be trusted. Everything always depends on the frequency level at which a partial aspect as part of the total multidimensional self currently exists. When people call upon Light Beings for energetic help, the dimensional level or frequency level of a being is of greater importance than the being itself. It is better to appeal to the most high-frequency aspect of Archangel Lucifer, so to speak, than to the most low-frequency aspect of Archangel Michael. And when it is not specified in a request for help, one’s own frequency level, the mood of the moment and the purity of one’s own intentions determine which dimension one makes contact with. As a result, a request for help from a loving heart focused on spiritual growth is usually a safe one.

2. All the information surrounding the “false geometry” seems to come from one source, which I will not name here. I have no judgment, and nothing but love and respect for the work of this resource that I learned about in 2008, and I suspect that anyone in his/her shoes would have walked roughly the same route. To have to ground such a large amount of knowledge at such an early stage of the ascension process, when the dual Matrix was still so intact, any ego, including my own, would have had the greatest difficulty in dealing with this, channeling it through the dimensions to Earth and grounding it completely pure and intact and, not insignificantly, drawing correct conclusions from unenlightened personality layers on the implications of the knowledge. Because it’s not just about the knowledge an sich, it’s mostly about what the knowledge does to your personal worldview, what conclusions you draw and the way it affects your perceptions, motivations and mood. Especially when, regardless of the vast amount of knowledge, you still do not know the whole picture, while there may be many, other, relativizing factors that can provide a fresh overarching picture that is optimistic and can restore confidence in the Divine Plan. I remember that long ago this source once tuned into what was happening 4-dimensionally in the House of David, and saw there the Reptilian selves of all the children of David. This was reason for this source to conclude that the attempt to bring Christ Consciousness to Earth was already doomed to failure. Whereas this was not the case at all, and the evolving Christ DNA just worked through it. In 2011 I was doing ascension activations with a group of lightworkers, when the work of this source was brought up by Spirit. It implied that this source had, in short, fallen too much into an or-or perception due to the personal interpretation of the received knowledge, rather than an and-and perception. It is a common trap in the duality of the lower dimensions, in which consciousness believes that concepts clash with each other, when in reality, viewed from a higher-dimensional perspective, they are not mutually exclusive at all, and are even complementary or mutually dependent on each other.

3. The greatest, dual effects of “false geometry” take place in the lower 12 dimensions of Creation. But the extent to which this produces actual “prison planets” may also somewhat be put into perspective . Admittedly, the 3rd and lower subdimensions of the 4th dimension are so unfree that one can speak of that. But dimensions 5 through 12 are filled with paradisiacal worlds, regardless of the influence of “false geometry.” Many souls are enjoying themselves tremendously in 6-dimensional, extraterrestrial civilizations, for example, and are in no hurry at all to leave the 12-dimensional matrix as soon as possible. They enjoy the form, indulging their creativity freely, despite their knowledge that they are still “stuck” in that 12-dimensional matrix. They know, if they are ready to leave it, then they need only focus on their own frequency increase until they have risen above it. And that frequency raising work is not a punishment or impossible task in a paradisiacal, advanced civilization. This is very different compared to the task humanity faces in reaching the 5th dimension.
Lightworkers who are introduced to the existence of false geometry sometimes seem to be a bit startled, and immediately develop an impulse of: oy, it’s worse than I thought, how do I get out of that 12-dimensional matrix as quickly as possible? But the soul has a much more relaxed position in that, and presumably so do the personalities that these lightworkers will live out in future 5D+ dimensions. By this I am not suggesting that one can bury one’s head in the sand regarding these issues. For example, restoring the Merkaba geometry has been essential for many to move into the 5th dimension. And there are also certainly lightworkers who have been given the task of grounding and revealing the information about this false geometry on Earth, because it had to be brought into the collective, human consciousness. This was because pure lines to the dimensions beyond the 12-dimensional matrix had to be laid in order to restore the Source connection and bring the diamond revolution to Earth. But that does not mean that this information has to serve as a guide to everyone’s spiritual development. Growing a few dimensions, say from 3D to 6D, is already quite an achievement on Earth, and the paradisiacal atmosphere you will then find yourself in during or after this life will be nothing but fulfilling.

4. Finally, what I also notice in the articles surrounding “false geometry” is a pessimism, a despondency, and a negativity that is frequency-decreasing, pulling people into their heads, and torpedoing confidence in the Divine Plan. This is because one misses part of the picture of the Divine Plan. The knowledge gained may then lead to conclusions based on incomplete information. It has been my experience that the false geometries do not interfere at all with the success of the Divine Plan, and that the Divine Plan simply takes into account the role that false geometries have played in the descent. In other words, The Tree of Life is simply being rebuilt here and now. As part of the Divine Plan, there are many lightworkers incarnated who carry keys within them that overwrite these false geometries, so to speak. They don’t even necessarily have to do that consciously; it is already realized by reaching a certain, liberating point in their own growth. When in their personal growth they reach the frequency level beyond the dimensional fields in which these geometries are created, they enter into a free zone within themselves, so to speak, where they gain access to pure creation. For example, there will be lightworkers on Earth, who are aspects of the aforementioned Archangel Metatron and Ra, who reach embodied 13-dimensional consciousness and thus free themselves and the Earth field from the limiting influences of the false geometries. And there are lightworkers on Earth also who hold specific keys and a growth path that neutralize the dual power of beings like Yahweh and Lucifer over the Earth.

Regardless, do not let the knowledge of false geometry discourage you or distract you from the only thing that matters in this particular time when you want to ascend: to raise your frequency as much as possible by clearing traumas. At some point in the near future, the success of the Divine Plan will transform the Earth into a free oasis in which the false geometries, and thus the dark forces that influenced us in our blind spots through these false geometries, will be put out of play. They then no longer have a place or hooking point within Earth’s Diamond Light Grid. And this oasis, this small, humble planet at the bottom of Creation, will then be an initiator of a renewal of Creation, a bottom up creation, an ascension path that nullifies all geometric breakdown, and realizes a Golden Age, not only on Earth, but throughout the universe.


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