The 12-dimensional matrix: from slave to christ

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Although in humanity's experience the center of gravity of the ascension process is the transition from the third to the fifth dimension, there is simultaneously a much larger process going on in which humanity plays a central role. People often refer to the astronomical cycles of 2000 years and 26000 years, but we are currently at an evolutionary turning point, affecting this entire universe.

This moment reflects the end of the “Outbreath of God” and the beginning of the “inbreath of God,” the reversal from universal expansion to universal contraction, in which everything starts moving back to Source. And humanity plays an instrumental role in making this turnaround possible. You could say that the ascension of the Earth and humanity is the starting signal for the ascension of the entire universe.

I often come across the statement that the universe has 12 dimensions. However, in my perception, substantiated by many, personal experiences, there are many more. This universe has no less than 352 dimensions. However, we do live in a subuniverse of 12 dimensions within that larger universe. This subuniverse is a delimited 12-dimensional matrix. It is an experimental project, a creation within Creation, created by the Light, into which we have all stepped voluntarily. Within this 12D matrix, free will is a firm natural law, and duality to the extent it exists has been allowed within the context of a higher agenda associated with the aforementioned universal reversal. The success of this higher agenda has never been in jeopardy, contrary to what is sometimes assumed when one delves into the far-reaching deception by the many artificial, holographic sub-realities within that 12D-matrix. Whole libraries have been written about all the illusions, deceptions and distortions that dual forces have created to maintain and increase their power and grip, with such high intelligence and complexity that as a human being you might get feelings of helplessness and despair from it, if you cannot put an optimistic, overarching perspective next to it. However, this duality has always all taken place within a framework that the Light has set up, and right through all of the dual, misleading, artificial creations within that framework, the dual forces have ultimately unwittingly and unintentionally created a storyline that has contributed to that higher agenda of the Light, and which brings in the end of all this duality and deception: the Creation of Man.

First, a descent had to take place on the way to a material low point within the universe, and within the 12D matrix. For this purpose this Galaxy, this solar system and ultimately this planet have been designated. To then, here on this planet, in the solid matter of the lower dimensions, develop a race, which is partly originating from the physical clay, and partly received unique DNA, which gives it the potential to grow from the clay inward and upward all the way to above the 12D-matrix. It is a convergence of, on the one hand, an upward evolution, from the elemental consciousness of the 1st dimension to the 3rd dimension, and on the other hand, a downward insertion of unearthly, “galactic” DNA from higher dimensions. Together this forms a formula for the possibility of growing from 3D to 13D, moving in consciousness beyond the 12D-matrix, while maintaining physical presence in 3D. Through this simultaneous embodiment of the dimensions of 3D through 13D, humanity has been given a sacred key of divine entitlement and large-scale, karmic resolution, and the divine power to act as a sandwich that collapses the 12D-matrix, as it were, dissolving duality and illusions within the 12D-matrix, and thereby also bringing about a turning point, a u-turn, not only for the 12D-matrix (at the bottom of the universe), but for the entire universe.

You could also describe it as that through the absolute grounding at the bottom of the universe, as well as the embodiment of the I AM (13D), both the Divine Mother and the Divine Father start flowing through the human being in a direct way, and with that the pure Love and the pure Truth as unstoppable forces start flowing through their being and through their creations, deep within the 12D-matrix. The I AM Presence is the non-dual God consciousness that is present in dimensions 13 through 352 of the universe, and through this formula it penetrates the 12D-matrix, through embodiment by man all the way to the bottom of the universe. This embodiment yields a pure perception from outside the 12D-matrix ón the 12D-matrix, in which one is able to see through all the layers of illusion within it, causing them to collapse. One can then no longer be led astray by blind spots and holographic illusions. It is the eye of the Illuminati pyramid that gives way to the true eye, the “Eye of God.” Fully grounded and embodied 13D consciousness is what self-realization means in the truest sense. It is the Avatar consciousness, the rediscovery and embodiment of the True Self as it exists beyond the illusions and ego structures of the 12D-matrix. The first wave of people have now approached this point, and several waves will follow later in time.

The inserted “galactic” DNA is the result of a collective of extraterrestrial civilizations, frequency-wise representing all dimensions within the 12D-matrix. They were inspired by God to create this DNA together, to use it to develop a special race of people. This is why the higher agenda of Light allowed the Annunaki to come to Earth for selfish reasons to create a slave race. They unknowingly and unintentionally represented the agenda of the Divine Father, who in the deepest dimensions of a “free will” subuniverse needed a party to perform this DNA insertion of its own accord, knowing that it would only do so if it had motives for doing so for its own benefit. Not realizing at the time that they were in the process of establishing a race that in the future would rise from slave to Christ here, at the bottom of the universe, and play a major role in the unification of the entire universe.
There is great value in feeling the bigger picture behind this, because it helps to step out of reproach, indignation, and victimhood, to fully release slave consciousness, to embrace one’s own greatness, and to claim the sovereignty of Christ Consciousness. To understand that slavery has never indicated inferiority, it has only indicated the courage of souls to voluntarily become part of the story, to descend to that dimensional level and then to rise as lived-in, resilient creators. And to understand that in the end, the dual forces have all indirectly, with blinders on, carried out the higher agenda of Light to this day.

Another thing about the 12D matrix. For our individual evolution, it is important in our perception not to see the 12th dimension as the ceiling for spiritual growth, because by doing so you create a blockage with your beliefs to grow beyond the 12th dimension, and you remain a “child of the 12D matrix subuniverse.” The moment one creates in one’s consciousness in ones beliefs lower ceilings than that of Source itself, it reduces the space of reality experienced, and reduces the expansion potential of consciousness. This happened to the Ancient Egyptians in worshipping the Sun, which prevented their consciousness from expanding beyond the solar system, toward galactic consciousness. The same thing happened to those who consider Yahweh or Jehovah as the Source, while these fields of consciousness are not Source, are not the overarching field, do not represent the “outer russian doll” of the universal field, to use this as a metaphor. However, they are existing, living fields of consciousness below Source that have left their mark on Creation.

When you realize that the 12 dimensions within that 12D-matrix have a certain duality, it is important not to rush into resistance because that would mean that “5D apparently still is in that duality”, or because “everything within that 12D matrix would then be negative”, and therefore you would not be able to trust lightbeings from higher dimensions. I write this because sometimes there seems to be an image that 5D already represents an absolute paradise where there is no more ego, but this is not so. The ego structure has a sliding scale from strong in 3D to virtually absent in 12D, and by far the largest step on that scale is taken in the transition from 3D/4D to 5D. By far the most duality, and certainly the most destructive, is found in 3D and 4D. The duality of 5D to 12D is much more subtle and less pronounced. Especially from 7D, where Christ consciousness dominates, and where beings act out of selflessness and respect free will to the absolute. 5D may not yet be the absolute paradise of Light, Love and Oneness in terms of frequency level and ego structure level, but it can certainly be called paradise relative to the situation on Earth. A world where there is no more unseen manipulation from 4D, where abundance is a given, where there is no reason for corruption and exploitation, where everyone’s Divinity is recognized, where nature and animals are respected, and where there is positive exchange with other extraterrestrial civilizations, that sounds like music to your ears, doesn’t it? The deepest depths of the ego are no longer expressed in 5D. Hatred, crippling fears, shame, guilt, jealousy, narcissism and possession, are destructive layers that simply no longer exist in the dimensions beyond 4D. But that is not to say that lighter layers of the ego do not still exist, and one can still have self-esteem issues, for example, that inhibit the full potential of the heart’s loving power.

With the awareness on this 12D matrix, the path of spiritual development doesn’t really change that much. It is still a ladder of dimensions that one has to take, step by step, through mainly trauma healing and raising frequency. And so that ladder does not have 12 steps, but 352 steps. Knowing of the existence of the 12D-matrix and the fact that the Divine Plan encompasses this and does not merely involves the ascension of the Earth and humanity to 5D, perhaps inspires more optimism for those who already felt that 5D is not yet completely rid of duality either. 5D is still a wonderful prospect and fully worth setting your arrows on, if you are ready to say goodbye to the material 3D reality, and want to make the move “from slave to Christ.” I do want to emphasize, as I have in previous blogs, that we can describe these collective processes, but everyone continues to have their own inner path in doing so. It is a Divine adventure that takes place on many planes of existence simultaneously, and we all bear the responsibility at the micro level to advance our own individual story within it by investing in our spiritual growth. A hopeful prospect of collective developments leading to unification of no less than the entire universe is nice, but it does not absolve us of the responsibility to take action ourselves in the here and now.

This is a very large and complex subject, which I have tried to summarize in a concise blog. It is not a theory nor is it channeling, it is my vision that I have developed based on many experiences, gained during the path that I myself have taken through the ascending dimensions in the past 15 years, and is supported by similar experiences from people around me The message of this blog is that there is an extraordinary evolutionary process going on that is very grand and positive, that we may trust the Divine Plan that is successfully unfolding, and which has a much larger context than just the ascension of the Earth and humanity, although they do play a central role in it. The suggestion is also to be careful not to lose yourself in the endless information about the artificial illusion worlds within that 12D-matrix, and particularly the 4D-matrix. It can be interesting and suck your mind into it, but it is good to always ask yourself if it really contributes to your spiritual development. Some awareness of it is valuable and necessary, but focusing on it can quickly become excessive, disproportionate and even lower your frequency. In addition, much of the information going around about it is already outdated, because so much is changing so quickly in a positive sense. For example, Saturn is no longer the Saturn of ten years ago. You feed what focus your attention on, and thus become more strongly present within your personal universe, your personal timeline, your individual adventure within this collective process. Be aware of the shadows, own and integrate your own shadows, but focus on the rainbows and unicorns … It is your creation. Make it a positive one. There will come a moment in the future when we all will realize so deeply what great spectacle has taken place on Earth and what it has meant for the collective evolution of the entire universe, that we can only feel gratitude and amazement about it, and with healthy pride we will write in our spiritual CV: “I was there”.


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