Galactic Assembly and Davos

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Report of the 5D Healing Hour Webinar of 19-1-23 by Karin Thomas(
“We sink into the Earth, and this time we move through a lava layer first. This lava layer burns your energy fields clean. A lot of old energies, old emotions have been dislodging in all of us lately. Let the lava burn up its residues. Then a portal opens in our hearts. As this portal opens, there is also an expansion movement of our heart energy, it becomes larger and larger. As big as the entire Galaxy. And our heart is the heart of the Galaxy. And then it is as if our heart is a landing spot for galactic spaceships. And from those spaceships, all kinds of delegates from different peoples step out, forming an alliance. They all gather in the Galactic Heart to meet, set lines for the future developments of the entire Galaxy. There is a large hall with stands where all the delegates gather. As an interdimensional, galactic counterpart to the meetings taking place in Davos this week. In Davos, discussing the future of humanity and the Earth, and the policies outlined by government leaders. Which is a pretty narrow policy, with a narrow view across a narrow frequency bandwidth. While in the Galactic Heart, meetings are held about the whole Galaxy. In this galactic meeting, the Earth and humanity are the topic. Everyone is aware that what happens on Earth is crucial to the entire Galaxy, and affects all dimensions throughout the Galaxy. After all, the ascension process is not only a process of the Earth, but of all Creation. And, as within, so without, the Galaxy is a reflection of our inner state.
As current events are discussed in the room, how the Galaxy is doing, each of us is informed about them through our hearts. So that in our whole being, the biggest picture of what is going on is encoded, and through embodying that truth, we put that truth into the collective human field. And for that, we don’t even have to consciously know what all that information is about. At the right moments, the right promptings intuitively come to us, but in the meantime we radiate this truth. And through this whole, big, overarching picture we land more and more into our hearts. Transcending our fears, into our inner Love. As we are with our attention to our heart and body, love and truth flows more and more abundantly throughout our entire body. And it is as if the great portal that is our heart opens more and more doors to greater and greater truths and realities of ourselves.

And when you look around the room where all the delegates are sitting, you may recognize one or more of the delegates, as being parts of yourself living in other realities, in other dimensions. Just connect from your heart with those parts of yourself that you see sitting there. Perhaps you can feel a warmth passing through your heart, like a merging and oneness with these parts of yourself. And then know that your voice is heard through these delegates. They are not only representatives of their peoples, they are also representatives of humanity, through you.

Activity is now taking place in your head. You are currently getting new antennas installed. New wiring, which allows for easier contact, and information exchange with those other realities, and those other parts of ourselves. And also our thinking capacity and consciousness is enabled to perceive that greater reality. Our thinking is governed less and less by thoughts of survival, fueled by fear. It is the reptilian brain that drives the survival mechanism in our thinking, and this reptilian brain is becoming increasingly diminished and deactivated. While other parts of our brain that were previously inactive are increasingly activated. These brain parts are aware of being creators, and having creative abilities at their disposal. That ability to think is being activated more and more. That thinking ability can only be sufficiently activated when the heart is sufficiently developed. When enough heart portals have opened to contact this thinking capacity from the love and truth of the heart. Without the heart energy, this part of the head cannot function. And then the galactic meeting discusses all the moves that can be made on the chessboard. It is not a chessboard of Struggle, but a chessboard of Light. All the pieces on the chessboard are pillars of light. Human pillars of light placed in the right places in anticipation of current developments. The chessboard is a three-dimensional hologram, and in that hologram, the participants are not shown as physical appearances, it is more like an interaction of different energy fields, like a big loom of energies intertwined with each other, and in some places entanglements are taken apart, and in other places are actually brought together to work more together. And somewhere in that big hologram is also our own energy field. And it reveals how our energy, our own blueprint, interacts with other fields. And what becomes visible is that the presence of certain fields in that hologram, deactivates other fields. As these fields are inserted in the right places in the hologram, other fields can no longer function, can no longer connect with their environment, thus the entanglement is loosened, they become isolated and lose their power within the entire holographic representation.

What is showing itself now is what plans have been made from Davos and by making those plans, certain fields intertwine with them and gain more power. However, by moving our own energy fields on the chessboard, not only of humans but also of light beings outside the Earth, those fields still cannot intertwine, no matter what is tried. They no longer manage to form a powerhouse. It’s like the hologram is getting a software update, with new features and new security. As the collective consciousness continues to expand and move more and more into higher frequency bandwidths, power fields are no longer supported by the new version of the hologram, and they eventually fall away from the existence of the galactic hologram. Unless they themselves move into a higher frequency.

In this interaction of fields within the galactic hologram, the fields of the sun and planets, and all the stars of other galaxies, also play a role. Those fields are also controlled. From our human perspective when we look at the sun and the earth and the stars, it is as if it is an organic evolution that we cannot influence. But from the perspective here in the Galactic Heart, these too are energy fields that are controlled and moved like pawns on the chessboard by higher powers. And sometimes the intention is to have a major catastrophe, like 12,800 years ago, because it was necessary at that time to take the next step in evolution. But similarly, there are countless times when near-disasters occurred, because from this level, a field from the sun or certain meteorite just took a different turn so that it would just not hit Earth, because that was not the intention at that time to disturb evolution on Earth. At that level, here in the Galactic Heart, all those fields are controlled. And so our own heart is a reflection of the Galactic Heart, and ultimately it is we ourselves who drive it.

The meeting is now well underway, and all delegates have had their say, and it has been collectively decided how all fields, like pawns on the great holographic chessboard, will take their positions, including our own positions within the whole. And then everything is updated and exactly as it should be, and there is a silence in the room. A joint love field is created by all the delegates, and the hologram is fed and empowered with this love field. The hologram becomes lighter and lighter, and then from the “Law of One” and from Source itself, a Source energy flows through the hologram and down the hall as a sealing of the plans. As if the Prime Creator, the Source itself, gives a blessing from the free-will principle. Like: “You as a collective want to carry out this plan for this Galaxy, here is my blessing.” And then everything is fed with this Source Energy. The energy flows through everything, through the hologram, through all those present in the room, through our hearts, providing the space for this meeting. Let the light flow all the way through you, from your heart throughout your body and aura. So that your entire being, your energy field, also receives a blessing from Source. With which we are reminded to the depths of our being that we are Source, that we are Love, that we are Creator, and that from our free will we may create anything we wish to create. And that in doing so we always receive the blessing of the Source. The Source, which we ourselves are.

And while this continues to flow on, all the delegates say goodbye to each other again in the great hall, and depart again with their spaceships for home, where they, too, in their home places, further disperse the energies of what has been activated, and they, too, take up their renewed roles in the whole of the galactic hologram. We become aware again that we are on Earth. We were still in the lava, which has burned us completely clean. At the same time, we are now filled with the energy of Source. We connect with the Diamond Heart of the New Mother Earth from here for a while, so that we can also pass on the energy to the Earth, and we can also anchor ourselves, and anchor the new information into the New Earth. Mother Earth responds and sends us grounding energy from her Diamond Heart, to give us a bedding and we also feel supported by her, and we can drop back into our grounding properly.”


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