Spiritual Calendar of the Netherlands as Guiding Country

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Take heart, dear people! I have always felt and known that in the midst of a social upheaval there would be a sudden, spiritual revolution, and I now more than ever feel that it is imminent. What a wonderful time ahead of us! Everything seems to come together in the energy now.

The New Earth is born, the 5D grid is completed, the Matrix has continued to crumble, the Aquarius gates have been opened, the I AM is grounded, the capstone of the Christ Child aspect has been installed in all of us since the past Spring Equinox, and the Soul is descending in full regalia. Thus, for the lightworkers, a long road of inner work, of transformation and integration, is coming to an end and a new road begins of building a New Earth and supporting the part of humanity that is still unconscious, through the coming turbulent times. Manifesting New Earth initiatives will not happen with the same slowness and sluggishness as it has been on the Old Earth to date, but with an effortlessness supported by an enhanced love power, an enhanced creation power, enhanced intuition, newly activated, clear abilities and open communication with many, many beings of light within, on and beyond the Earth. The voice of the Soul will become louder, and choices will become clearer. This spiritual revolution will increasingly demonstrate the Divinity of existence, and so-called miracles will in the future simply be regarded as multidimensional phenomena, and no longer referred to the land of fables.

No one knows exactly how the storyline will unfold in detail, that is part of the game of creation. But what we do know is that the Netherlands will somehow play a guiding role in this. Sai Baba once said: “Ah, Holland HolyLand!”. It’s one letter off. ? We must rely on the Divine intelligence behind the blueprint that is descending for our country. It will soon require courage and clarity from the lightworkers to jointly ground and implement this blueprint. On the one hand, the Netherlands will probably set an example to the world of how things can be done differently. By creating a functioning society based on awareness, unity, connection and cooperation in which freedom, justice, equality and abundance are indeed possible. On the other hand, the enormous concentration of lightworkers in the Netherlands will spread its wings as the “Flying Dutchmen”, and will perform international lightwork. Recently Arjen Lubach had an item in his TV program that there would be too many coaches in the Netherlands. However, he should know what great and valuable role this army of “coaches” will play in the near future. There will be too few rather than too many. Many of them will literally and figuratively enter new dimensions in their work in the very near future. Many have also been told over the years by their guides that they will travel, meet many people and set up many beautiful projects. So, how is your English? ? The Netherlands also fulfills a blueprint role as the “brainstem” of the world. On a metaphysical, nonlinear level, the Earth is a brain, a living library, a beacon of light and information. In that brain, the brainstem plays the role of the connecting bridge and the balancer of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. From the West and the East. These “brainstem codes” will be spread by the Dutch lightworkers in their travels, and thus create more unity on a macro-energetic level.

We are going to experience how this great adventure will go, and how it will make its appearance in the Netherlands. Great events are descending from the ether. The increasing solar flares provide the light needed to activate the next phase of the Divine Plan. Whichever way it will go, a well-functioning information supply is important in this. From my personal blueprint, my Arcturian connections and my earthly ICT background, I am strongly aware of the importance of good information provision. After all, light is information. How important will it be that the range of activities of the lightworkers can be found easily and quickly for an ever-growing group of awakening people? In 2010 I was moved by Spirit to create a free platform for spiritual events in the Netherlands. This has become Spiritual-agenda.nl, and the platform has been around for 12 years now. The development of the platform turned out to be a multidimensional project, involving the Great Pyramid of Giza, and in which I was also opposed during construction in 2010 by forces that did not want it to be realized.

Because of the processes that I was and still are in the past few months, I have withdrawn a bit and sought out the silence. Due to the electrical energy of the incoming Light, my high sensitivity to stimuli is greatly enhanced. It demands a lot from the nervous system. You will probably experience about the same right now. In order to maintain our electromagnetic balance, it is therefore extra important to pay attention to the magnetic energy, in other words our grounding and the connection with the Earth. In this retreat, I recently quietly and peacefully rebuilt the Spiritual Agenda platform, which after 12 years was in dire need of an upgrade, from the ground up. You are all welcome to display your workshops, webinars and the like for free. It has always been my hope and vision that a centralized supply of spiritual events would contribute to an acceleration of consciousness raising within the Netherlands. Imagine how handy it would be if all providers of spiritual webinars could be found in one complete overview? The new version of the platform places more emphasis on online events, such as webinars. These have been given their own overview page. If the social and climatic conditions so require in the future (eg. due to p(l)andemia measures, severe weather and high travel costs), people may travel less and less, and then the role of online spiritual events becomes greater and greater.

The platform has increasingly faced “competition” from Facebook over the years. There was a steady shift, with organizers choosing to only post their events on Facebook Events. However, showing events on Facebook has always had some drawbacks. It does not offer a complete agenda, no central overview, and no specialization in spirituality. Events on Facebook are only shown contextually, depending on each person’s own network, based on friendships, likes and followers, making it less visible to new audiences. And posting events in the proliferation of spiritual facebook groups has only a short-lived value, once it is supplanted by new posts and sinks down the timeline, they are viewed less and less, to the point where they are never seen again. In addition, Facebook is currently increasingly discredited and many people are moving to alternative apps, such as Telegram, which, however, has no events functionality. All the more reason to have centralized solutions outside of social media that fill this gap. Only mentioning events on your own websites and on social media is too fragmented. It lacks centralization. It is also about making it easier for Spirit to inspire potential event attendees and direct them to the most appropriate and valuable activities and new connections with lightworkers. For example, I know that people often get the words “spiritual agenda” inserted by their guides or higher self, then google this, and therefore immediately see my platform appear at the top of the search results. This creates a short chain of steps for Spirit to intuitively take people to the right places.

Up to now I have actually made too little promotion on social media for the Spiritual Agenda. Advertising is not my thing. I haven’t made a single post to promote the platform in the last ten years. However, I now intend to make more use of social media advertisements (such as Facebook and Instagram Boosts) in the future to promote the platform, and thus motivate people for their interest in spiritual events to not only consult within the social media, but also outside of it.
With the major, imminent changes in society and a spiritual revolution just around the corner, I would like to see the platform fulfill its role to the fullest, and that the increasing supply and demand of spiritual events can find each other optimally. This creates a win-win-win situation for the seekers, the providers, and the collective consciousness process. It may also contribute to a kickstart for the role that the Netherlands has to play, first nationally and then internationally.
Do you also give workshops, webinars, retreats, spiritual journeys and the like? Then consider putting these on the Spiritual Agenda as well. It’s free and will take you a few minutes of work. I hope for your cooperation.


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