I have seen and heard so much discussion on the internet and among lightworkers about what enlightenment really is, that I have decided to share my vision on this as well. First of all, I want to distinguish between enlightenment in a general, abstract, metaphorical sense on the one hand and the more concrete and technical description on the other. In the context of the former, every step we take that leaves something behind can be called enlightenment, it “enlightens” our lives. You can call a society enlightened, as is often said about the 5-dimensional society, when you put it relative and in comparison to today’s society, but whether it is technically that is still the question.
Here I focus further on the latter, the more concrete and technical description of enlightenment, as I have learned and experienced it. For me, attaining enlightenment, attaining Christ consciousness and ascending is the same, also this moment equals the completion and ending of the reincarnation cycle on Earth. Furthermore, different enlightenment levels can be indicated, which I will explain below. By the way, I do not pretend to be complete, reality is always more extensive and complex than described by me and by anyone.

Furthermore, putting this in perspective is also in order. We can see the concept of enlightenment or Christ consciousness as something enormous on Earth, from a cosmic perspective it really only means leaving kindergarten behind 😉 By reaching enlightenment you have only traveled 10% of the entire way, according to the Masters . Something to look forward to 😉 That does not detract from the performance, because the first ten percent are probably the most difficult, because the duality, heaviness and illusion are the strongest here.

The first enlightenment level
Enlightenment is basically about achieving and integrating 7-dimensional consciousness. The 7 represents creation, and it is the level where you are assigned greater responsibility over your creation. You have then integrated enough light and released enough karma, that the relationship between your conscious and your unconscious has shifted enough to put you more in control, as it were. In the moment of enlightenment the (rainbow) chakras merge into a white-colored whole. It is also the moment where you integrate the first (small) part of the cosmic Christ body. Integrating and embodying the full cosmic Christ body spans dozens of dimensions, continues long after one has left Earth, no human in history has done that.
The 7-dimensional enlightenment level is the level that Buddha reached in his life. Throughout history, there have been thousands of people on Earth who have attained this state. The Masters have also indicated that at any time in history there was always someone incarnated with the Christ consciousness to keep the seed present. Thus, since only a few have entered historiography, these people have usually lived anonymous and modest, perhaps isolated lives. At this moment, also in connection with the great transition, there are many thousands (perhaps even more) enlightened on Earth, many of whom have not or have not yet left the Earth because of their service to the collective ascension process. Also, more and more children are currently being born who already have this state of consciousness at birth.
Interestingly, the choice of the moment of enlightenment is not a “physics event” that occurs automatically and systematically as soon as a certain frequency is reached. Many beings of light and Masters are involved in this process, who guide it, and in particular the Planetary Logos. The Planetary Logos is the Master who ensouls the celestial body with its field, and fulfills a certain leadership role, and has various duties, including monitoring the progress of the evolution of souls in embodiment, and “giving” enlightenment to initiates who are ready for it. Currently the Logos for the Earth is Master Buddha, in the past it was Master Sanat Kumara.

It is important to realize that this level of enlightenment does not mean in the least that one has “transcended” the ego, that is an old, often heard and too blunt assumption. Transcending is not a correct word anyway and reflects an old unfounded and unbalanced approach, it is about grounding, healing and embracing the ego. Much of the ego is healed by enlightenment, but certainly not all, that’s an illusion, and the assumption is a trap for enlightened people.

(ed. 2021: more than 10 years after writing this article, I believe that due to the massive growth in consciousness in the past ten years, tens of thousands of lightworkers have reached this state of consciousness)

Another enlightenment level
This is the level that Jesus reached in his life, the 9th dimensional consciousness. This is also the level at which one has reached such a transcendence of physical reality that “miracles” become possible, such as immortality, materialization, and teleportation. It is the level in which the holy trinity of man, woman and child has been sufficiently integrated. However, this level is also subject to duality and not free from ego, but it is logically healed further. There are also hundreds of people with this consciousness present on Earth right now.

(ed. 2021: more than 10 years after writing this article, I believe that due to the massive growth in consciousness in the past ten years, thousands of lightworkers have reached this state of consciousness)

Yet another enlightenment level
Then 13-dimensional consciousness follows. This is an important step that, as it were, leaves duality behind. It is the integration of the monad, of the I AM THAT I AM. It is embodying the diamond consciousness and attaining avatarhood. There are only a handful of people on Earth who are in this state of consciousness. From this dimension, the power of being and thus neutrality is completely “in charge”. In essence, you cannot really say that the duality ends here, because it actually continues all the way to the Source, where the first split of the poles takes place, The God Father and the God Mother. But the duality as we know it and which really causes the suffering is limited to the first 12 dimensions. The entire ascension process is essentially aimed at bringing about a transcendence of the first 12 dimensions and thus having enough I AM THAT I AM presence in human embodiment on Earth to turn the tide, but more on that on other pages.

(ed. 2021: more than 10 years after writing this article, I believe that due to the massive growth in consciousness in the past ten years, hundreds of lightworkers have reached this state of consciousness)

Available to everyone
Finally I would like to emphasize that enlightenment (7-dimensional consciousness) really is accessible to everyone. It is not a distant fairy tale that is reserved for only a few. The Masters say that in theory any human being can attain enlightenment within ten years, no matter where they stand, no matter how stuck in 3-dimensional challenges they are. This used to be more difficult because there was much less knowledge about how to do this, but now it is completely different. However, there are no shortcuts, crash courses or promising forms of therapy that can achieve this for you, even though this is sometimes pretended to be. I personally do not believe in “Eureka” experiences, in which sudden leaps are made, directly into non-duality. You can incidently have / feel such experiences, but that does not mean that you have also made a structural leap. It is a meticulous process, in which you integrate chakra for chakra and light body for light body, and the integration of each light body takes at least a few months, you cannot accelerate this, it just (unfortunately) does not work that way. It is hard work on yourself, applying a lot of structure and discipline to be sufficiently active with meditation, energies and grounding. The good news is that this process does not have to cost you anything, you are not dependent on expensive workshops. The universe makes the transforming energies available to you, your meditation chair, nature and your dedication do the rest 😉

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