The dragon on Spuiplein

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In 2017 I regularly walked across the Spuiplein in the center of The Hague to and from work. I didn't realize that something under the Spuiplein had been trying to get my attention for a while.

One evening my Higher Self apparently thought it was enough, because it decided to make the subject visible in our meditation at home. In the meditation it became clear that it was a large dragon that was chained there under the ground (to be clear, I am talking about ethereal dragons, not physical dragons ? ). The energy of this dragon turned out to be tapped by the national government. The civil servants in the government buildings in the center of The Hague (unconsciously) derived power from it, which enabled them to achieve more. In the meditation we were allowed to free the dragon from its chains, and it flew away happy.

It is a well-known phenomenon that buildings used to be deliberately built on grid lines and grid nodes. The buildings, and the people and activities in those buildings, get extra power through the connection with the energy that flows there. Many churches and castles have been built on these junctions. And in the present, military bases seem to be deliberately built in these places as well. However, this does not only apply to the grid lines and grid nodes. Dragons have also been used extensively throughout history. Dragons possess great creative power.

Karin and I have been guided several times over the years in our meditations to places to free dragons. They often involved well-known historical and religious sites and centers of power. The dragons were under these locations, in an eternal sleep, or they were petrified, or they were chained. Sometimes they were placed there against their will, using black magic. Sometimes they landed there after being wounded in a battle in the 4th dimension. And sometimes they lay there voluntarily in servitude for thousands of years, guarding fields and ancient sites, serving their contracts.

I assume that in the future there will be no more room on Earth for this practice. In a loving 5D Earth, strongholds will not be allowed to increase their power by tapping energy from other beings. Love does not need external nourishment, love does not parasitize. Love is enough on its own. Let us thank and honor the dragons for their work and sacrifices in the creation and support of this beautiful planet.


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