Maxim Lazet

Around my twentieth birthday I had an expansion of consciousness after powerful kundalini experiences, and since then I have felt a strong and deep urge to be of service to humanity in the raising of consciousness and the unity, truth and love that are contained therein. Over the past 5 years my spiritual development has accelerated, partly thanks to my focus on my grounding, meditation and using the cosmic energies available to us to raise our frequency. I live and work in the energy of Ascended Master Hilarion and have strong connections to Arcturus and the Great Pyramid of Giza. I am actively engaged in the planetary ascension process, and currently feel many changes underway, taking place ethereally before materializing into social life on Earth. The Earth is truly about to open up to a greater reality at a rapid pace, and I am grateful to be able to experience this and to make an active contribution in collaboration with many lightworkers!

I give ascension workshops in which a large-scale appeal is made to the cosmic energies and healings of the Masters, Angels, Elohim and other light beings, and the emphasis is in addition to healing, growth and enjoyment, on self-empowerment and the giving of as many tools as possible to use independently. In these special times, lighting is within reach for everyone when one focuses on his / her own growth with sufficient knowledge and focus! Much of the information that is covered in the workshops is also described on my website under the heading spiritual growth. For the dates, see the agenda page.

In 2010 I felt a strong impulse to create a platform where everyone can display their spiritual events for free. Back in 2004 I already felt the impulse to register the domain name , but then it was not the time to actually build it. I am the owner and developer of, which has emerged as an increasingly stronger vision in recent years, and whose concept completely filled my mind down to detail level in early 2010 ;-).
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