Reconnection to the Divine Mother and the Divine Father

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This is a follow-up to the previous post, titled, “In October, Mankind Will Stand”. I feel I want to emphasize that this has not been just a transmission, of which we are uncertain or unclear how much truth it contains.

It feels so completely true. Not “just” intuitively, it literally penetrates every physical cell of our being. With 15 years of experience on the spiritual path, we are well aware of the importance of grounding, discernment, and clarity in receiving such transmissions, as well as being well aware of the pitfalls, the noise, the hookups, and the tricks from lower, astral realms, to corrupt transmissions, to mislead people, or to put them in a passive state in anticipation of outside help. The information from this transmission fits very well into the context of what is happening on a large scale, and what has been opening up in recent weeks. It is well felt in the body, and well noticeable in consciousness. Many people feel and experience the same, we have really reached a crucial time phase. And I’m not talking about what happens socially, but about what happens spiritually, multidimensionally. The physical, the social, will inevitably follow (with some delay) what happens in the ether.

In simple terms you could say that the end goal of this exciting time, this joint journey, this transition period, is a collective reconnection with the Divine Mother and the Divine Father . We as humanity have long been cut off from both “poles”, and that is now recovering at a rapid pace. The God consciousness is opening on Earth, the quarantine of this planet is ending. This has of course been a process of many, many years, but in recent weeks the signals have been so strong that there seems to be some form of completion.

Huge strides have been made since September in this reconnection with both the Divine Mother and the Divine Father. Long ago I learned from my spiritual teachers that when the 13th dimension becomes fully grounded on Earth, the ascension process is complete. The I AM represents this 13-dimensional field, and is pure, non-dual God power. It is also this energy that spoke through Jesus. And this field has been grounding itself for several weeks, nesting itself on Earth. As a result, not a single person, but all of humanity, and the Earth itself, will be permanently and irreversibly carried by this field. The increase of Light, and the cleaning effect on the darkness, has increased exponentially. The descent of this I AM field can be called the reconnection to the Divine Father.

What was expressed in the transmission can be called a monumental step in the reconnection to the Divine Mother, and oh, how palpable this was. I personally have come a long way from groundlessness to groundedness over the past 20 years, and I currently feel being so nurtured by Mother Earth, and Divine Mother working through her. The past few days I feel very well anchored in my physical body, and I feel great waves of warmth, security, security, firmness and gratitude go through me like never before, and it moves me deeply.

This reconnection of “above” and of “below” ensures an explosive liberation and development of our hearts. Because the pure, Divine essence can start flowing through us again, it is inevitable that Love will flow abundantly, permeating and flushing everything and everyone. What a prospect! And how the courage and strength among the population will increase to indeed stand, with a renewed, fortified base chakra and heart chakra.

I do feel that I want to nuance and indicate that one should not stick to a date too much (the month of October in this case). Stay in the NOW. Processes go slower than we would like. They are major activations, starting signals, milestones that are then followed by a series of smaller steps, which are also necessary. We also have to be realistic, and continue to realize that the dual players will try to play a few last cards.

Finally, I would like to emphasize that in addition to this collective path, which will be successful, something I am full of confidence and optimistic about, we also all have an individual path to follow, in which the hurdles to be taken differ per person. So don’t let hopeful messages put you in a waiting, passive attitude. Keep working on raising your consciousness every day, and dose the intake of negative news.


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