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Welcome to my new blog! Since about 2015, I have not performed any website activity, nor have I written any online articles. It has been a real cocoon phase, but that is now slowly changing.

I have entered a new, freer and more powerful state of consciousness, and from this new state I will carry out my spiritual activities in service. There is no greater joy for the soul than to be of service from the heart, bringing more Love, Light, Truth and Oneness, and I am happy and grateful that not only through inner transformation but also through more action in the outer world I may contribute to a more beautiful world, a New Earth.

The timing is not coincidental. Many lightworkers are at roughly the same tipping point. Many have long wondered how long it would take for “the spiritual revolution” to visibly erupt in society. This has always depended on the timing of the birth of the fifth dimension, and the birth of New Earth. It has been a literal birthing process, and it is my understanding from the Arcturians that this process was initiated after the December 2012 transition and lasted 8 years. That time was needed not only for the transformation of the planet, but also in parallel for the transformation of the first wave of humans ready to move into the fifth dimension. They have, as pioneers, as it were, pried open the dense fields, after which it has become easier for successive waves of people to make the same move at a later time. The opening of these fields required a deep inner transformation, in which a number of issues played the leading role: dissolving 3D/4D frequencies within our consciousness, peeling off the Ego Self/Illusion Self, crystallizing our cellular structure, shedding the influence of dual 4D forces, activating and integrating higher chakra’s and lightbodies, making room for the descent of the Soul, etc..

In those 8 years a lot has happened on a macro level in the ether, my partner and I were often allowed to witness many of these events in meditation. The Dec 2012 transition allowed the 9th dimension to ground on Earth, making a reconnection possible again, through the Galactic Heart, the center of our Galaxy, with universal and cosmic consciousness, with Source field, the I AM, beyond the 12th dimension. This was a prerequisite for anchoring Divine, Diamond Truth, Unconditional Love, and the Law of One on this planet, which in turn was a prerequisite for collectively moving through the 4th dimension into the 5th dimension. For both the Earth and humanity.

I digress 🙂 My intention for this blog article was to welcome you to my new blog on this website. There will be a lot more texts here in the future, and I will also start making videos when it feels like it. It has now become very clear to me that my spiritual guidance has kept tight control over the timing of events in my life. For now they have indicated to make myself more visible again, and to start with workshops and distance healings, in collaboration with my partner. You can find our activities on the events page of this website.

If you are interested in reading my old blog texts, I have put them back online as an archive. Much of the information therein is timeless, but keep in mind that they are around 12 years old, and they reflect an older state of consciousness and level of knowledge. Many of those texts used to be, since 2006, on, my older website about invocations aimed at increasing frequency.

Thank you for visiting my blog, and maybe until next time.

In Love and Truth,


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