Below you will find my activities listed. Some have been going on for years, some I only started (again) as of July 2021.


After a break of 8 years, I have been teaching meditation workshops again since July 2021. Now with my twin ray partner, Karin Thomas. The focus of these workshops, which we call “5D Healing Day”, is on healing, frequency raising, ascension and lightwork. For more information, see the agenda page. For more information, see the agenda page.

Blogging and vlogging

On this website I will be posting my blog articles and videos. This will mainly be about the ascension process, the fifth dimension, the New Earth, and the actuality in those areas. This has yet to take shape.

Healing Events

In addition to our workshops, my partner and I will also perform free weekly collective distance healings together (on Monday evenings). For more information about this, see the website

Since 2010 I am the owner and manager of, the largest and free platform for spiritual events in the Netherlands, see

I launched this international platform in 2017, but it never really got off the ground. I put (too) little energy into bringing it to the fore, and I also feel that it was perhaps too early for such a concept. It is a platform for the worldwide collection of intentions for themes in order to manifest the collective will of humanity. Perhaps I will breathe new life into this in the future, after something of a global spiritual culture shift has taken place first, and we start co-creating more consciously. Scroll to Top