Huna prayers

The essence I want to convey on this website is the understanding that we can accomplish much spiritual growth by ASK, and in fact, the Masters and Angels are asking us to ASK. Most of the calls elsewhere on this website are mainly about energies and techniques that bring purification, but of course you can ASK many more, for example that certain things will manifest in your life, such as abundance.

The purpose of life is partly to learn to create consciously. Now we have the choice to create, with or without using the forces of the cosmos. In conjunction with the higher forms of consciousness and energies, or without their help, solely from the ego personality. It will be clear what is more effective, and it is therefore important to be aware of the factors that prevent us from entering into that cooperation. The threshold experienced to appeal to these forces stems mainly from the convulsion and self-esteem from the ego personality. In addition, uneasiness and the indoctrination from religion around the concept of “prayer” also play a role, to which many people feel a resistance. The importance lies precisely in the fact that you see the reality of your own greatness and embrace your divine nature, and enter into cooperation without tension and from full equality and sovereignty. So do not reduce yourself and increase the distance, but increase yourself and decrease the distance. Increase not by inflating the ego, but by embracing that reality. Even with a certain level of sobriety instead of excessive devotion.

Creating or manifesting, when one looks at one’s own being, depends in the first place on a good cooperation between the subconscious mind, the consciousness and the super consciousness (the transcendent consciousness or Higher Self). Getting the subconscious mind on board is the biggest challenge in this, because it contains many old programming that can counteract your manifestation on a conscious level. The Kahuna tribes have developed a method for this in which you involve your subconscious mind in your prayer, by consciously instructing it.

The Huna prayer was developed by the Kahuna tribes in Hawaii. Dr. Stone of I AM University has studied it, used it hundreds of times in his life, and stated that it is a very powerful manifestation technique. He used it for his personal development, his organization and the Wesak celebrations. He had as many people as possible say the prayer as often as possible to increase the chances of success. Speaking in a group reinforces its power. The Ascended Masters Sanat Kumara and Djwhal Kuhl urged him to keep using this.

You make a Huna prayer by writing down very precisely and clearly what you want to manifest. In the Huna prayer, address exactly the Beings you wish to respond. Then say the Huna prayer aloud three times. Then, charge your subconscious mind to bring the prayer with all the mana and vital force necessary to manifest the prayer to your soul and / or your monad and / or other Beings. Then wait 15 seconds to give the subconscious mind time to do this. And you end up with the phrase “Lord, let it rain blessings!”

Structure Huna Prayer
• Who are you addressing?
• What are you asking? (don’t hold back!)
• Give your word of thanks
• Repeat all of the above three times!
• Add the following:
My beloved subconscious mind, I hereby ask and charge you that you bring this thought form prayer, with all the Mana and vital force needed and necessary to manifest and demonstrate this prayer, to Lord Melchizedek and the Source of my Being !!!

(Wait 15 seconds to give the subconscious mind time to do this, and visualize this prayer shooting up through the crown chakra.)
Lord, let it rain blessings !!!
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