The end times, solar storms, climate change and the elite

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Although I am an spiritual optimist, at the same time I consider myself a grounded realist. My spiritual experiences over the years have not kicked the down-to-earth Rotterdam man out of me. Not words, but deeds, and just act normally, that's crazy enough. No waffling in space without tangible results, but focus on what delivers concrete value.

Regardless of my spiritual perspective on existence, I am allergic to unfounded, abstract ideas if I do not feel them in my body and see no possibility of practical application in daily life. Even within a spiritual context, topics can be dealt with in both down-to-earth and woolly ways. However, when the multidimensional reality and divinity of existence becomes more and more natural to you, you develop a broader perspective on what you consider sober, concrete and grounded. Then it is no longer reserved for the “earthly.” Believing gives way to Knowing, spirituality takes over from materialism, and identification shifts from Body to Spirit. With an increasing understanding of multidimensionality, you also begin to realize how many of the psychological, social and societal dynamics in the physical world are caused by direction and manipulation from underlying, unseen dimensions, and you cannot escape looking for the influences on all world events more and more in the energies behind matter. Apparent, physical causes then often turn out to be merely the physical consequences of underlying, energetic causes. And that insight is quite … sobering. As woolly as that sounds to an atheist or an agnostic 😉.

Regardless of my earthly as well as multidimensional soberness, it has become undeniable to me based on my multidimensional experiences that we are indeed currently living in the prophesied End Times, although I prefer to call it Transition Time myself. I have felt the so-called ascension process associated with this in my body and mind step by step throughout my adult life, and both my body and mind have changed in this step by step. Also, the Spiritual World always shaped the circumstances around me so that I always had access to the answers to questions that arose within me about this ascension process and about what was happening in my body or mind. Many religious and mythological movements recognized and foresaw this End Time, the end of the Kali Yuga Era, in which humanity has reached the deepest materialism, society has become “disconnected from God,” and in which division, confusion and perversion have become predominant. We see this happening before our eyes now, the bankruptcy of the social system and the heyday of hedonism supported by technology, in which what life is really about has been lost sight of. The good news in this, however, is that reaching an existential rock bottom forces a hard wake-up call that has the potential to trigger major, positive change. Just as many in their personal lives turned their lives around after a burnout, so now the whole world is experiencing a burnout, so to speak, and is being forced to change.

Creation is multidimensional and holographic in nature, and Earth’s ascension process shows itself as an “Old Earth” hologram that is no longer fueled by life energy and is fading into the background, and a “New Earth” hologram that is moving into the foreground and is full of promise and potential. Everything from the Old Earth hologram that does not resonate to the frequency bandwidth of the New Earth hologram collapses in the process. Both holograms occupy the same space for a period of several years, and this creates a temporary, complex, chaotic situation of opposite extremes, and this is currently well visible. Severe symptoms indicating decay will be visible simultaneously with positive developments indicating an increase in awareness, love and greater attention and respect for the divinity of existence. In addition to these phenomena of decline and rise, however, there is a third group of phenomena at play that I would like to highlight in this blog, and that is the transitional phenomena of transformation itself. They indicate neither decline nor emergence, but are natural side effects of evolutionary processes themselves, from the micro level to the macro level. Psychological, psycho-energetic, as well as climatological and astrophysical. For example, I myself have regularly experienced over the years that my energy field experienced increased vulnerability during times of profound transformation. Vulnerabilities in the form of instability in my emotional and mental bodies, and in the form of a temporary, greater susceptibility to outside influences, as psychological resilience and the aura wall were temporarily less solid. Especially in the transition to a renewed state of being, these debilitating symptoms can come on strong as growth spurts. As they say in homeopathy, “It gets worse before it gets better.” This is true on a human micro level, but also on macro levels. Just as humans in transition may have a temporary, weakened energy field, the same is true of celestial bodies.

As quantum entanglement and (physical and etheric) mycelium networks demonstrate, everything in Creation is interconnected with everything and the evolution of humanity and the Earth does not stand alone. And everything is not only connected to everything, everything also influences everything, pulling each other up or down. Therefore, the current ascension process is taking place in a much larger domain than just Earth and humanity. The universe is changing, the Galaxy is changing, and our solar system is changing. The prophecy of the End Times, the great leap of consciousness, extends beyond just the dawning of a Golden Age on Earth, a Golden Age is dawning for the entire Galaxy, and beyond. We cannot separate what happens on Earth from the larger, astronomical context. The evolutionary cycles of planetary civilizations run parallel to astronomical cycles, and our Sun, like us, is engaged in this ascension process. It has its own ascension symptoms, its own growth spurts, which logically affect the entire solar system and can “shake” electromagnetic fields of celestial bodies. And in addition to its own ascension, the Sun also fulfills the role of regulator and conduit for the evolution of the celestial bodies and planetary inhabitants within the solar system. Although change is a constant because everything is always in motion and evolving, a lot is happening right now in a short period of time, and it is not happening without a struggle. It is an interplanetary consciousness revolution, and that inevitably produces ecological fluctuations. Some natural violence is unavoidable in this, outside Earth as turbulent “space weather,” and on Earth as climate change, as well as psychological stress. Fluctuations in the Earth’s energy fields cause fluctuations in people’s energy fields, think especially about our emotional and mental bodies.

I want to emphasize that this blog is not a “scientific contribution” nor do I want to get involved in that debate. I simply do not have all the knowledge to take a solid position on that at a detailed level. However, that is also my perception of many scientists and politicians today, and many of them seem to suffer from “confirmation bias” and not pursue a truly balanced overall picture. Fear narrows perceptions, and seems to silence many of them. Fear of loss of income, fear of condemnation and fear of loss of reputation and humiliation. My perspective has its basis in my intuition, my own lived, multidimensional experiences and my acquired understanding of the ascension process. Now, with regard to these topics, what do I know with certainty? I know with certainty that we are living in the End Times. I know with certainty that the Earth’s Schumann resonance has risen considerably in recent decades and that the Earth is currently undergoing a magnetic pole shift. And I know with certainty that the Earth currently has a weakened magnetic field, which in itself has various consequences. Both science and the Spiritual world confirm this about our planet. The Earth’s weakened magnetic field affects humanity’s psyche and nervous system, and protects the Earth less well than otherwise from outside influences such as solar flares, cosmic rays and possibly even meteorites as the Earth moves through asteroid belts in its orbit. The Spiritual World indicates that we are now entering a period when these astrophysical influences from outside may begin to assert themselves more strongly, beginning with increasing solar flares, which are already being observed and are increasing in strength. Fierce solar flares can lead to electricity outages, which can significantly disrupt our increasingly digitized society.

In addition, there has been talk in the spiritual community about a so-called “The Event” or “Solar Flash” for years, and there are now also scientists who consider a micronova of our Sun possible in the next 20 years, which could be a physics explanation for this “Solar Flash.” Before people scare about this, a micronova does not have to be deadly at all and is completely regulated by High, Spiritual forces, but it is a good idea to stay inside and close the curtains at that time. I am not an astrophysicist, but the signs are said to point to it, and it could very well fit within the multidimensional mechanics of an End Time scenario. By the way, all the possible events also remind me a bit of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, in which Lot was instigated by God to give the inhabitants of the depraved city the choice of choosing the old hologram or the new hologram. Perhaps that story was a preview on a small scale of what is now about to happen on a large scale. A fellow lightworker also recently received word that we are currently in 2023 in the moment between the “threshing floor” and the “tribulation,” as described in the Bible. The ordeal is about to begin. By the way, the Spiritual World has allowed some delay in the ascension process to give people a little more time to wake up and choose the New Earth hologram. It is an exciting time, in which we may keep in mind that the end result is certain and positive. Nothing will be able to block the path to the Golden Galactic Era, and we will all get to taste it in our capacity as immortal souls in the future, in this life or a subsequent one. However, the road to it still has many, open variables that depend on humanity’s free will, and the more and the longer we look away from this process in the coming years, the more it may become a “bumpy road.”

As time passes, it will become more evident that this scenario is indeed ongoing and increasingly urgent asking for our full attention. We can then no longer afford to micromanage or long-term policies in political decision-making. There are many choices we could make in the present as a society to make that movement through it easier. But to do so, the political apparatus must first be made aware of this, step out of its naiveté and disengage from old perceptions and programming. If we want to properly understand the processes of change that are currently occurring on the Earth in the form of crises in all areas of life, we would do well to zoom out, to look at evolution from a larger perspective, to bring metaphysical and astrophysical data into the equation, and not, out of ignorance, blind ourselves adn look only to a few aspects of it, and pump all our resources into them. And that brings me to climate change. I don’t believe at all that climate change is purely an internal, terrestrial matter; you cannot discount the possibility of causal factors from outside the Earth. That seems to be done too quickly and too easily now, and one might wonder why. There are some dissenting voices that say, “The sun is of more influence than is recognized, and change is of all times.” And while that, in my opinion, is in itself a justified relativization, the statement is formulated too timelessly and does not adequately include the particular and fierce times in which we live at this particular moment. For it is primarily the pooling of current conditions, an acute consciousness revolution with astrophysical side effects, that is contributing greatly to climate changes in a short period of time. If the increasing, astrophysical effects on the Earth turn out to be by far the largest contributor to climate change in the coming years, it should have a major impact on the climate debate and the division about it. Then the focus would shift from climate control to climate survival. Then the change would be accepted as an inevitable fact, and there would develop the understanding that in a time of transition such as this, some change in flora and fauna is inevitable.

Do I believe that humans have a negative impact on the climate? Yes, of course, I am not a “climate change denier.” It is hard to deny that humanity is preying on the planet. Reduction of nature and pollution of earth, water and air are clearly ongoing. It is destructive behavior associated with the decline of the Old Earth hologram, and will cease to exist in the New Earth hologram. Do I believe there is a CO2 problem? Only slightly, however, I cannot help but put it into perspective within the overall picture of all the major changes going on and ahead. Like, for example, what are the CO2 consequences if increasing solar flares cause more dormant volcanoes to activate? That seems to be a real possibility, with major implications for CO2. Not to mention the effects of a possible micronova. And I repeat, the increase in solar flares is currently already being observed by science and felt by sensitive people, but about possible consequences I read little in the mainstream news. So, while I do assume that humans are negatively influencing the climate, as far as I am concerned, the question is much more about in what proportion are humans the causative agents of climate change relative to other, larger influences on the climate? Well, no more than 5%, is my belief, and increasing natural events are likely to confirm that in the coming years. And then those many billions in environmental investments turn out to be wasted money that could have been much better spent.

By the way, it must be said when we talk about the negative influence of man in the physical sense, that through the transformation of our collective consciousness as part of the ascension process, mankind, like the Sun, is also, in a positive sense, causing evolution of the Earth and everything that lives on it, and all the processes of change that this sets in motion. The change in our consciousness also affects the climate; after all, everything affects everything. But that requires recognizing a larger, metaphysical context. Climate, society, culture, religion, science, it’s all going to change, as reflections of rapidly changing consciousness. One does well to open to this, to turn inward, to meditate and detach from the outer world, to let go of all attachment to ideas of how things are or should be. That provides the most support for dealing with these changes. In addition, of course, at the same time it is good to make practical preparations in terms of energy and food to get through the period together without too many clothing tears Governments would do well to recognize the acute situation and focus their spending on ensuring livelihood, survival and prioritizing basic needs. And reinforcing power grids and backup systems to the extent that they are not already, to be better able to take the hits from solar flares.

There is one other thing I know with certainty, and that is that the top of the elite KNOW we are in the End Times, but do not openly share this with the people. We are in a multidimensional mega-event, and you can assume that at the top of the power pyramid on Earth, the knowledge exists about this process. They like to see the people as atheistic as possible, but they themselves are completely open to the metaphysical elements that influence our reality. Better believe it. Like the concealment of extraterrestrial life, I’m sure there will be an official narrative ready on their desk that says: we don’t want to cause a panic, and we don’t trust the people to be able to deal with this information. But the real agenda, of course, is that of control and maintaining ignorance, which provides them with power. That’s why the story of climate change comes in so handy. It offers a plausible explanation and distracts from the larger context of the End Times going on. Laying the causation of climate change on humans creates an atmosphere of fear, guilt and division, which gives them control. It creates the possibility of collecting hefty climate taxes for environmental measures, making citizens ever more dependent on a totalitarian state that supposedly has our best interests at heart while sucking all resources towards itself. The idea that the elite, or at least the top of the elite, know about the End Times creates an angle that I actually don’t see much in analysis from researchers, while it gives a great spin on the true intentions behind their policies. Because it would mean that the elite are not at all primarily out for that transhumanist future with a centralized, technocratic world government. That then is only the secondary long-term goal. Indeed, in view of the End Times then a primary short-term goal exists, and that is simply to save their own skin, survive the End Times, and use all the power they possess for that purpose.

So the primary goal then is not control, but an underlying and much more basic interest: subsistence, survival. Control over the people serves only as a tool to increase their own chances of survival. Have all resources at their disposal, and not be thwarted by the people in a potentially chaotic phase of natural disaster and social disruption. Why would the billionaires really be building their bunkers en masse at the moment? What do they know that citizens do not? Chances are, therefore, that the top elites have deployed the 2030 Agenda not as an objective for the positive transformation of society, but as an Agenda for “Survival of the End Times.” It also explains much more the sudden rush to that policy. If it is true that the Tribulation does indeed start now and lasts 7 years as some Bible interpretations say, then we arrive exactly at 2030. Its timing is not coincidental. So, is it really five to twelve for the environment, as suggested, or is it five to twelve before the ferocity of the End Times really arrives, including all the astrophysical phenomena? And if top elites are aware of the possible End Times natural hazards and the possible effects of solar flares on electricity availability, how ideal is it to keep increasing our dependence on electricity, culminating in living in a smartgrid city? Think about it. Not to mention the effects of any micronova on all electrical equipment on Earth. The next question that arises is, how far down the power pyramid are they aware of this real agenda? I must acknowledge that I do not have a firm grasp on this. I believe that by far most of this power pyramid at the bottom of it has no idea, and just as the people are misled, think they are doing good with naive, idealistic motives. Furthermore, there will possibly be a level, who know more but do not know the whole picture, certainly not its multidimensional context. Furthermore, there will be cases of threats, intimidation, bribery and blackmail. There may even be political leaders who have been promised seats in the billionaires’ bunkers on the condition that they push through Agenda 2030 policies within the countries they serve.

I should also mention for the sake of completeness that there are also spiritual forces active in this End Time scenario that seek to maintain the Old Earth hologram and counteract the New Earth hologram. They will not succeed in this, but they will try with all the might they can muster. They zoom in on people’s egos, influencing their thoughts and feelings unseen, encouraging all forms of fear, lust for power, deception, distraction, division, confusion, perversion and chaos. And people in high positions of power who do not have their hearts open, are the most susceptible to this influence. On a human, conscious level, their personal agenda will be primarily for power, comfort and survival, but unconsciously, through their words and actions, they will be used to thwart the rise of the New Earth hologram.

In conclusion, I wrote this blog for awareness and with a loving intention, and not to be an alarmist. The Spiritual World says, “People need to be informed.” Without knowledge of the truth about the End Times, you are immediately 2-0 behind in the years to come, and it is this information that has been vehemently suppressed to date. I want to reiterate that however it goes, the end result is fixed and positive. The Golden Age is coming, we just need to endure the Earth’s growing pains for a period of time until it develops a renewed firmness and stability. Keep in mind that our souls were eager to experience this transition, and we have all experienced such era transitions before in other incarnations, on this planet and other planets. Also with positive results, not just “Atlantis scenarios.” The Divine Script for this transition is an ascension, an upward movement, and not a descension, and so it will come to pass. The only way is up. The coming years call for detachment and flexibility, from every human being on Earth. But also to balance the needs of mind and body. Meditating AND prepping, so to speak, not just one of the two. Be practical in terms of survival and self-sufficiency, buying a few large bags of rice that will stock you for six months is a small investment. Possibly track solar flare and Schumann resonance movements, there are free apps for that (“SpaceWeatherLive,” “Schumann Resonances”). They may at times offer explanations for psychological fluctuations and physical discomfort.
Change cannot be stopped. Climate action and climate demonstrations are not going to stop it. Go with the flow. Accept that there is a greater, divine reality at work, and that essentially no loss exists. The soul lives eternally, and what the personality considers loss is merely transformation to another state of being. Turn inward, find an inner equilibrium, open your heart, and set the intention towards your Higher Self that you want to be part of the New Earth hologram. Holding the Earth in your heart has a real, concrete, metaphysical effect. It is the energy of Love that softens and accelerates the whole process, for humanity and the Earth, and also touches and reminds opposing forces of their own divine nature.

Nor did I write this blog as an indictment or judgment toward the elite. On deeper, multidimensional levels, they too are misled, and the state of their inner emptiness and well-being is not to be envied. They are fearful not only of their survival this life, but also of what comes after, as consequences of their actions. With eugenics, they try to delay this as long as possible. And the fact that the “aristocracy throws the people to the lions” as soon as they themselves are in danger, is of all times. We have all had incarnations in similar positions where we acted not out of love but out of fear and selfishness. However, residing in judgmentlessness and forgiveness, of course, does not mean just accepting it. Peaceful opposition is necessary, from love and truthfulness. The New Earth hologram demands that of us. The information that the elite suppress about what is really going on, needs to reach the general public so that people can make informed choices. With thanks and respect for the efforts and courage of the many, alternative media.
There may be many, clashing perceptions of what is at play, in love their clashing nature melts and we celebrate only the diversity of forms and ideas as a richness of existence. The essence that we can agree on is that the cosmos is a Divine Creation and that humanity and the Earth are currently facing a major reversal. What a lot of suffering and a lot of divisive discussions it would save if we all worked together informed to get through the coming time. It will be an exciting time, but at least all noses would be pointed in the same direction. No more climate discussions, no more misspending of public funds, but focus on preparation and support in basic needs.

Thank you for reading this blog.


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