The calm before the storm is over

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Dear friends, it's been a while since I've posted or written a blog. I have been mostly silent and reclusive these past few months, and I have barely been on social media. It felt like we were in the stillness before the storm, and I wanted to make good use of that stillness for a while, for the sake of my inner stillness, my centering and grounding, and my health.

Like other lightworkers, I have dealt with considerable ascension symptoms, and still do. I especially feel a lot of heat due to a very active kundalini system and the influence of the sun. My heart has become a very sensitive antenna, registering with great range anything that is not in harmony. That led several months ago to me having heart issues due to conflict situations at Orion. I also experienced a magnetic reversal of my energy field a few months ago. This did not go without a hitch, dual forces tried to prevent this and stuck a stick in the wheel, so to speak, which caused the reversal to get stuck halfway, my heart to become completely disorganized as a result, and I was bedridden for 6 hours with a heart rate of 200+ per minute. After the successful reversal, Spirit told me, “Congratulations, you are now free.” Since the Lions’ Gate, I feel that I have definitively arrived in a new space, call it 5D, in which it seems as if I have gone beyond the reach of ethereal attacks. The peace, safety and relaxation in my energy field has become more natural, and although high sensitivity continues to increase, the intensity and disturbing influences of external stimuli and energetic cords seems to have decreased.

The calm before the storm is over, the phase in which the End Times become more strongly physically perceptible is about to begin in earnest. The plug has been pulled from 3D, and 3D reality is on the verge of collapse. At the same time, lightworkers are really starting to come into their power now. They are now permanently anchored in 5D, and their Divine, Multidimensional Selves are knocking at the front door, to reveal and activate themselves in their human selves. The veils are gone, their galactic memory will begin to return, and they will be overwhelmed by a sense of joyful homecoming. After that, there is work to be done. After the years of inner transformation work, the time of outer service is dawning, in which many new, Divine abilities will be put to use. This work will primarily consist of ascension guidance and building new social structures that resonate to the 5D frequency bandwidth. Directed by their Higher Selves, who will meticulously provide the impetus to bring the Divine Plan for transition to success.

My Higher Self reminds me/us not to underestimate our increased power of manifestation, and to use it to proactively change our reality for the better. We can literally program the New Earth template with our intentions. Our surrounding, positive, creative forces then pick up on these intentions and magnetize the necessary conditions to us. But this requires putting down explicit intentions, preferably in words or writing, and preferably repetitive. Fleeting thoughts, unclear fantasies, and choices laced with doubt, lack focus and are not concrete enough. The more explicit, the better.

I wanted to set for myself a concise, overarching intention for the coming years. This intention, which I will continue to repeat silently and aloud, I am happy to share below :

“It is my intention to manifest a fully awakened human collective in a paradise world, and the transition to this world be as short as possible, and with as little suffering as possible.”


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