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Meanwhile, Karin and I also watched the twin flame documentary on Netflix. With some resistance I must say, after one episode we have had seen enough, but we finished it anyway, just to be informed. It is plain as day to me that this docu was made from the intentions of underlying, dark forces to discredit spirituality with integrity. On the one hand, the docu is awareness-raising; it helps to shed naiveté within spirituality and be thoughtful of abuses of power and "guru behavior." On the other hand, it does the image of spirituality no good. It creates yet another barrier for many people who are just waking up and exploring spirituality to "commit" to spiritual institutions and organizations, and therefore may not do so out of caution and suspicion.

It is probably not a coincidence that this docu comes out exactly on the eve of an upcoming phase, in which many lightworkers are going to be multidimensionally activated, and will start to be stimulated by their lightteam to establish organizations, focused on healing and guidance. With the increasing time pressure and ferocity of the transitional time we are in, which will take great strides forward again next year, many lightworkers in their service work will probably feel called to work more with groups rather than on an individual basis, as this is more effective, and more healing can take place for more people within less time. Resulting in an explosion of training institutes, mystery schools and healing centers. And that in itself is a good thing.

At the same time, these ventures are inescapably inherently challenging and hugely mirroring, for both owners and clients. Everyone involved should take care to stay close to themselves, not to withdraw or give away personal power, and to stay in a free and equal relationship with each other. For the lightworkers who offer their services in these organizations, it is of course important to maintain the purity of their intentions, to operate from love and not from power, and to remain financially proportional. Love wants to serve and set free, power wants to create dependency relationships to drain life energy (and money) for as long as possible. We will find more and more in the future that in a 5-dimensional reality, activity from love is organically rewarded and activity from power naturally implodes. In the 3rd dimension, this was rather the reverse.

All manifestation and interaction with others takes place in a precarious balance between willpower and love, where the will is deployed either from self-centeredness (service to self) or from selflessness, for the benefit of the highest good of the collective (service to others). However, it is not so simple that one is good and the other is bad, both are always needed in a healthy balance, and everyone’s situation is unique, requiring a tailored approach. It’s not as simple as, everything you do for another is love, and everything you do for yourself is selfishness. Some people are engaged in helping others, driven from underlying inferiority complexes or guilt, and although their activities appear as altruistic, it is primarily an act directed at themselves, to seek external validation and nourishment for their own inner wholeness and freedom through projection, expectations, desires and beliefs in the external world. And in addition, there are people who intuitively feel that they are allowed to be there for themselves for a while, to practice justifiable self-love, to take care of their own foundation and balance, and to focus on not overexploiting themselves by giving themselves away too much. Looking across multiple lives, it may even be a life in which you have given yourself away too much several, previous lives in a row, and the point of this life is precisely to take good care of yourself, explore and develop your personal boundaries, and improve your relationship with yourself.

In the docu, however, it was very clear, the balance was completely lacking. Their behavior was entirely “service to self” oriented, not from the search for a healthy balance, but unilaterally focused on power and exploitation, parasitism. In particular, you could see in his whole demeanor how he was looking for prey like a predator, to enrich himself. At the same time, of course, it is also a mirror for the participants who were sucked into it, they were unconsciously inviting it into their lives, they were looking outside of themselves for wholeness and fulfillment, and found what they were looking for, a continuation of the illusion of external validation and fulfillment. The power energy of the couple dripped off, and the self-reflection on this exercise of power was zero. It had little to do with honest spirituality; it was a shrewd exploitation of oversimplified, spiritual concepts for self-gain. When you consider the situation multidimensionally, I consider it very likely that there are one or more large, sardonic entities behind this guy in particular, working through him without him even realizing it, and laughing their asses off at the theatrics going on, at the expense of the innocent, naive participants. This exercise of power works particularly through the solar plexus of a leader, and through cords from his solar plexus to the solar plexus of participants. In this energy, the energy of the underlying entities can also travel along via the leader to the participants, setups I have also often observed. Through this energetic communication, the participant’s will energy is overridden by the leader’s will energy. Then, when participants unconsciously identify with this energy, they think they are making their own choices, when they are no longer their own choices. This exercise of power is the exact opposite of what love does, which is to set free and honor free will to the absolute. And that is why sovereignty, especially energetic sovereignty is so important, it protects one’s own will, the solar plexus and through the solar plexus the entire aura. It reinforces individuality, the “I power,” and sends the message: I am my own boss, and I make my own choices.

Well, and then the twin flames subject of the documentary. There is so much charge, confusion, wishful thinking and also resistance surrounding the subject of twin flames, that you would almost hesitate at being open about your own twin flame relationship, if only to get ahead of appearances and possible, subjective, negative projections from others. But that’s not an option for me. Karin and I are twin flames (rays to be exact, but I’ll leave that aside here). I feel in me no need to reveal or explain this information about our relationship, or to profile myself as such. I also haven’t named it before in my blogs, only in the intro about myself on my website. And I certainly don’t feel any need to market it, or deploy it as a product or honey trap. But at the same time, I want to be able to be transparent and share elements of my/our process so that it might inspire or fuel others to engage in their own spiritual growth.

In my view, actually any proactive search for a twin flame that arises from the personality is doomed in advance. It is again a search for external validation, an externalization of the search for love within yourself, for yourself. When you are ready for a twin flame encounter, it will come naturally to you, and if not in this life, then in a next one. It is up to your Higher Self to put it on your path, not your personality. And even if your Higher Self puts it on your path, the free will of either party can resist to actually get into a physical relationship, and it doesn’t have to happen in this lifetime. It happened to Karin and me because we were ready for it, we were not looking for it. When I found out she was my twin flame, I contacted her, without desire or expectation, but simply to connect, to see if our meeting would bring new, spiritual growth, and to satisfy my curiosity.

We occasionally get emails from people with questions about this topic. They then say they have found their twin flame, but that there are obstacles to entering into the relationship, and then ask us what to do. We actually feel in communicating about it mainly to interfere as little as possible, and actually our message is always the same, usually an unwelcome sound that would rather not be heard at that moment: “If it is not meant to be that way now, let it go and keep healing yourself. That way you will create more space within yourself to make it possible in a next encounter.” In any case, what I can definitely recommend to anyone who meets his/her twin flame: if you are both serious about giving it a chance, both engage in a series of reincarnation session with a neutral third party as soon as possible after the first meeting to clear up the influence of shared, past lives. Karin and I both received dozens of third-party readings over the course of a year to resolve our shared, earthly, past lives. At least, those lives in which our being together was problematic, traumatic or impossible. Because count on the fact that with meeting your twin flame and the mirroring that entails, an activating explosion of influences from past lives in the subconscious takes place and rises to the surface, and these influences, often tearing wounds, start screaming energetically that a relationship in the present is not possible. This will often be the reason why many twin flame relationships fail in the present, they are overloaded by “past lives” energies that have become active in their consciousness, which then emotionally but also physically begin to form all kinds of obstacles in their present lives. They must then struggle through those influences, with love, patience and persistence, without ending up in projections and unconscious re-experiencing of dramatic scenarios from those past lives. And that, in my understanding, works most effectively by removing the causes, root and all, from your consciousness and akasha. The help of a neutral third party who has access to past lives and akasha is indispensable in this.

Then there are parties who believe that the whole concept of twin flames does not exist, often based on assumptions in the 3D mind, or information received through questionable channelings. I say with all my heart that it does exist, and that it also has a role in the collective ascension process. In the winter solstice of 2010 and 2011, humanity as a whole received great initiations on this subject within the framework of the collective ascension process, which further opened the fields of sacred marriage or “hieros gamos”. A month after the 2011 initiation, Karin and I entered each other’s lives, and shortly thereafter our connection was blessed in spirit by Mother Mary. We have experienced an awful lot of multidimensional adventures in our meditations that confirmed the truth of the concept and of our connection, and it has also been confirmed many times by various readers whom we trust in their mastery, that we are indeed twin flames. A reader has also observed how, at the beginning of the creation of our personal universes (as everyone has), our souls split into two. We have connections through all dimensions to the center of the universe, and we have been allowed to become acquainted with multiple self parts in other dimensions that are also there together and working together, both in the Earth and in the Cosmos.

In the early days of our being together, there was still an unfree entanglement in our grounding. This had the effect that when I was in silent meditation, bathed in high-frequency, cosmic energies, something I loved to do at the time, Karin felt like she was being pulled apart. It felt to her like I was traveling cosmically, while she was locked in the heart of Mother Earth and great pressure was being put on her own grounding. This was tremendously unpleasant for her, so she developed great resistance to my meditation activity. This was not just about me unconsciously leaning on her grounding through cords, which is something that also often happens between people. It involved a complex, macrocosmic construction and process of slowly disconnecting from our joint twin flame line. And right here, at the bottom of the universe, where the Earth is located, this turned out to be possible. In order that, with this letting go, both can gain their own individual grounding to then be able to come together in oneness from a mutual freedom. This entanglement was allowed to loosen step by step in the following two years, and in this we received guidance from Mother God and Father God in our meditations.

To zoom out for a moment to the collective process we are all in, this grounding is not just about grounding in the Earth. Because the Earth is at the bottom of the universe, the Earth performs a bridge function for grounding in the universe as a whole. It involves grounding beyond the Earth, grounding in Mother God, and through the zero point in the center of the Earth, through the zero point field beyond manifest Creation, also grounding in Father God. This movement, as it were, completes the first half, the descent, within a universal cycle of flow in the torus field of the universe. To finally, after this grounding in external reality (the universe), realizing the grounding within ourself, after which there is no need for external grounding anymore, and we can begin the upward movement, supported by Mother God and Father God, in a grounded manner toward Source, also called the “Inbreath of God.” That is where we are now, and that is what is so special about the Earth, and also what is the importance of the third dimension, regardless of all its chaos and duality: we are closest to Mother God right here, and therefore, through the zero-point portal in the deepest matter of the Earth’s core, outside of manifest creation, also close to Father God. And that is what gives humanity such enormous potential, and that is what our DNA is designed for. That is why much alien life is so interested in this planet and in humans, and that is why the dark forces are trying to thwart the activation of our DNA, something they are not going to succeed in doing.

In the present, people are concerned about the success of the Luciferian covenant that for the past ten thousand years has sought to sabotage this process, and through the power of the elites block the prophetic role of Earth, a battle in which we are now, at this moment, in the finale of. But the Divine Plan behind it is billions of years old and anticipates anything the dark forces can dream up. The Divine Plan is ultimately not just an ascension process from the 3rd to the 5th dimension, nor is it just a collapse of the dual 12D matrix. In its fullness, it is a multi-universal process, in which this universe has been assigned a central role, to successfully complete its cycle, come back into oneness, and radiate this oneness to the other universes. In this universal process, planet Earth has been designated as the grounding point, the material core, and we are all here to witness its finale. On a collective level, this greatest project is succeeding, and the universe is celebrating this fact, but, it must also be said, people do retain their own, individual responsibility for their own path and spiritual growth within that larger story.

But I digress, back to the twin flames. I also want to say that despite all the experiences, I am at the same time very down-to-earth about twin flame relationships. Once I came across someone’s quote quoting Lord Melchizedek: “The twin flame relationship is not beatific.” And I do want to agree with that, if only to take the load off a bit, and temper expectations. Nothing to the detriment of our own relationship or of Karin, but when you yourself have both already achieved a relative degree of wholeness that allows you to maintain such a relationship, then the tendency to project and idealize a dreamy, romantic image onto such a relationship also falls away a bit. Simply because you are enough within yourself that you come into stable, unconditional contentment, with or without a relationship. It has become a natural reflection of your inner reality. The relationship, while pleasant, is not a condition for happiness; it does not fill gaps. What is nice within the relationship, of course, is that there is little projecting back and forth and we both take responsibility for our own behavior in self-reflection, and that gives room for peace, harmony and deep friendship within the relationship.

Finally, one should also realize that having a twin flame relationship does not mean that one is going to live a simple “happily ever after, house, tree, critter” life together. For it is precisely in this relationship that one faces challenges of a different, new caliber, giving little room for an idealized, quiet love life, which many long for. Large, dual fields present themselves to throw you off balance, tempt you to make missteps, and await their opportunities to break into your aura, lower your frequency and sabotage your lightwork. From the outside, we may live a not so exciting life of work, relationship and children, however, on the inside, despite the degree of wholeness and stability, there is still a lot of turmoil, there are continuous, profound transformational processes, physical aches and pains and discomforts going on, and there are continuous attacks from the ether. We have regularly dealt with the universe’s biggest, darkest players on a personal basis over the years, we all know their names. It has been mostly energetic hard work and cooperation up to this point, to further free ourselves, to make our contribution to the liberation of the collective field, and to patch ourselves back up after suffering auric wounds during energetic work.

I want to end this blog with the same words as before, and hopefully with this I can make a small contribution to discharge the fixation on the subject of twin flame relationships, and encourage people not to look for solutions outside of themselves, but to do the self-healing work above all. Therefore again, “If it is not meant to be now, let it go and keep healing yourself. This way you will create more space in yourself to make it possible in the next encounter.”


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