The Lion’s Gate and the Inner Sacred Marriage

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Saturday, August 7, 2021 we have had another beautiful workshop, which matched the theme of the Lion's Gate. Below is the report of the meditation by Karin Thomas.

“In the midst of us a rose rises from the ground. A rose bush and all the buds are blooming. Feed your heart with the energy of the roses. And as we connect our hearts to the roses, the rose petals all take on crystal forms. The petals begin to sparkle like crystals.
Then my attention goes to the roots of the rosebush, deeper into the earth. And there is the connection with the rose lines. The energy lines called the rose lines. There are connections to the Cathar region in France. Another Rose Line is connected to Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. And I see a Rose Line running towards Glastonbury. And there are more lines to other parts of the world.

I see the energy flowing through the rose line grid and it is interacting with our hearts through the rose bush in our midst. I hear the words ’empowering the feminine energy’ through the rose lines, it is a very soft energy and at the same time very powerful. As if this soft powerful energy creates a breakthrough in the moment we are in right now, in this Lion’s Gate. And I see Mary Magdalene there all the time. Healing takes place on the feminine lover within ourselves. And it’s being said: step out of the role patterns. Just be the lover. In the first place, be the lover internally, to yourself. And then enter the outside world like a lover. Be in love with everyone and everything.

I see the energy flow through the rose lines becoming more and more active, flowing faster and more powerfully. Through the roots of the rose bush, this energy flows into space and into our hearts. The feminine lover in ourselves is still being healed. And also the mother and the grandmother may lay down their roles as mother and grandmother and go back to the core of just being the beloved. It is possible that you can feel a few things happening in your belly, that is where healing is taking place at the moment. The female lover in ourselves may take up much more space in ourselves, be much more present. And the role of being a child, which has a mother, may also be let go, specifically being a daughter. We all have an inner daughter, an inner mother and an inner grandmother in us, and an inner feminine lover, whether you are male or female. Just as much we all have an inner son, husband, father and grandfather within us.
It is the soft power of the female lover that will take us through the transformation, hand in hand with the soft power of the male lover. All within ourselves. We change the world from that joint soft power. And before we change the world, we first change ourselves, we heal ourselves first. Now first today the female lover. And it is the job of the female lover to plant roses everywhere. To make the world bloom. I get an image of a womb or a belly, where the female lover is making her bed to receive her male lover there.

I saw a layer of energy hovering a bit above us. And that is an energy that one is more inclined to push away than to allow it. But with the help of the energy of the rose and the rose line, that energy layer is sinking and people no longer run away from it. And is it precisely the energy of the gentle power of the feminine lover that can break through that, through that layer. It is a layer that normally provides oppression that is now being broken open, which we are now collectively breaking through from that gentle force. There’s no point in fighting through it hard, because then that layer just hardens, while the soft power of the feminine lover, that roseline power, that softens it, then we break through. The field of oppression cannot withstand that. The field of oppression can then dissolve, within ourselves and collectively at the same time. It can make you feel a little nauseated. Those are the ego perils that come in the resistance. And when you feel nauseous, turn your attention to your heart and the rose line energy, let the energy from your heart and the roses flow to the areas where it is nauseous or to your belly where you feel things until it softens.

And now the Michael lines connect to the rose lines. And then the arrival of the male lover is announced. And the male lover is also a gentle force and this force is full of wisdom. The energy of the Michael lines also flows through the rose bush, through the roses and connects to our heart. And thus also brings us in extra contact with the male lover in ourselves. The male lover is allowed to let go of all judgments, judging what is a man’s job, and what is the job of a father, a grandfather, a boy and child who looks up to his father and later wants to be just like his father is, or not. Healing is now taking place on our inner male lover. And I see before the inner male lover can enter the bed of the female inner lover, before he can come home, he first takes off his armor, puts off his sword, and takes off the long spear after he gets off his horse. And that he takes all the tools he has put on to make himself strong and fight when necessary, that he discards them all. So that he no longer identifies with the image he radiates outwardly, but comes to his inner self with his inner wisdom.

We are all healed on our inner male lover until he stands naked in front of the female lover’s bedroom door. And then the male lover also experiences the gentle power within himself, who can enjoy the scent of the roses. And then the female lover opens the door of the room. There she stands face to face with the male lover. They grab each other’s hands and look deeply into each other’s eyes. And they recognize each other on the most profound level. Then they embrace and press their hearts together. That embrace produces a shock of vibration, a love field throughout the body of gentle strength and wisdom and unity. This means that a recalibration takes place in our entire system.

You may feel a firmer grounding, feel more energy flowing through your legs, connection with the earth. And at the same time that things happen in your head, in connection with the cosmos. It may also be that the energy feels very hot, like you are on fire, and that heat is still burning away old energies and old patterns. In this energy we are so powerful that we have the potential to make all old structures that are still dual fall away. That we are stepping into a very large new unity consciousness field in connection with ourselves and with each other with which we are creating the 5D Earth. And with this energy, it is also easier to stay centered, in turbulent times around us.

Roses are taken from the rose bush in our midst, and each of us is given a rose in his heart. And immediately I see new roses growing on the branches where the roses have just been picked. As if where roses are picked and placed in hearts, it generates even more roses. It multiplies so that even more roses can be distributed. The whole world becomes one big rose field. I see the earth spinning on its axis in the middle of us. And from our heart I see a line running towards the earth. And first I saw the earth a little in the dark, and then a sunbeam comes in, and then I hear ‘The Awakening’. And the earth has its own heartbeat, the heartbeat is pulsating. You may feel some stabs in your heart. That’s because our hearts are in the process of getting in sync with the heartbeat of the new earth. It’s like Earth’s transformation is at a pivotal point right now. As if the earth is also breaking through something, in the same way as we were breaking through a suppression field ourselves in the previous meditation. It is as if that breakthrough can only take place tomorrow morning (August 8) and that that breakthrough by people all over the world who consciously massively collectively drum and meditate are helping the earth in that breakthrough.

She feels a little restless now, like the calm before the storm. And when I ask what can we do now, I hear ‘plant roses’. And that’s what we’re doing in the energy right now, planting roses, all over the globe. And with that we soften the field of oppression that surrounds the earth, by planting the roses. And that sets off a vibration, as if the earth is shaking. We can fast-forward in time, that we now sit down with our group at the moment of tomorrow around eleven o’clock, when people are collectively doing it. When we support the earth with the whole collective and plant even more roses. And the field of oppression tries one more time to tighten the thumbscrews to prevent the earth from being released, but with all the heart forces, the gentle power of the lovers, and the roses, those thumbscrews have no effect. The love light is turned up a notch, so that it will flow even more.

We, humanity, step into our soft power and as autonomous beings we reclaim, claim, take back our freedom. We are no longer relinquishing our power, we are taking it back. And the field of oppression is at an end, feeling paralyzed, knowing it has lost the battle, and the field of oppression surrenders. And then the field starts to dissolve. And the earth begins to radiate a new light, while the people themselves also radiate a new light, the light of the loved ones, in unity. And our hearts come at the same frequency, the same heartbeat, as the heart of the earth. Then there is a party. Also feel the earth in yourself, we are part of the whole, but the earth is also part of us. And feel how your own heart and the heart of the earth is the same heart, and how the energy of that heart expands out of your chest, filling your whole body, filling your aura, until you are just one big heart.”


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