Light bodies

Experiencing many of our light bodies or lightbodies has been an invariable part of my workshops for a long time. I hope that everyone can benefit from it in their spiritual growth. The exercises below are among my personal favorites, I have had beautiful and special experiences with them. Below is a simple and concise explanation of light bodies and how to work with them.

We are all multidimensional beings. That means, even though we are not aware of it, that we are present in multiple dimensions at the same time. Our total being, our total Self, is present in every dimension of creation simultaneously. So our total consciousness covers all these dimensions simultaneously, from the Source (with the highest frequency) to the 1st dimension (with the lowest frequency), which is our elemental consciousness. What we call our Higher Self is actually only just “above” us in the first superordinate dimensions, but because our Selves have an existence in all dimensions, that means that our Higher Self also has a Higher Self (Monad), and that again (Avatar), and that again, etc ..

The microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm, which means that the dimensional construction of the cosmos is the same as that of our own being. Creation consists of many dimensions, we consist of many dimensions. In each dimension of Creation, the part of our total Self that resides in that dimension is expressed as a body, or a light body. A physical body in the physical dimension, an emotional body in the emotional dimension, a mental body in the mental dimension, an etheric body in the etheric dimension, an astral body in the astral dimension, and it goes all the way up to the highest dimensions. . That means that we have as many bodies as there are dimensions. Incidentally, it is a bit more complex and there are, I understand, also many sub-bodies, and light bodies are not integrated one by one but parts of them at the same time, I am just trying to portray a global image of our many bodies and the correspondence with the dimensions.

On Earth we are in the lowest dimensions of Creation, and if we want to grow spiritually, we need to connect and reconnect with those parts of our total Self that are in the higher dimensions, initially those dimensions that are just above our current dimensions, and by unification with these parts we step up one dimension further and further. However, it is not enough just to contact these parts of ourselves, we need to integrate, unite, embody them. This means that the frequency of our consciousness, or bodies that we experience here in these dimensions, must be high enough to be in resonance with the frequency of such a body, then it can be anchored in our physical body, or embodied. This is a process that takes place step by step, by increasing our frequency more and more. These steps run together with the initiation path that we are following, more about this on the page “initiation path”.

The great thing is, even though we haven’t embodied those higher bodies yet, we cán experience their energy. We can communicate with them, and we can invoke them to come into our bodies for a moment so that we can experience them. Of course, as I explain on other pages, you can always call on all kinds of energies to heal and transform yourself, but calling on your own parts, of yourself, has several additional positive effects. Like the energies mentioned elsewhere, it can be called an energy of a higher frequency, and will have a healing effect to allow it to flow through you. But it is more, because it stimulates contact with your total self, and promotes integration with your total self. At the same time, we call them bodies, but these parts of us are also independently operating conscious beings, with which you can communicate like any other light being. And these parts know better than anyone who you are and how you are doing. In fact, they depend on you for their growth, for you are them on a different level. Every step you make in both your grounding and your frequency level carries through to them and their movement up the ladder into higher dimensions. In workshops I have regularly experienced that people can also get a feeling of homesickness. After all, you experience a part of yourself in dimensions where less duality exists and feels pleasant.

You can invoke these parts of yourself in the same way as the energies and beings of light I describe on the other pages. Below I list a large number of light bodies, there are many more. The knowledge of these light bodies has only become available on Earth in recent decades. Call on them and feel their presence. It may be that you feel more with one person than the other, that differs from person to person, in my experience. Feel free to copy the information or integrate it into your own workshops.

The former bodies are the bodies that we are consciously experiencing and which are currently integrating. Everyone has contact with and, to a greater or lesser extent, access to his / her astral / lower emotional and lower mental body. However, that does not mean that one has also become fully master of these bodies, that is a process, an initiation path that we are tested on every day in our lives. People who are badly grounded often do not have their emotional and mental bodies properly or fully present, so the following calls can therefore also be used as a good grounding technique with regard to the first bodies, because you ensure that they come back, so that you better the get access to your feelings and thoughts, and thus be more present in the here and now.

Needless to say that all the bodies mentioned below are non-physical, and our physical body is not included, we always have them with us 😉 I have put them approximately in the order of dimensions for the beginning (the first 12 dimensions, in which the strongest duality exists and within which the first enlightenment is achieved), but in reality this is not entirely linear. Feeling and experiencing in silence is the maxim, not worrying about meanings. And finally also applies here, keep the balance and grounding in mind, don’t be too greedy to want to experience too much and too quickly. Listen to your body, your feelings, take breaks and balance it with grounding activities such as walking. When you get lightheaded, it is really time to stop and focus on the physical dimension 😉

If you have had nice experiences with the light bodies that you would like to share with me or readers of my website (possibly anonymously), I like to receive an email about it!

Anchoring and activating the light bodies

The invocation you could use to invoke a lightbody is the following:

“I ask for the anchoring and activation of …”

or in English (which I usually do):

“I request for the anchoring and activation of ..”

The bodies

  1. Higher blueprint of our physical body
    2. Ethereal body of light
    3. Lower astral body of light
    4. Lower emotional body of light
    5. Lower mental body of light
    6. Higher astral body of light
    7. Higher emotional body of light
    8. Higher mental body of light
    9. Boeddhic body of light
    10. Causal body of light
    11. Atmic body of light
    12. Logoïc body of light
    13. Monadic body of light
    14. Monadic blueprint body
    15. Ultraviolet body of light
    16. Black body of light (black light is also light, and helps to get into neutrality)
    17. Diamond body of light
    18. I AM THAT I AM body of light
    19. Mayavarupa body of light
    20. Electromagnetic body of light
    21. Epikinetic body of light
    22. Aka body of light
    23. Gemetrian body of light
    24. Higher Adam Kadmon body
    25. Higher Merkabah body
    26. Soul body
    27. Overself body of light
    28. Zohar body of light
    29. Anointed Christ Overself body of light
    30. Planetary body of light
    31. Earth Mother body of light
    32. Interplanetary body of light
    32. Solar body of light
    33. Galactic body of light
    34. Galactic Sun Overself body of light
    35. Body of the Brotherhood of light
    36. Paradise Sons body of light
    37. Elohistic Lords body of light
    38. Full realisation of the Lord’s mystical body
    39. Sonship Starlight body of light
    40. Garment of the Archangels
    41. Garment of the Elohim
    42. Jeweled vehicle of Ascension
    43. Vehicle of the Dove
    44. Lightbody of the Holy Spirit
    45. Lightbody of the Trinity
    46. Full Living Light Garment of the Christ
    47. Universal body of light
    48. Cosmic body of light
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