Initiation path

Just as all Creation is very structured, the path of evolution, of spiritual growth, follows a very structured pattern, an initiation path. It is a gradual step-by-step plan in which we integrate and unite more and more higher chakras, bodies and dimensions within ourselves as we increase our frequency. However, it is not just a matter of frequency increase, we are actually constantly going through tests that test us against our evolved mastery of the dimensions, frequencies and bodies that are current to us at every moment, and are appropriate to our current evolutionary progress. , which of course differs per person / being. This makes use of unresolved karma, and parts of our unconscious keep being activated to see how we deal with it. These activations take shape through established milestone moments determined by our higher self for our current incarnation, but can sometimes also arise more spontaneously, because we, outside of synchronicities, create situations out of free will, and in them meet people and circumstances that trigger us. Basically we are all students, and we all have guides / masters who guide us in our spiritual growth. Some are a bit “further”, and are called “initiates” in the spiritual world, on the way to mastery. However, there is really no point in comparing evolutionary progress, because time is very relative, and the incarnation path is non-linear.

Spiritual growth is a process of initiation. Prior to each incarnation, there is a plan, a blueprint, an aspiration, to complete certain initiations and redeem karma. Our free will and dealing with life circumstances cause some to not succeed, others to succeed, and yet others to succeed and even go through extra initiations.

There is a very specific and mathematical logical initiation system that coincides with the dimensions, and which is used in the Spiritual world as the objective measure of one’s growth. When I look around the internet and organized spiritual activities by lightworkers, it strikes me how little knowledge about this actually exists and how little focus there is on it. Everyone talks about spiritual growth, but little is said about the underlying initiation path. The knowledge that exists on Earth about this has mainly been brought by Master Djwhal Khul, and channeled through the likes of Madame Blavatsky, Alice Bailey and Joshua David Stone. The latter in particular has shared a great deal of knowledge about this in his work in very understandable language.

Each (sub) initiation means that you are ready to embody the next (sub) body. You always achieve an initiation by passing tests, increasing frequency and demonstrating mastery over the next lightbody. In short, the challenge on Earth in our reincarnation cycle is to attain mastery over our physical body, our emotional body, our mental body and our first spiritual bodies. Many people have a hard time attaining mastery over the emotional body and the mental body, and are working on this incarnation after incarnation. This is not strange though, the Earth is, as I understand, one of the most difficult schools of learning, and it is just very difficult to detach yourself, as it were, from “the morass of low frequency thoughts and feelings”. By the influence of your own consciousness, but also by the influence of the forces within the collective consciousness. And it is all the more difficult because of the illusion of matter in which there is no “divine tangible proof” with the five senses. This makes one more easily deceived by the illusion of daily life with its temptations, and it also prevents one from seeing the responsibility one carries for what one does in the present and how it works karmically, thus risking taking a certain godless, nihilistic, hedonistic attitude.
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