Sovereignty and dependence

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Sovereignty is the magic word in the spiritual scene these days, and rightly so. The inner realization of love, truth and oneness goes hand in hand with the realization of inner freedom. And achieving true freedom is entirely dependent on realizing a healthy, intact sovereignty. If man is to regain full power, to stop giving away his power, to step out of the Matrix, to stop being energetically drained, to step into fully intact self-esteem and self-love, then a focus on sovereignty is essential.

It is the realization of your own inner kingship, in which you fully appropriate control over yourself, in which you are ruler of your own energy field, and in which you no longer allow your self-love and self-image to be affected in any way by external influences. True mastery cannot exist without sovereignty. It is one of the central, current pillars within the ascension process, in which we regain our True Self and our true Divine nature, by ridding ourselves step by step of the yoke of the negative ego, of the Matrix and of the slave consciousness in which we allowed ourselves to be kept small as human beings in 3D. We have been collectively releasing layer upon layer of pieces within ourselves for years that have held our consciousness multidimensionally, and therefore physically, chained, limiting our sovereignty. This process of letting go has also given many an impetus to research and invest in self-reliance, autonomous living and social, legal sovereignty, but its essence is primarily an inner affair.

Respecting sovereignty, one’s own and others’, is inseparable from respecting the law of free will, one of the most important universal laws. This respect is about honoring personal space, physical and nonphysical. This respect expresses itself in many explicit but also subtle ways. Like not forcing, not pushing, not pulling, not controlling, not dominating, not manipulating, not projecting, not judging, not trying to convince, not trying to convert, not trying to change, not overshadowing, not taking away space. It is an absence of any exercise of power, where each other’s boundaries are honored and respected. In which people are recognized and valued in their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual integrity. Fully respecting everyone’s free will is truly love in progress. Therefore, an important component of love is simply letting each other be free. It is connection without any restrictions on freedom. It’s not just live and let live, it’s BE and LET BE, my favorite credo. Where unconditional love is not the dominant force, a constant power struggle between beings in which free will is broken into, consciously and unconsciously, naturally arises. Not only physically because of shortages and materialistic desires, but especially psychologically, in a continuous, complex exchange and collision of fears and desires, of reflections and projections, and of judgments and expectations.

Enlightened beings, incarnate or not, take the sovereignty and free will of others very seriously, in a very scrupulous way. When free will is honored to the absolute, violations do not take place at either the physical level or the nonphysical level of existence. So also even in terms of sending out thoughts, emotions and energy, at the most subtle level. Being able to apply this in an absolute way requires a high degree of self-awareness, self-control and inner peace and stillness. When you consider that human beings are largely lived by their subconscious, you can imagine that unconsciously intruding on the free will of others is commonplace. In most cases, this happens unintentionally. To give an example, someone who is internally very restless, constantly manifesting wild and uncontrolled emotions and thoughts, shoots his energy in all directions, beyond the limits of his own energy field. Depending on the strength and direction of this energy, it can quite intrude into the energy field of others and affect their sovereignty. Therefore, in the lower, dual dimensions, where much of such inner turmoil exists, respecting the sovereignty and free will of others is by no means a given.

Multidimensionally, every intrusion, every curtailment of space and freedom, conscious or unconscious, physical or nonphysical, verbal or nonverbal, expresses itself energetically in one way or another, and is perceptible as a transboundary movement of energy entering the aura of another. Technically, this is usually done through energetic cords that are projected to another person’s aura, penetrate the aura wall, and attach to a spot in the energy field that resonates with the frequency and theme of the cord. Actually, you cannot address sovereignty in a multidimensional context without also broaching the subject of cords. Emitting cords almost always takes place unconsciously. Deliberately placing cords is black magic, but that aside. As we become more and more conscious and live less from the unconscious, respecting the other’s space becomes more and more natural, and we ourselves transmit fewer and fewer unconscious cords. We then take more responsibility for ourselves and keep our energy to ourselves. When we approach others in love, in inner freedom, with an open heart, with no expectations and no agenda, without intention to influence the will, then we do not send out dual, freedom-restricting energies, and we honor the other person’s boundaries and self-determination.

To illustrate, I was traveling in India a long time ago, where I entered a small temple in a busy city. Inside the temple was a guru, who made it his business to get donations from tourists, and did so with great success, as evidenced by the messages left on the wall behind him. As I walked past him, he looked at me very penetratingly. He spoke to me, making the request to make a donation. Not getting a good feeling from him, I bowed my head slightly as a greeting and walked on, not giving a donation. When I received an aurareading a week later after my trip, it became apparent how the guru had tried to “wrap” my aura using his kundalini power and placing cords to bend my will to indeed make a donation. The aura reader spent ten minutes removing all of the guru’s energy from my energy field. It is a strong example of disrespect for free will and honoring personal space. I have had over 15,000 cords removed in aura readings over the past 17 years. From partners, ex-partners, family, colleagues, employers, social media contacts, blog readers, etc…. But also from entities and negatively oriented ETs, which, unlike people who do this predominantly unconsciously, place the cords consciously, in an attempt to sabotage, control and feed on them. I have no judgment on it, it is “part of reality.” By the way, in aura readings the removal of the cords was usually not the main goal, the cords were usually side effects on open healing issues (such as traumatic past lives) that were on the agenda of the readings.

It is not easy to effectively remove cords in oneself. This requires a high degree of neutrality and technique. I soon found out that visualization techniques and the help of archangels are of limited help in this. It usually requires self-responsibility, surgical precision, karmic unwinding, akasha release, and healing of an underlying issue that allows the attachment sites for cords to permanently dissolve and no new ones to take their place. If none of this happens, they just keep coming back. Help from another person, someone who can read auras and has access to the Akasha, is very helpful and recommended in this. For the sake of completeness, it should be emphasized that cords can only enter if entrances exist to them. After all, the outside world is a mirror of the inside world. In a state of absolute sovereignty, all cords bounce off the outside of the aura wall, but this state of being is almost an impossibility in my perception in this dimension, especially in a time of great, turbulent change. Yes, perhaps an incarnated avatar who carries no karma from previous, earthly lives, is not in a process of transformation, isolates himself, and has the time to be constantly alert to what is happening multidimensionally around him, then perhaps it can be done. But those can probably be counted on one hand on this planet.

It is important to be aware that the entering and attaching of cords in the aura is a reflection on one’s own state of wholeness, the status quo of the energy field, the solidity of the aura wall and one’s psychological resilience. Although cords often arise within karmic relationships and in clashes of wills and ideas, there is also a heightened receptivity to cords when one is in a state of transformation. In other words, people who are actively engaged in their spiritual growth, in frequency raising, in clearing trauma, in stirring their subconscious, have an increased chance of cords compared to people who are not engaged in their spiritual growth. Due to active transformation processes, the aura constantly has temporary, increased vulnerabilities to incoming external energies. Open hurts, which come to the surface from the subconscious as energy clouds of a lower frequency in the aura to be healed, are often the attachment spots for the cords. These hurts can also be activated past lives, triggered by circumstances and encounters in the present life, or consciously activated by the Higher Self for learning and processing trauma and karma. As a result of my focus on spiritual growth and constant state of transformation, I have always had a great deal of receptivity to cords. I also physically felt the presence of cords in many cases, and prior to the readings I could pinpoint the locations of many of the cords.

The presence of energetic cords can have various effects. They can cause enhanced emotional interaction or telepathic dialogue between people. When one has great difficulty letting go of an ex-partner, emotional cords are bound to exist. And when a person’s mind is incessantly arguing with another person, there are bound to be cords in which this mental energy is exchanged. Cords can also cause an entanglement or mixing, in which the energy between people exchanges greatly through these cords, and the receiving party struggles to remain “themselves.” If one does not recognize energy as an invaded energy of another, and identifies with the energy, expressing it as thoughts or emotions, then boundaries, individuality and sovereignty can become blurred in relation to that other. For example, one may no longer perceive a sharp distinction between one’s own will and that of the other, as energy enters through a cord with a subtle message to do something or agree to something. One then identifies with that energy and the message it contains, without realizing that it comes from someone else’s will. Such conflicts of will can be entirely nonverbal, and are very common, especially within earthly love relationships (the “partner”) and in hierarchical work relationships (the “employer”). This dynamic also logically takes place a lot with salespeople trying to persuade you to purchase a product or service.
Another effect is that cords can transmit energy in which it is not so much the information in the energy, but which is more simply an “energy dump” from the other person, in which he or she tries to rid themselves of heavy energy, resulting in the recipient experiencing a weighted feeling and a temporary frequency drop. Yet another effect is that a cord like a stick between the spokes of a wheel can cause blockages in the energy flow of the energetic bodies. Chakras may not spin as well and meridians may stagnate or clog, resulting in many, different, physical symptoms. I personally have had cords over the years on just about every part of my body, from my crown to my toes, with all the physical discomfort that entails. The removal of the cords almost always brought physical healing and relaxation to the affected areas within hours or days.
Finally, another effect of cords between people is that it can provide entrances for astral entities to add their energy into it, to hitch a ride on it. Because a cord has an existence outside people’s auras, a malicious entity can influence the cord without having to enter people’s auras itself. This added energy can further lower the frequency of the energy that travels through the cord, blowing up conflicts between people into disproportionately explosive situations, without these people being aware that there are invisible third parties at play who are amplifying the conflict.

Avoiding the entry of cords altogether as a human being may be a complicated task, especially in the midst of transformational processes, but you can limit the influence of cords already present by putting yourself firmly in place, psychologically and energetically. As a sovereign human being. This energetic dynamic requires focusing on what one’s own will is and what one’s own principles and precepts are, so that one is not constantly moved back and forth by external influences. Learning to stay well with yourself requires getting to know yourself and putting yourself first. And thus form more self-love and self-respect. It requires developing discernment in what one experiences, which energy is one’s own and which is not, always feeling deeply what one’s self really wants and does not want, and putting this down inwardly clearly, declaring it as an inner affirmation. And holding this intention and carrying it out to the outside world, and not abandoning it out of complacency or fear of disharmony. Your will and intention regarding your boundaries should be clear and firm, sending a message that naturally commands respect, to both the physical outside world and the non-physical outside world. Being able to say “NO” is a great example of this, and has a palpable, liberating effect, in which you get closer to yourself.

As one becomes more multidimensionally aware, one also becomes more and more aware of the importance of proper, energetic self-care. If you want to be sovereign, even in a multidimensional context, you will also have to energetically guard your boundaries yourself. That also means not giving room to levity, indifference or recklessness in yourself toward anything you connect with energetically. The solar plexus chakra, the will center, plays a major, regulatory role in this. Consciously using the willpower to delineate and strengthen one’s aura is key in this. However, applying this in a balanced way is a major challenge. Often people tend to make themselves smaller or invisible and let people walk all over them, or, on the contrary, inflate themselves, make themselves bigger, and walk all over others. The middle of this is where your willpower is firmly established with respect to your own space, your own aura, but at the same time is not boundless, does not push away or enter the auras of others. Its ideal execution depends largely on its cooperation with the heart chakra above the solar plexus, which balances and channels the energy of the will. One might say that the will, like the mind, should not have its own direction, but may be subservient to the heart. The solar plexus is also a power center that can amplify the love power of the heart, but without an open heart, without love as a center and as a compass, the will can become disconnected, and, in cooperation with the mind, focus exclusively on control and power.

The development of sovereignty is an essential pillar in the movement toward Christ-consciousness and mastery. However, the road to sovereignty also has a pitfall, which is worth mentioning in the context of this blog. It happens that through ego-layers people deal with the concept too one-sidedly, too fanatically, too frenetically or too rigidly. The ego, like an unconscious saboteur, can hijack the idea of sovereignty and autonomy, invert it, pull it into the extreme or into the negative, defeating its purpose. It can tip over to isolationist tendencies, to a “cocoon” or “island” mentality, to an unhealthy form of I-consciousness, excessive individualism, which can be at the expense of a healthy, energetic, connecting relationship with the outside world. In a social sense, but also in a multidimensional sense. Then it goes beyond putting down “good fences,” and one can degenerate into an armored hermit, closing oneself not only to the negative things, but also to the good things.

This attitude may stem from an attempt at self-protection fueled by unconscious layers of fear, which leads to excessive caution. It can come from not wanting to feel stored emotions, and avoiding external triggers at all costs. It may stem from tendencies of compulsive, energetic hygiene. And it can emerge as negative expressions of pride and independence, leaning on unconscious beliefs that think they serve freedom, but in a multidimensional context actually limit freedom, because one “locks” oneself up energetically, thereby missing out on opportunities for spiritual growth. The latter is recognizable through beliefs such as “I’ll do everything myself,” “We have to do it ourselves,” “You can only rely on yourself,” “Asking for help is giving away your strength,” “Dependence and vulnerability are a weakness.” The attitude can also stem from a distorted view of how multidimensional reality works, in which one assumes an imaginary independence but does not sufficiently realize how everything is connected to everything else, and how dependent one really is on the multidimensional ecosystem within which one lives.

Creation is the result of a collaboration between a countless number of aspects of consciousness as fragments of God. It is a vast ocean of energy in which everything intertwines, interacts, and informs and supports each other. And within which, therefore, there is also a reciprocal dependence, which we may recognize and embrace. This multidimensional collaboration requires a “we” mentality, a collectivist approach, and an ability and willingness to surrender. In this cooperation and exchange, our personal boundaries, while firm, should be flexible and fluid, and not rigid, hardened, immovable and unattainable. Our aura walls should keep out unwanted, uninvited influences, but also not be made of stone, preventing positive, inspiring impulses from entering and making constructive exchange impossible.
We are in our spiritual evolution building a healthier “I” strength, but certainly a healthier “we” strength as well. Toward a state of being in which individualism is not at the expense of collectivism, but neither is it the other way around. Of course, being too collectivist can also backfire; the idea is not to lose yourself in the collective. However, without this “we” force, a society cannot achieve harmonious unity. In this, the development of a loving state of being is both the means and the end; it dissolves dual systems. Love is always about balance and equilibrium from the middle, and that requires healthy relationships between the complementary parts of the whole. The unity we aspire to as a collective thus always dependent on both healthy sovereignty and harmonious confluence as a collective.

Everybody underwrites the usefulness of so-called “community-living”, self-reliance and abundance increase when we cooperate and share. However, it is good to realize, especially at this time when the veils are dissolving and we are becoming more aware of our multidimensional environment and all the activity that takes place in it, that we are also in a multidimensional community through which we are receiving plenty of help. And I am not just talking about God, but the many billions of beings scattered across the dimensions that assist humanity. We don’t have to do it alone, and we don’t do it alone. That is an illusion we may let go of. It is important not to let our focus on sovereignty get in the way of openness to cooperation and exchange with the many beings within this multidimensional community. Because just as this reality is opening more and more to humanity, our attitude in it is crucial. There is already an awful lot of cooperation going on to help humanity, but the extent to which this cooperation can begin to increase on a more conscious level depends on our openness and initiative; we ourselves must take the first steps in this. That is our free will respected by them, and self-initiative encouraged by them. It is the lesson every creator-in-the-making has to learn. That we may have a healthy, critical discernment in this is also part of it, but that is for another blog.

I want to end this blog article with a shoutout to some of the many, positive, spiritual forces currently assisting man and humanity as a whole and with whom we as humanity will begin to have a more conscious and intense collaboration in the future:
– One’s own total multidimensional self (including: Higher Self, Soul, Monad, I AM Presence and all dimensional self parts throughout Creation)
– Family and friends in the Spiritual World
– Guides
– Guardian Angels
– Teachers
– Medical team
– Ascended Masters
– Enlightened Extraterrestrials
– Archangels
– Dragons
– Nature Beings
– Elementals
– Inner-Earth beings
– The Earth (as a conscious being who regards us as her children)
– The Sun (as a conscious being that regulates the entire evolution of the solar system)

We see you. We thank you. We love you.

Let us become sovereign and free. And at the same time, as the veils fall, begin to consciously participate in multidimensional “community living,” to create a New Earth Paradise together. A project that truly involves ALL dimensions. Looking forward to it!


© Maxim Lazet. This article may be copied and distributed in its entirety and unaltered only, including all copyright notices.
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