About practical spirituality

You will not find my entire philosophy of life here, just some points of view and beliefs that I would like to share, which form the basis for my spiritual activities and sharing spiritual information.

It is my earnest desire that we as humanity break through all the barriers and veils that have held us in our limited and closed consciousness for so long. To finally move beyond the boundaries of the physical dimension together, to experience greater realities, and to leave behind our naive image of God. All the major problems in the world are, in my opinion, not the result of “ego,” which is essentially just compensation for injuries, but the result of the illusion, of the lack of understanding of the spiritual background that runs through everything. How can you create real solutions when you don’t include this underlying reality?

I attach great importance to making spirituality as practical as possible. I therefore attach great importance to the fact that spirituality, or rather: the reality of Spiritual reality, is conveyed or taught as grounded, sober, real and accessible as possible. So that it may be included in our experience of reality as a neutral, unmistakable and self-evident factor. Without attaching mythologization, fear, judgment, superstition, intellectualization, finery, power, floating, drama, claims, opportunism, labeling, inequality or whatever to it. Practical, concrete, simple and to-the-point. In a free, universal, ecclectic way in which there is room for all perceptions. Perceptions that are not opposed to each other, but next to each other, complementing each other, without taking or breaking each other’s space. Live and let live. BE and let BE is my credo, which I believe represents true freedom and respect.

It has become clear to me that this is only possible through grounding. A concept only lingers when it is well-grounded, the content of the thought must be felt. This means that the way in which the concept is brought, should be done as well-grounded and concrete as possible. We have all been taught that we must ground in order to progress spiritually, and in essence the entire “2012” ascension process is a grounding process, not just of people, celestial bodies or concepts, but of entire realities. New truths entering dimensions, merging different dimensions into greater realities. The reality in which Spirit fully penetrates Matter, whereby Matter becomes (again) animated and Matter naturally embraces and integrates Spiritual reality.

Creation is made possible through the creation of poles, duality, form and formlessness, Matter and Spirit. It is a circular and oscillating process, an infinite cooperation between structure and life force, in which the poles are first pulled apart as far as possible and then brought together again. Creation finds its completion by bringing these poles back together, in other words, by grounding itself. By bringing the deepest essence of pure spirit into the deepest densification of matter. By uniting the highest and the lowest dimensions. By making the inner matryoshka doll aware of the outer matryoshka doll, and vice versa.

However, just before that, when the poles are furthest apart, the deepest material reality will be in deep illusion about the Spirit. We find ourselves in this condensation, in the deepest matter, the lowest dimensions, in the illusion about Spirit, about the fact that everything we perceive as energy, in fact is all-encompassing and all-pervading consciousness. Partly for this reason it is why we find so little extraterrestrial life in our material quest in space, we are on Earth in relative solitude at one of the deepest points of the cosmos. However, if we could only look a few dimensions higher, we would not know where to look, as much life as we would find, including here on Earth.

Free will is a complicating factor. An oscillating, creative process in which there is no free will is a lot simpler and more predictable in its movement and connection with the deepest point. There Creation just determines itself at the macro level the turning point within the cosmos, but in a free will zone that choice must lie at the micro level with the “inhabitants” of creation, as aspects of the Creator, immersed in illusion, clouded senses. and clashing subjective perceptions.
When Spirit enters fully into Matter, a process of spiritualization will arise from within, which, due to the condensation of material reality, slowly permeates our outer reality. It is an inescapable process that will eventually transform everyone’s intentions into those of the spiritual principles of unity, love and truth. The free will and the acts of free will that people perform in order to give the spiritual reality more space and the right to exist within the outer life in our society, however, influence the pace and the precise elaboration of this process.

We are on Earth in the midst of this process, at the deepest micro-level possible (the third dimension), and it is interesting to see how we choose with our free will which path to take to Rome. The externalization of spiritual reality to our outer material reality, our society, is thus in the hands of people, spiritual pioneers and teachers, who choose voluntarily to commit themselves to this, inspired by the Spirit. This is not an easy process in a world of illusion, will encounter a lot of resistance, and will require a lot of courage and patience. But above all it requires a well-grounded approach if there is to be receptivity to it.
How, then, does the grounding of spiritual reality translate into the actions we perform in this process? How do we make spirituality concrete and accessible, without encountering resistance? Of course you cannot rule out that it will encounter resistance, because it partly depends on the openness and free will of the recipient, but you can try to do as much as possible yourself to at least not form a blocking factor in this yourself.
By being an example ourselves through which Spirit works in a grounded way, and making this visible in our actions, especially those in which we perform spiritual activities and proclaim the existence of spiritual reality.
– By demonstrating inspiration, clarity, sobriety, modesty, equality, patience, gratitude, transparency and vulnerability.
– Especially by sharing. Of course, sharing is a loving act from the heart, but it is also an act of realism and modesty. In reality we do not possess anything, we use and pass on. Knowledge, energy, insight, matter, etc. All knowledge belongs to the universe. And so does energy. The more we realize this and live it, the more that can be passed on, the more balance and abundance that arises in the collective consciousness, and the more fulfillment it will bring to all involved. Sharing does not necessarily mean free giving in all cases, it is about balance, it should be “energetically balanced”. The own base must be insured. How much can you give without paralyzing yourself?
– By making information about spiritual reality as practical and simple as possible. “Simplicity is the power of the True” (old saying). Not intellectualizing, but offering handles, making practical exercises tangible, so that it can be grounded. Often a concept only comes to life when it gets enough bedding in the body and the feeling.
– By putting yourself into perspective. My truth is not yours. You can choose to hear my truth, that doesn’t mean you should embrace it as your own. Point out to the other at all times that one should always follow his / her own truth. In addition, acknowledge to yourself that you can be wrong at all times, embrace your fallibility. Don’t underestimate or deny your own blind spots. The fact that we are in the condensed dimension indicates a significant presence of duality in our unconscious. This is true for all of us, and calls for modesty in our assumptions about what we consider to be true.
– By embracing your imperfection and staying open to learning from others. No one on Earth is done learning. Everyone is each other’s teacher, and sometimes we are teachers and sometimes we are students. This has nothing to do with evolutionary progress. The professor can, so to speak, learn a lot from the clown about joy, an important quality to develop on the soul path. It is simply a sharing of knowledge, experience and wisdom, we all have a different path of experience behind us.
– Never limit the free will of the other, no matter how subtle. By not imposing or imposing something unsolicited on the other person. Love does not impose itself. Share your knowledge when asked. Do not surprise someone else with it. It is essentially a restriction of free will when you tell someone something about themselves without them having indicated in advance that they want to hear it or not.
– By staying true to yourself. Knowing yourself well, shielding yourself well, and not automatically identifying yourself with all the thoughts and feelings that flow through us from the collective field, makes that you can better distinguish between reflections and projections. Everyone has to deal with projections and expectations of other people. Of perfection, that you as a medium are not allowed to make mistakes and cannot have ego / injuries, that you should perform your services for free, of arrogance because you would have a hold of the spiritual truth, etc.
– By empowering others and not binding them to you. Give them the tools and enough information to handle it responsibly, make yourself available for questions, but don’t make long-term, conditional commitments that aren’t really necessary to achieve a goal. When you do or appear to do this, examine your intentions and determine whether there is self-interest in them. Maintain freedom and responsibility, for yourself and for others.

All this can actually be summarized as: loving communication and the keyword here is compassion. Presenting concepts that can be confrontational in the most empathetic way possible, without compromising the integrity of the concepts. It is the fruit of the perfect cooperation of the emotional body and the mental body. It is the wisdom of the heart. It’s love in progress.
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