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Welcome to my new website! After quite a few years of not giving workshops and healings and having no online existence, the time has come for me to make myself more visible as a lightworker. It has been a period of transformation and silent lightwork for me, but now a time of action is dawning. There are exciting, stirring times ahead for the whole world, we have truly arrived in the so-called End Times. The “Splitting of Worlds” is in full swing, there really are two realities emerging that are getting further and further apart. The 3D Earth is dying, and the 5D Earth is blooming.


It is a time for everyone to make choices, a time to let go of the old and embrace the new. A time of showing willingness to shift your perception of reality, expand, and do inner exploration and transformation work. A time to face one’s own ego and belief systems. A time that forces change, for the entire world population, whether one likes it or not.
The world will never be the same again, old systems will die, and new solutions will present themselves. Hidden truths are going to become mainstream, which will forever change the perspective of our history and of our self-image as humans.

Through this new website I will increasingly share knowledge and healing, in the form of blogs, videos, workshops and healings. In Dutch and in English. These are going to be busy times for all lightworkers worldwide, including me, Spirit indicates. There will be a great need for support for the awakening world population and dealing with the changes that are on the way. People will have lots of questions, and will look for lots of healing. I hope to be able to make the greatest possible contribution to this, in collaboration with my twinray partner.

The most important advice I can give everyone: Increase your frequency!
Heal yourself as much as you can. You will literally benefit from it eternally. The more healed you are and the more Light you can embody, the more easily you will be able to tolerate the increasing Light on Earth, and the smoother the circumstances of change will be for you personally. Clarify and expand your consciousness, learn to let go and detach, and prepare your inner self for change. Open your mind to realities you never thought possible. Surrender to the unknown, and do not resist it. Stay out of judgment as much as possible, as judgment is also a form of resistance. Go with the flow. And don’t forget, keep putting things into perspective! You are an eternal being, we are only experiencing a temporary adventure here on Earth in a temporary form, do not attach too much importance to the status quo. Enjoy the adventure, and however it ends, after that, another beautiful adventure awaits in this wondrous Creation!

In Love and Truth,
Maxim Lazet
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