Master year 2022 & Tipping Point

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I see the same news coming in from every nook and cranny, and many feel it within: we are on the eve of a tipping point.
Many feel a newly acquired, unbreakable, inner freedom that is no longer a reflection at all of what is happening in the outer world. They know that this also applies to Mother Earth herself, and they know that the metaphysical laws of nature dictate that this outer world cannot help but update itself into a resonance with the inner world.

It is no coincidence that the timing of this tipping point coincides with the year 2022, a master number. It also no coincidence that it coincides with the grounding and integration of the I AM force on Earth that has taken place in recent months. Starting next year, this I AM force will take control of what happens on Earth through all of us. It is this I AM force that manifested the words familiar to all of us: “I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life”, and it is very appropriate for this time: the way of life is now going to become clearer, truer and lighter. The illusion will continue to disintegrate, and all that the light of Truth cannot endure, will recede. There will be a higher level of divine guidance, the Higher Self will have an even louder voice than the Lower Self, within everyone, not just within the “conscious” or the “awake”. A massive increase in morality, courage, conscience and inspiration will result, seeping into every nook and cranny of society.

So that humanity may leave behind the illusion of the material world, having succeeded in this initiation on the ladder of evolution. So that humanity may stand in its masterly power in 2022. So that we may all come to realize our inner Christ and our inner King, and everything becomes crystal clear and sovereign. And that all forms of power on Earth will serve Love above all, and above all will respect the free will of everyone on all levels.

Of all the experiences that the soul can go through in its eternal journey through the cosmos, the most beautiful is the rediscovery of its own divinity and the reconstruction of a paradisiacal world. From a common spirit of loving cooperation, aimed at increasing unity, harmony and abundance for everyone. This is what is collectively going to happen on Earth, and our souls are eager to start living this joyous experience. And the souls that cannot participate in incarnate state are eager to watch it unfold.

I feel grateful to be able to experience this exciting transition, I feel grateful for the ever-deeper levels of oneness and wholeness that I experience within myself, and I feel grateful in anticipation for the role I may take with many others in the reconstruction, with which we may realize a dream of God: the creation of a paradisiacal world in the deepest dimensions of a free will universe. Heaven on Earth. It hasn’t been an easy feat (because of free will), but we managed it.

And make no mistake, it hasn’t just been a project of the past 50 years, and also not of 2000 years, nor 26000 years. It has been a project of millions of years, in which the cyclical Creation story determined that a complete descent had to be realized first, in order to bring the pure spirit of the I AM force into the deepest matter, and from there, from “rock bottom”, to initiate a universal ascension process in which the Cosmic Mother is going to impregnate and shower the entire universe with her love, which is going to melt away all duality. The time of the fall of worlds and civilizations is over, the time of the restoration and construction of paradise is upon us.

This tipping point, this u-turn, is where we are now on Earth, and realize how special it is that you get to experience this adventure here and now. Hang on in the final dark days of this illusory adventure on Earth, and fill your heart with the love and gratitude of your soul, which is proud that you’ve made it this far, knowing that the job is already done, and it is only a matter of time until the tipping point comes where the Divine Truth will blow away the illusion.

I wish you all a very merry, loving Christmas and a fulfilling ending, full of optimism and anticipation of all the great things to come, the return of divinity to Earth.


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