The Diamond Revolution begins

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We feel excitement about upcoming, positive changes. As if we are approaching a tipping point. Beautiful things happen in the energy. We seem to be entering a new chapter with this equinox. Last night we, Karin Thomas and I, went into meditation to tune in to the actuality of the ascension process and the autumnal equinox. The following came through.

“The Domplein in Utrecht (Netherlands) comes into the picture. There’s a leyline running there, and a light cord lights up, connected to that leyline, moving into the Earth. A whole tangle of this light cord is being rolled out deeper and deeper into the Earth. And then it is being attached to the diamond core of the 5D Earth. Then a powerful energy rises in the diamond core and moves up through that cord connection. It enters the leyline above the earth’s surface as a tsunami wave and spreads over the entire local leyline network around the Domplein. We remember how a lightworker friend told us a while ago how important it has been energetically that the canal (Stadsbuitengracht) around the old city center of Utrecht has been restored and connected, and that the water can flow through it again.

Then the energy starts to spread further, throughout the entire leyline network of the Netherlands. As a kind of starting signal for the revolution. The Netherlands is flooded with diamond 5D Earth energy. And blows everything away, polluted energy and old programming in the ley lines. Then, by contacting the leyline networks in neighboring countries, it happens in multiple countries. Belgium, Germany, England, France. Countries everywhere are “turning on” like a patchwork quilt. Ultimately, it happens on all continents. A huge tsunami of energy, worldwide. All following the starting signal in the Netherlands.

Then Spirit speaks, and says, “The revolution has started, and there is no turning back.”

The worldwide leyline network comes into view. It is comparable to the nervous system of the Earth. And what has become active within is now moving outward, in all branches of the nervous system. And it also effecting people’s bodies. A new interaction arises between the etheric body of the Earth and the etheric body of humans. And this is also causing a new level of awakening in humanity. There is a direct, energetic communication with the 5D Earth body, bringing it into sync. After which we can bring our creative power via the etheric body into the 5D earth. And vice versa, the etheric body of the people receives information from the etheric body of the 5D Earth.

And our experience of oneness with the Earth through this etheric connection will also increase, not only in the heart, but in the entire etheric body, and also in connection with other people. As if we all have new receptors on the outside of our bodies, which react like delicate hairs to the environment, to other people, to the Earth. This makes it easier to be in tune with each other. A new form of wordless communication that moves around the world at lightning speed, through people and through the Earth.”

PS. To clarify, where we speak of revolution here we are of course referring to a revolution of light, love and truth, not one of struggle.


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