Ascension seats

In addition to invoking energies, you can also use the ascension seats. Ascension seats are places of power where one can go with one’s spiritual body to be there in the powerful and continuous flowing energy for transformation and healing.

As stated elsewhere on the website, spiritual growth is largely about raising your vibration, frequency or light quotient, and one way to do that is by allowing energies of a higher frequency to flow through you. Ascension seats are ideal for this purpose. There are many different ascension seats in different places, in which the energy flows at different levels of strength. There are ascension seats on Earth, in the Earth, and outside of the Earth, and these are all freely accessible. Ascension seats are also used by Beings of Light and Masters in the spiritual world who are also engaged in their spiritual growth there, but are not incarnated.

As soon as you intentionally send your spiritual body to an ascension seat, you immediately feel the energy begin to flow. In terms of experience of the energy you can also notice a difference with the invocation of energy. The invocation appears to be more of an injection entering through the crown chakra and slowly diminishing in strength over time. The experience of the ascension seat is a continuous flow of energy that does not diminish in power until you leave the ascension seat. Regularly attending these ascension seats can bring about rapid spiritual growth! You can do this in meditation, but also outside, even when you are watching TV!

However, it is important to exercise caution. There are ascension seats that are so powerful, with energies of such a high frequency, that our energy field cannot handle it yet. Therefore, listen carefully to your feelings, your body, and let yourself be guided by your Higher Self and your guides. The ascension seats on Earth are safe to visit in this regard, and it is good to start with this. The ascension seats outside of Earth (but within this universe) are already a lot more powerful, in which one should pay attention to how long one chooses to stay here. Ascension seats outside this universe, elsewhere in the cosmos, are only accessible to ascended ones.

You enter an ascension seat by speaking your intention (in thought or out loud).
For example as follows:

“I am now sending my spiritual body to the ascension seat in …!”

You can, for example, ask your Higher Self and your guides for guidance and protection for the journey to them and back, and to keep an eye on not staying there too long, so that you do not overload your energy field. Afterwards, it is important to clearly state your intention and will when you want to return! Afterwards you can also ask your Higher Self to bring your spiritual body back to your physical body, to incarnate.

You can also visit one or more ascension seats together in a group setting in meditation. For example, what you can do and what is a beautiful experience, is to call Archangel Metatron and ask to travel as a group in a group merkaba (as an interdimensional vehicle) to the ascension seats, and stay in each ascension seat for example for 5 minutes to experience the energy and absorb, and then call again and again for the transport to the next ascension seat. A beautiful and powerful experience, and fun to do together !!

Below is a listing of some of the ascension seats:

Planetary Ascension Seats:

  • The ascension seat in Mount Shasta, California
  • The ascension seat in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza
  • The ascension seat of the Master Serapis Bey in Luxor
  • Shamballa’s ascension seat in the center of the Earth
  • Lord Sananda’s ascension seat on his own spaceship

Solar Ascension Seat:

  • The ascension seat in the Golden Chamber at the core of the Sun of this solar system (under the supervision of Lord Helios and Lady Vesta, the Solar Logos)

Galactic Ascension Seat:

  • The ascension seat in the Golden Chamber at the core of this Milky Way Galaxy (under the supervision of Lord Melchior, the Galactic Logos)

Universal Ascension Seat:

  • The ascension seat in the Golden Chamber at the core of the Great Central Sun of this Universe (under the supervision of Lord Melchizedek, the Universal Logos)
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