The Software of our Personal Reality

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We all know it, our perception creates our reality, and the outer world is a reflection of our inner world. Life is one big self-fulfilling prophecy. What we believe to be true becomes true. We attract what we put out. We are the magnet, and the mirror provides. What we think we deserve, consciously and unconsciously, comes our way naturally.

Do you feel victimized? Then perpetrators come your way to put you in that role. Do you feel powerless? Then those in power outside yourself gladly take that place. Do you feel like you constantly have to defend yourself? Then you will be under constant attack. Do you sense danger everywhere? Then you will attract dangerous situations. Do you take things personally that are not meant personally? Then you will be inundated with events and behaviors of people that affect you personally. Do you feel guilty? Then you will be constantly reminded of it, and circumstances will naturally come your way that give you the idea that you have something to redeem. Do you feel you have struggles to fight? Then the battleground will present itself. Do you feel like you are stuck in a “matrix”? There you have it… The mirror provides. But also: do you feel grateful? Then the gifts follow naturally. Are you loving? Then you will receive love back a thousandfold. Do you feel worthy and respectful of yourself? Then you will also be respected by the outside world. Do you take responsibility? Then the circumstances will naturally arise in which you will have more responsibility. Do you feel that you are the creator of your reality? Then the circumstances of your life will form according to your will.

The difficulty in this, of course, is that most of these psychological mechanisms take place in the subconscious. We don’t know what we believe beneath our surface. In the first, visible layer of the onion, we may delude ourselves into believing one thing, while an underlying, unconscious layer we believe the opposite. The subconscious stores quite a bit of trauma, from this life, from past lives, from very different times and very different worlds. And this trauma has programmed us in a sense: we have drawn conclusions about how reality works, and those conclusions have crystallized a worldview that arranges itself holographically around us. We have written our own software that dictates how best to deal with reality, creating our personal reality. This software consists of a complex set of beliefs and belief systems, which are self-affirming. Concepts that purport to describe our reality, but in reality frame and narrow it. Accumulated insights with which we think we better understand reality , but which in reality actually make our perception of reality less free.

Therefore, getting to know yourself is the most difficult and the most important thing there is. Learning to see underlying patterns in our mental and emotional behavior, and to recognize and take responsibility for them. There is really nothing more valuable than getting to know yourself, going within and exploring what surfaces in the conscious, and doing something with it. To consider what antics the ego comes up with, going against the voice of the soul, and what the underlying motivations are. Constantly asking yourself what mechanisms dominate you and color your glasses through which you look at yourself and outward. It literally determines our reality, not only our perception of it, but also the conditions in our external reality. The biggest clues to this are always found in the question of what in the outside world, the great mirror, triggers us to emotional responses and why. And also in how loving you are to yourself. To what extent your relationship with yourself is predominantly characterized by self-love and self-respect, or by self-criticism. And also: to what extent you are pessimistic or optimistic in life. To what extent do you believe that pessimism is justified because “the outside world gives rise to it,” and to what extent do you recognize that you yourself are the creator of the inner climate that creates pessimism?

I am obviously an advocate of the proactive focus on inner liberation by clearing trauma and thus raising our frequency and healing our soul, but it is equally important to realize that without adjusting our underlying software, our beliefs and belief systems, we remain in a loop that continues to re-create similar traumas in succeeding lifetimes. For example, if you have gone through many lives as a slave, and you have developed a belief that you are in a submissive position, that it is your inescapable destiny to live as an inferior subject in a domineering system, you will continue to re-create those traumatizing conditions even when you have cleared out all the trauma you have suffered in those lives. The software then creates the conditions for new trauma. Clearing the trauma does make it a little easier to flip the switch of an ingrained belief, but it’s still not enough, a realization, an acknowledgment, must follow, a conscious, structural choice must be made to take a 180-degree different view of it, and continue to hold and affirm this until it takes hold, and you have rewritten your own programming. Therefore, do not underestimate the value of the programming power of affirmations and mantras either. Perhaps one of the most simple, common and effective mantras is: I AM LOVE. It is a truism that is quickly forgotten, and overrides all tendencies that degrade self-esteem or justify self-criticism.

Although I did a lot of trauma work for the many lives I lived on Earth, it was not enough. Meditation and frequency raising were not enough. I also had to work with my beliefs and belief systems, I had to rebuild my 3D software. The timing in which this presented itself aligned exactly with the actuality of my personal ascension process, and its overlap with the collective ascension process. In the years around 2018, my partner and I were working intensively to completely detach ourselves multidimensionally from the 3D/4D matrix, and I was prodded by my Higher Self to work on this on a belief level as well and to seek help for this. I was directed to someone who could help me in this in a very effective way, it became an fast deprogramming program. This person, with the help of clairvoyance, clairaudience and the assistance of angels who whispered to her exactly what was going on inside me, was allowed to convert my entire 3D software at a rapid pace. I call it “Karma-free Quantum NLP” 😊. I had already grown in inner clearing, frequency level and lessons to be learned well past the programming in question, and they were now holding me back unnecessarily.

The reprogramming of my beliefs and belief systems also had another, multidimensional effect that I hear few people, including lightworkers, talk about. Indeed, when we are in the process of ascending, we influence and change not only our own path, but also that of other selves living in other worlds and layers of reality. And when we move to 5D, it also throws off the lives of other 3D/4D selves. Of course, from a larger perspective, we are them as well, but these parts are also living independent lives just like us, with their own ego perils and attachments. And like everyone else, I had 4D selves living in other realities who were not at all eager to leave their 4D habitat, and they took advantage of my beliefs and remaining pain issues to try to maintain the status quo. Thus, a form of multidimensional self-sabotage. This mechanism, I believe, explains why much of humanity to this day chooses not to wake up. The cognitive dissonance is partly the result of voices from other self parts that do not want change, feeding existing fears and resistances, and related beliefs, in people to maintain the status quo and bury their heads in the sand. Earthly psychology would perhaps call these subpersonalities, but it is a multidimensional affair, in which many realities intermingle and independently operating self parts in other realities exert their influences on people in 3D/4D. Thanks in part to my reprogramming, in cooperation with my Higher Self, I was able to embrace and convince these self parts in love that change is not a bad thing and the future is bright for them as well, melting away their resistances to surrender to integration into the larger, multidimensional self, to arrive at new levels of inner oneness.

In the fast deprogramming process, over a thousand beliefs emerged in several dozen sessions that were allowed to be resolved at a very rapid pace, I struggled to keep up cognitively, but immediately felt the changes in my consciousness and energy field. The dissolution of these beliefs did not just happen in a mental, abstract manner, but was very multidimensional, and I constantly felt new energy flow emerge in my energy field, chakras and meridians as a result of the release of beliefs. Most of these beliefs were “branched subbeliefs” of several main themes, which I list below. These main themes will be recognizable to many people, and like me, play or have played a role.

The biggest and most common topic, of course, is self-esteem. That includes anything that goes against self-love. Absolute self-love is the terminus of spiritual growth, the complete return to Source. I still had a fair amount of self-judgment present in my subconscious in response to some naughty things I did in other times. Sometimes these mischievous things were not even done at all from a malicious or criminal intention, but were done from a loving, service-oriented intention, from a higher intention to force change, but that does not take away from the fact that the personality can build up self-criticism and guilt at that time.

Although I did a lot of work to improve my initially poor grounding, and in part this could not be expedited due to the dependence on the progress of the collective ascension process, I had unconsciously built up quite a few beliefs in my previous lives on Earth anyway, also due to traumatic experiences, that it is dangerous to be on Earth, and too dangerous to surrender yourself completely to the earthly experience, and land completely in the earthly body. With the clearing of these beliefs, I felt my grounding change instantly. Energy flow in my legs improved substantially, and my physical strength increased.

A recognizable theme for many people, who in past lives have tried to open their mouths, speak the truth, publicly criticize the established order, and have had to pay for it with their lives, or with imprisonment or torture. Collectively, this has had a great impact especially on the solar plexus and throat area, which are all about expression. This, of course, benefits the matrix, which lives on maintaining the illusion, and crushing any sound that tries to break the illusion.

This may also be a theme that many people recognize in themselves. The urgent feeling of needing to be productive, tendency to workaholism, pushing yourself too much. This usually runs parallel to a yin-yang imbalance, in which the yang, the masculine energy, is too dominant. This attitude is additionally reinforced by a lack of grounding and by self-criticism, the other main themes mentioned above. It is also prompted by survival mechanisms as a legacy from past lives, in which one was more concerned with doing and thinking, due to danger, than feeling and being.
Increasing grounding and self-love, and deeply embracing the feminine energy within ourselves, for both men and women, is the solution in this. It brings the embodiment and relaxation needed to live more in the here and now, no longer concerned with control and filling in the future. It brings the surrender and the inner permission to slow down, to slow down, and to allow yourself to enjoy yourself, and have fun without having to be productive.

I should say for completeness that I do not believe that anyone necessarily has to consciously go through a similar reprogramming process in order to ascend. Of course, a focus on self-healing in the broadest sense is always good, but I do not believe that a proactive focus on reprogramming is a hard condition for ascension. It was my Higher Self who apparently wanted me to go through this process as consciously as possible. Indeed, many of these beliefs and belief systems, which are stored in our energy bodies, are being cleared along within the context of the collective ascension process, as dispensations for those who make the conscious, waking choice for love, truth and ascension. Many of the so-called ascension symptoms we all experience are related to these issues as well and are phenomena that occur not only through transformation of our physical, emotional and mental bodies, but also our stored beliefs and belief systems.

So that with our ascension we can release not only trauma, but also our personal 3D/4D software, and thus we can truly free ourselves inwardly on all layers from the unfree influences of physical reality, and redirect it from a reborn freedom, from the heart and in connection with Source, to the agenda of the Higher Will, the Divine Plan, the New Era, Heaven on Earth.

So let’s flip the script, and end the Matrix, from the inside out.


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