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Below you can read reviews from people who have visited our events.

Have you attended one of our workshops and would you like to share your experience (anonymised), then I would be happy to receive it!
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“What a spa day the 5D healing workshop was. Doused with cleansing energies. It sometimes felt like we were each getting an individual session from Karin and Maxim. Between the meditations they lovingly answered all questions. It felt like a gift to my SELF. The safe bubble of Michael’s energy was also well felt. And the lunch was delicious! In short, a day of receiving and increasing in frequency. Written in love.”

“I am very happy that I attended the 5D Healing day. The meditations were very nice, I didn’t think you could feel so much! I was able to learn a lot from Karin and Maxim. They gave detailed answers to the questions. They carried a special loving and wise energy with them. I sincerely recommend that you allow yourself this day!”

“Maxim and Karin take you on wonderful, cleansing and healing meditation journeys, where receiving and giving are palpably one: to yourself, each other, the Earth and the Universe! And all that in a very nice and powerful Michael place with a fantastic lunch, refreshments and nice tea and coffee. As far as I’m concerned ‘way beyond 5D’ and at the same time also enjoying all earthly ‘3D’ gifts”

“Last Saturday I attended the workshop of Maxim and Karin. What a wonderful day! A meditation focused on yourself, on the process of the group and on the process of the earth, nicely spread over the day, with a delicious lunch and a short walk. In the end you can only feel grateful!”


“Last Saturday I attended the 1st workshop that Karin and Maxim gave together. Knowing their qualities separately, I immersed myself in a wonderful bath of healing frequencies at all levels. Karin and Maxim complement each other seamlessly and the safe bed they provide together gives a pleasant feeling of being able to relax… I also felt completely in my alignment and there were beautiful exchanges in the group. As far as I’m concerned, it definitely tastes like more.”

“What a powerful and cleansing transformation process was allowed to take place under the calm guidance of Maxim. Karin’s viewing in the group field brought grounding and awareness. A beautiful collaboration that testifies to a well-founded spiritual foundation.”

“I really enjoyed the 5D Healing Day. Karin and Maxim set up a loving and safe field. The location is beautiful with a palpably high vibration. The meditations were alternately moving, empowering, nourishing and healing. At the end of the day I went lighter, in a higher vibration and returned home very happy. Highly recommended!”

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