“The deeper the roots, the higher the tree can reach”

I have added this page because I believe it is important to emphasize the importance of proper grounding. One can tap into many high frequency energies to transform one’s energy field, but the keyword of spiritual growth is balance. Balance between body and mind. When you unilaterally focus on the mind without inhibitions, you not only find no growth, but you can even create regression in your growth, because your energy field becomes unbalanced …

Both people who are open to the spiritual side of life and those who are not, are aware of the importance of grounding or grounding. From the a-spiritual approach, this often refers to the importance of having both feet on the ground, demonstrating a sober realism and application of common sense, and bearing the responsibility for livelihoods. Depending on many factors and backgrounds, it is natural for many people to be well grounded and do it without making any conscious effort, and for others it is very difficult.

The spiritual approach, of course, includes these same principles, only goes much further, because it involves the spiritual and energetic reality behind it. That reality assumes that, like everything else, we consist of energy, and have an energetic connection with the Earth, which must be maintained. Our physical and mental health depends on a good free flow of energy through our body, and all (!) Illnesses and discomforts that we know are the result of blockages that hinder this flow. A good flow is made possible by the help of the energy of the Earth. Poor grounding, or a bad energetic connection with the Earth, means that we are (literally) not present in our physical body, with all its consequences. Our body awareness and self-healing ability are thereby reduced. But it also has all kinds of consequences emotionally and psychologically. People have less energy, they feel less strong, they are more receptive to lower negative emotions and they will have more difficulty manifesting themselves, moving socially and establishing themselves in society. You can also say that all chakras and the qualities associated with them suffer from poor grounding. Poor grounding therefore affects all aspects of our being. Our grounding is mainly regulated by the first chakra, the root chakra, which regulates the relationship with the Earth, as it were. The energetic connection of our body with the Earth provides in particular a supply of earth energy. Don’t think that we only have this connection through our feet (although it does help to keep our soles on the ground as much as possible), our aura also goes into the ground, we also have chakras under our feet, into the Earth. When we are badly grounded, we are therefore less well protected and cleaned. By the way, alcohol and drugs have a very bad influence on our grounding. They weaken our aura, create holes and leaks in it, and make us more susceptible to negative external influences.

It is an old habit of people to discharge negative energies within the energy field to the Earth. Don’t do this anymore! Mother Earth is clearly asking us not to do this anymore. This does not dissolve the negative energy, only displaces it. We are one with the Earth, and the discharge poisons the Earth, it affects life in other dimensions in the Earth, and also creates a grounding restriction for all of us, for the human collective. We are asked to step into our mastery, and not to move negative energies anymore, but to transform, transmute, dissolve, through techniques, invocations and transforming energies, such as the use of the Violet Fire.

Living in the higher chakras

Good grounding is therefore important, whether one is consciously engaged in one’s spiritual growth or not. Many today live too much in the head, or in other words, in the upper chakras. In this way they cut themselves off, as it were, from their inner emotional side, and approach life excessively rationally, with all the consequences that entails. The organization and functioning of today’s society is a reflection of this at a collective level. Examples are indifference and a lack of compassion, the harsh adherence to laws where it is more humane and just to deviate from them in individual cases, losing sight of the boundaries between respect and freedom of speech just because the law is by law and the way we interact with technology and the environment.

Reasons why there is too much living in the higher chakras:

– Avoiding unpleasant and confrontational aspects of feeling
Fleeing from or suppressing negative feelings is a common phenomenon, it is the path of least resistance. Denying and ignoring instead of confronting, processing and letting go. In reality it is only a procrastination, for all the trauma and blockages in us ask to be transformed someday. In this life or the next.

– The indoctrination of society
Society demands performance and the use of mental qualities. A high degree of information processing is required of us. Being yourself and expressing yourself are made difficult for you by social attitudes and expectations. Today’s entertainment is also very focused on using our mental abilities (reading, watching TV, pc games). This does not stimulate our grounding.

– The illusion that by doing that, one grows spiritually strongly
Spiritual growth depends on a healthy connection to both the Earth and the cosmos. It is precisely a strong connection with the Earth that makes it possible to find great spiritual growth. Just floating between Earth and cosmos provides neither physical nor spiritual benefit. In addition, as one progresses on the spiritual path, one must demonstrate mastery of physical reality. In this way, the red color is integrated into the color spectrum of the aura, which is just as much needed as purple to achieve illumination. Often people also believe that by focusing only on the higher chakras, one is transcending the ego. But it does not work like that. There are many definitions of ego, but essentially it just boils down to the entirety of the lower bodies that make up our personality (physical, etheric, emotional, and mental body). To transcend the ego, one should not deny or suppress these lower bodies (or the Lower Self), but transform, heal, love them. Then these lower bodies will no longer be an obstacle in the development of the higher bodies. If one focuses only on these higher bodies while the lower bodies have not yet been transformed, one will be constantly hindered by the attention that the blockages in these lower bodies demand consciously or unconsciously. So it is important to direct the attention downwards.

Many who are intensively involved in spiritual development underestimate the importance of proper grounding. They are directed upwards, not downwards, when there is essentially no distinction. Both aspects need to be integrated, below is no less divine than above, the ideal is balance. In fact, without proper grounding, there is no substantial progress in development. It is also the case that the development of the crown chakra has a direct dependence on the development of the base chakra. Which means that a good balance must be maintained between spiritual growth and physical and emotional existence.

When working with high-frequency energies, it is therefore important to feel how this balance is doing. It can be tempting to overload yourself with these energies, thinking that your growth is going nice and fast that way, but when that balance is not there, the growth will not only stagnate, but even deteriorate, because a “short circuit” can occur in your energy system, which can have all kinds of emotional and psychological consequences, and which can take years to recover. That is why it is very important to feel well what you can have, to listen carefully to your intuition and your body, and to take breaks if necessary.

It is important to realize that grounding is not something that changes overnight. When you are really badly grounded, and you are going to do everything you can to change this, it will be a matter of months or years rather than weeks before that happens. It is a slow process, in which you must have confidence, patience and an active attitude, and in which you will slowly but surely see change taking place. All of the symptoms listed below will then slowly disappear. It is also important to distinguish between structural grounding and momentary grounding. Many spiritual people use short grounding exercises to improve the momentary grounding before going into energy work, and this is always wise to anchor the activity, but it is not a sufficient solution for a structural grounding.

In addition to the motive to want to grow spiritually, there can also be the motive to want to be of service, especially in these special times when the Divine Plan is becoming more and more tangible. But also (and even precisely) for this it is important to be well grounded. As said before, all chakras suffer from bad grounding, and so this also affects our manifestation, our creation. In other words, ungrounded lightwork is difficult to get off the ground.

Summary of symptoms for bad grounding

– Less energy (a lot of sleep needed), physical health problems, difficulty with life, a lack of feeling of security and safety, reduced urge to survive, difficulty in providing for a living, less decisiveness and action-orientedness, difficulty enjoying the matter, being not present in the body. The latter means that our energy body is not properly in our physical body, and known symptoms are: poor balance, and cold hands and feet.

– Not being able to feel strongly and deeply, hypersensitivity, irritability, greater receptivity to lower emotions, emotions linger longer, less cheerfulness and more seriousness, less openness, less spontaneity and impulsivity, less inclination to free physical movement (dancing), difficulty maintaining social contacts

– Having less psychological strength, less assertiveness, more difficulty in being yourself, less able to position yourself, difficulty claiming your space in the midst of other people, difficulty setting your boundaries, letting people walk over you more easily, having difficulty performing in society

– Being able to approach life less from the heart (love requires balance between the higher and lower chakras, so that spiritual love can manifest itself energetically (in matter)

– Less functioning of mental faculties, excessive abstract approach to concrete matters, reduced clarity and sharpness, vague, absence, tendency to daydream, reduced sobriety and discipline, less perseverance and flexibility, and being blocked from true spiritual growth

Stimulation of grounding

How can you stimulate your grounding? Broadly speaking, surrendering to all subjects related to the lower four chakras works grounding. Basically letting your energy flow into the outside world. In particular, this comes down to participating in public life, undertaking activities, socializing, loving, working, giving yourself a purpose. Family life, healthy and tasty food, exercise, physical activity (gardening), sex, the outdoors, sun and contact with nature, financial security, regularity and regulations. Doing what you are passionate about, having fun, playing and dancing are also very important. Furthermore, you can ground by paying more attention to physical reality by stimulating your physical senses with shapes, colors, smells, tastes and sounds that you like. Most important, however, are intention and will. When one really thinks and feels to the bone: “I like to be here, I want to be here, I like it here, I enjoy the material, I feel safe here, I am going to make something beautiful out of it” , then this has an enormous downward grounding effect (towards the Earth).

In addition, you can of course use spiritual techniques to consciously have a more direct effect on an energetic level, such as yoga, acupuncture, massage, foot reflexology (!), Visualization, grounding meditations and simple physical grounding exercises. It may also be worthwhile to investigate or with the help of aura healing / reading to remove old blockages from the aura that are in the way of proper grounding.
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