Voting or not: elections in the End Times

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I hadn't planned to write a blog on the subject, but a surprising development made it happen. I see a lot of discussion online about whether or not you should vote in the upcoming national election, especially within the "awakened" community. It is not my intention in this blog to repeat or discuss all the arguments for either choice; I am sure everyone has come across them many times. I merely hope to add a new perspective that I feel deserves to be included in the consideration of arguments. I also want to stress that I do not feel a very firm position on this, it is a complex issue in which all arguments have their merits and both choices have their legitimacy. Many realities intertwine simultaneously, and everyone's unique perceptions have their own anchor points to be respected.
It strikes me how in the arguments for both choices that I see going by, the context of the particular, spiritual time in which we live seems to have little or no consideration. Not that that is strange; it is still not yet a tangible reality for many. They see a world that is on fire, a world in which crises are piling up, but do not yet see a common denominator, an overarching scenario that is unfolding that represents a larger reality, and which has an agenda that transcends daily duality and is focused on collective evolution. In which so-called “bad guys,” even in politics, have their role to play, to force change, create friction and mirroring, and get people moving towards self-development and demand social change.

We are currently at the beginning of the final chapter of the prophesied End Times, characterized by great and rapid change, followed by the emergence of a new age of love and truth. Before that is realized, however, there is inevitably chaos, polarization and denial. However, the outcome of this time of transition is already certain; on an energetic level, the Earth already shines like a reborn diamond. Anything that does not resonate with the new reality of this renewed Earth will collapse, and anyone who clings frenetically to the old will possibly go through a personal, existential crisis until they let go of the old and embrace the new. How long the old, societal structures are going to hold up on a physical level as the ground slowly disappears under their feet, therein lies a variable space determined by the free will of the human collective, and yes, elections certainly have a big role to play in that.

The fact is that we are in an overlap situation of old and new structures for a good number of years to come, and we need to be realistic about it. It is a grand, spiritual process, which at the same time requires very grounded and pragmatic attention. We are emotionally and mentally detaching from the old world, but we are still dealing during these years with the influences of the physical institutions of the old world, especially the political and financial system, and actually more importantly, with the influences of certain forces on these institutions. Forces that will not go to the new world. In addition, in that process of detachment, we also have to deal with overcoming our own tendencies for a time, in which we still freely connect ourselves emotionally and mentally to the old, dying system because our senses still perceive it as the dominant reality, whereas emotionally, mentally and multidimensionally it no longer is. It is like a snakeskin that the snake has just shed and which is digesting, but which the human collective is still hypnotically blinded to, and therefore still emotionally and mentally invested in, when in fact it has already become lifeless. It is as if one cannot yet imagine being free of it, and one remains stuck in old, ingrained routines. One could argue in this strange, complex, almost schizophrenic overlap situation that, on the one hand, it calls for practical, physical involvement to manage physical (over)life, and at the same time it calls for emotional and mental detachment, because it is no longer our reality. The emotional and mental climate is already on a higher plane, but in the meantime we still need to physically survive, and physically relate to the system. And so yes, that physical relationship can then express itself in part by voting, or not voting.

How long and how violently the influences of the old structures will continue to play out in the years to come, in addition to collective free will choices, will also be determined by a complex and large-scale game of chess that has, to date, played out mostly out of the public’s view. Both in a physical and nonphysical sense. In this game of chess, timing, strategy and patience play an important role, and the dying forces of the old world driving the old structures know this very well and are implementing a very deliberate, shrewd agenda of deception, distraction and seduction. These forces try to maintain the illusion as long as possible and keep the truth out, especially in politics. You need only glance at the parliamentary discussions to see how clearly it is that fears and a lack of self-reflection predominate, and this is all because of the illusion they are led to believe and their convulsive adherence to it. In the midst of all the major changes, anything that even smacks of conspiracy theories is cast aside in advance, while most conspiracy theories have long since ceased to be theories. Substantive debates are avoided through manipulative methodologies such as stonewalling, fallacies and feigned outrage, with which they end up mostly making fools of themselves. Politicians are sticking their heads in the sand hoping that the winds of change will blow over, but they will increasingly find in the near future that that will not be the case.

The collapse of the old structures is part of the movement from the unipolar to the multipolar world. The unilateral power of the West is crumbling and the West is weakening in all areas of society, and this development can only be stopped by honest self-reflection and a willingness to change course completely. But it is unfortunately quite noticeable in the US and Europe that there is little willingness to do so. Little willingness to look its own shadow in the eye, little willingness to acknowledge the destructive, patriarchal role the West has played in history, and little willingness to stop the illusion of the globalist narrative. No one denies that global problems require global solutions that require international cooperation, but there is a thorough denial about the fact that there are forces at work behind the scenes in the West with an agenda to centralize global power. From lust for power, and not from idealistic, altruistic motives, although they do very cleverly use those arguments to steer the naive population and get them on their side.

A world or country without government is, in my opinion, an unworkable illusion. There will always have to be bodies that bear the task of representing the interests of the collective. You also see this on other planets in higher dimensions. Facilitating from love, not controlling from power, therein lies the shift we face. Beyond the need for practical organization of everything that cannot be regulated purely locally, the idea of a system without government ignores the nature of the beast, of human beings. Ego and dictatorial tendencies are just as likely to be encountered in corporations and communities as in government, and corporations also only serve their own corporate goals, so by their very nature they are in competition, and you don’t want to leave communal care to that.

The current, political system, in my view, does have the ability to facilitate the transition to the new world. Many people may find that strange that I say that. The challenge does not primarily lie in transforming the political system in itself, but in working out step by step all the corrupt and low-frequency elements within human psychology, and returning power to the people. All corruption, ego, fears, illusion, excessive focus on self-interest, lust for power, lobbying, etc…. These elements together represent a frequency bandwidth, which within the context of the transition time is slowly disappearing, even in politics, step by step. The departure of a large part of the politicians this year, and especially some of the leaders, is one such step in this. The overall process of the removal of these elements, depends on the increase of truth on the collective stage, making visible everything that is not visible but has influence. Especially in politics and in the media. This is going to take off in the coming years, and trickle in more and more there. And then it is important that there are parties in there, who may not be necessarily fully “awake” right now, but at least have the integrity, honesty and willingness for self-reflection and change. People with good intentions, open minds, who can listen, who can admit that they have been fooled, and who are willing to flip their agendas and political programs and align them with new truths.

Therefore, it is important that the sound of truth be represented in politics, and that the international, geopolitical power play that seeks to override the politics of individual countries continue to be made visible. It is clear, at least in the Netherlands, that it is now just too early in the process for this new voice of truth to take on an administrative role, but at least let it then keep a growing foot in the door to be able to make its sound on that stage, reaching a growing audience on the one hand, and on the other hand being able to make small punctures in the cocoons that many sleeping, naive politicians still find themselves in. It is, again, a process that requires strategy, timing and patience.
It will be clear by now that this argument underscores the value of voting. At the same time, I must acknowledge that I did not vote in the previous, national election because I “did not want to feed it with my creative power.” But the situation has since shifted. This is an insight I did not come to on my own. We went in meditation to present the issue to our I AM, and he came up with this insight that was still surprising to me. The situation has shifted because major milestones in the mechanics of the End Times have been achieved in the past few years. We have become detached which has changed our energetic position towards politics. We can now, without unconsciously feeding the old world with it in a negative sense, from our New Being, with a conscious intention and while maintaining our sovereignty, cast our vote which has above all the effect of a light infusion from neutrality, to raise the political system physically and energetically to a higher level. In other words, we are no longer children of the system, and can now boost the system from the outside.
One could say that this has changed the multidimensional context of elections. Previously, there seemed to be three trade-offs among “awake” people:
– or one does vote, hoping for change
– or one does not vote, from a cynical feeling that nothing will change anyway and one would rather secede
– or one does not vote, from a sense of detachment, of “it’s not my reality anymore”
But here, then, a fourth possibility has now been added:

– voting from detachment.

And that is what I am going to do now, do vote, from neutrality and detachment, for the only party that qualifies for that for me, the only party that denounces the globalist narrative: FvD. I always had a distinct feeling that the leader of this party is carrying out a divine mission without realizing it, and that his intellectual abilities are not simply given to him. I AM also relayed in the meditation that this leader is receiving great, divine protection and support. He is socially awake, but not yet spiritually awake, but I am sure that will happen later. And I don’t agree with everything he puts out, but that is ok. His love of truth is obvious, and so is his intention to return power to the people. And that is most important at this stage.


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