Removal of the Dark Matrix

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Report of the 5D Healing Hour Webinar of 18-5-23 (Ascension Day) by Karin Thomas(
“We are slowly sinking into the Earth. You may experience some heaviness. We are moving into the figurative lion’s den. A place in the Earth that forms a “heart of darkness.” A starting point in the Earth that acts as a generator for dual forces. A place where the “Dark Matrix” is anchored. Your body may react to it, with some pinches in the heart and restlessness in the abdomen. This anchoring point is already not as solid as in former times, but now it can loosen completely.
Just feel how magnetically you are pulled into it, and how different that feels in terms of grounding from what you are normally used to. Today, on this Ascension Day, we may turn inward into ourselves, to release the internal anchoring of our own inner “heart of darkness,” our inner “dark matrix.” This part within ourselves still resonates to the anchoring outside ourselves. For a long time we have needed this anchoring point in ourselves, to be able to be on Earth as human beings. We needed that gravity, but in the meantime we have evolved so much that we have grounding in ourselves that we no longer need a center of gravity for that. We now release this inner anchoring. It is as if an anchor is anchored under our feet, and a cord runs from the anchor through our body, and this cord is now cut loose. Perhaps you can feel yourself loosening from that anchor, and at the same time, as a result, the gravity of the heart of darkness in the Earth is exerting less gravity on you. You may also feel shifts in your abdominal and tailbone areas.

Now that we are disconnected from this and the dark matrix no longer has any influence over us, we can also help release this anchoring in the Earth. We are now part of a very large group of people and light beings involved in the ascension process of the Earth, and in large numbers we are gathering in a large circle around the heart of darkness anchoring, to release the “dark matrix” anchoring in the Earth. There is a feeling in the collective of: “Enough is enough. It’s done now.” Let us connect our hearts with all in the group so that we create one big collective heart. In which not only our heart energy, but also our higher heart energy flows in. And this great collective heart encircles the heart of darkness anchoring point in the Earth, and with collective power the point is softened.

And as the group energy flows, you may feel movement in your belly. With the removal of this anchoring, you can come even deeper into your body, you can begin to fully occupy your own space, where you have all along ceded that space to that heart of darkness. And with it also comes an end to the influence of the heart of darkness.

More and more, that anchoring in the Earth becomes week. The group energy becomes more and more powerful. We are all here together, to stand for humanity and Mother Earth. And then there is movement in the anchoring, as if it comes off like a big taproot. It now shoots free and moves like a helium balloon upwards, past the Earth’s surface into the atmosphere, and there at the edge of the atmosphere bumps into a ceiling, against the powerful light grid around the Earth, which has been woven in recent years by a collaboration of many light workers and light beings. The love energy of our collective heart of the group in the Earth, reaches further and further beyond the light grid. Through this love and the light of the light grid, the anchoring energy is dissolved until nothing remains.

With this, the power elite on Earth can no longer hide, and everything will come to light. They have now energetically lost their power, and there is no escape. We have collectively managed this, and this could not have come about without first internally looking our own shadow in the eye, embracing it and melting it away in our hearts. This is the result of all the hard work all these years by everyone. And then, in the Earth where this anchoring has been, something opens up. An original light force of the original Earth, which was locked and abused when the dark matrix was anchored. This original source of power is now opening up again. It was the original power source of the Earth and everything living on the Earth. It was this energy that fed the Lemurian people. In the time when people were not very material, but in a fleeting, ethereal form. This generator was then hijacked, to put a dark matrix generator on it. But now this original power source of the Earth is available again. Just feel what it does to you when you connect with that. A sparkling, vitalizing energy flows from it, recharging our battery and dispelling fatigue. Where the dark matrix actually drew energy from us and made us feel tired and heavy. More and more light is now coming from Earth’s original power source, more and more it is running at full speed. Our etheric bodies are responding to this more and more, as if our Lemurian Self is being awakened by this, given more presence within ourselves. More and more relaxation is coming into our bodies. All the parts in our body that were so used to the gravity of the dark matrix, those heavy physical frequencies, are now beginning to relax. They are vitalized; it can feel like a relief. It is as if there was an abrasion, a friction present in ourselves all along, which is now dissolving.

Also removed from our minds now is a piece of technology, which was sucked in like a magnet by the dark matrix generator, which also kept our brain in a certain frequency mode, within which our thoughts could be formed. Thoughts within a limiting, dual bandwidth. This is now being removed, and this also has a liberating effect on our pineal gland, and the frequency bandwidth in which we can process information in our mind. This can have some effect on our inner balance, our equilibrium, for a while. With this limitation removed in our mind, we start to remember more about our past, about who we are, what we have to do. Something artificial also runs along our spine. An artificial line along the connecting line of our chakras that kept us anchored in the dark matrix. This, too, is now coming off completely. You may feel sensations in your back, neck, shoulders, back of the head and tailbone. And then the body and nervous system will continue to relax. And then it’s time to move toward the Earth’s surface again. The process will continue to unfold, in each of us.”


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