17 chakra system

The ascension process is characterized, among other ways, by activating and integrating the higher chakras and the higher light bodies. Good grounding is necessary for this. The deeper the grounding, the higher frequencies can be embodied. The deeper the tree’s roots, the greater heights it can reach. In the current ascension process, higher and higher frequencies are becoming available, making good grounding increasingly necessary.

Jhadten Jewall received the knowledge of the 17 chakra system from the Elohim in 1994. They also said that due to the continuing expansion of humanity’s consciousness, the time has come for people to gain more awareness of the energy fields that we are dealing with, and in particular the earth chakras, and to consciously work with them.

It is good to apply this knowledge in your meditations and grounding exercises.
In any case, it is always good to do the Unity Breath at the beginning of a meditation, connecting with the center of the Earth and the Great Central Sun. This is important ancient esoteric knowledge that the tribes of nature and the Buddhists have been applying for a long time. Now, with the knowledge of the 17 chakra system, you can expand this technique by making a more conscious connection with the Earth. No longer just visualizing an earth cord or red roots from the base chakra and feet, but with full intention and focus very specific step by step connecting with all earth chakras. For example, you can let a golden or silver cord or connection from your base, belly or heart, slowly enter the earth and travel along all the chakras, at a pace where you give yourself sufficient opportunity to focus your consciousness on this and the energy change per chakra.


You can ask extra help for your grounding from, for example, Mother Earth, Archangel Sandalphon and Pan, God of Nature. In addition, at each earth chakra you can connect with the forms of consciousness that are connected to the fields of that chakra. Such as the dolphin consciousness in the Dolphin matrix and the whale consciousness in the Whale matrix. You can ask a personal dolphin guide or whale guide to help you further into the Earth. These are wonderful, playful and happy energies that can give you a feeling of joy and lightness. Arriving at the Heart of Mother Earth, you can connect with your intention with all the crystals that speak to you, as all the crystals are there.

In addition to the earth chakras, there are also the cosmic chakras. It is of great importance when you connect with the Earth and the Cosmos, first connect with the Earth, and go up from there, back to where you started, and then further up. Thus there is much more potential in reaching higher frequencies, and one finds oneself in a much more powerful and balanced state of being.

You can also consciously connect the elements of your physical body with the earth and cosmic chakras that are of the corresponding element, such as for example connecting everything in your body of the element water (water, blood, etc.) with the dolphin matrix and the star gate. This is very powerful and has a very grounding and balancing effect!

(Note Bene: don’t see this system in conflict with other chakra systems, such as the 12 chakra system. It is all complementary to each other, just with a different emphasis).

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