Klaus is right, a Great Reset is coming

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Klaus is right, a Great Reset is coming, and nothing will be the same. However, it will not take the form he is aiming for.

15 years ago, when I first started delving into the so-called collective ascension process we are in, the ascension into the fifth dimension, I learned that technology would play a huge role in that ascension process. This implies that not only change in the inner world (evolution of consciousness) changes the outer world, but also vice versa. Changes in the outer world, through technology, can also bring spiritual growth.
We all carry the unconscious desires and memories of abilities that set us free. Examples of these abilities are materialization, perfect health, immortality, telepathy, teleportation, telekinesis, clairknowing, etc. In the higher dimensions, these qualities are freely available. As self-evident qualities of the enlightened spirit. Consciousness knows no boundaries, has infinite possibilities, in its purest form it is completely free, completely connected, completely healthy, and completely omniscient.

Technology imitates the powers of consciousness. As long as one has not yet activated these abilities in their consciousness, one looks to develop these same qualities in the outer world, through scientific applications. The imitation by technology takes place throughout all creation. Planetary civilizations are constantly exploring how to expand their capabilities in these areas, how to bend the natural laws of creation through scientific applications. And when they then tap into those same possibilities in their consciousness at a later stage of evolution, they no longer need the technology for it.

To enable the ascension of our planet and humanity at this time, due to the limited consciousness on Earth, technology would be needed to make the leap into higher dimensions. An artificial infrastructure had to be built that would mimic certain properties of consciousness until consciousness itself would have these properties. The freedom to connect and communicate with each other and access to knowledge has been particularly important in this regard. In other words: the internet. Consciousness expands through an increase in truth, through an increase in exchange and connection, through an increase in the processing speed of information. Group consciousness evolves through an increase in interconnectivity and (re)connection of souls and soul groups. The digital path forms a crucial support in this, as an electrical carrier for making ethereal connections.

The introduction of information technology is not without risk and has its downsides, and this is clearly visible. Information technology brings us data efficiency, free communication, education and entertainment, but also seems to work against us as humanity. Distraction, addiction, misinformation and information overload are serious risks, they encourage people to stay in their head and to continue to focus exclusively on the outside world, while the spiritual path is precisely aimed at finding the way to the inner world.
Yet it has been the Light World that has rapidly introduced this technology over the past 50 years, to establish the technological infrastructure that will create the necessary conditions to bring about an explosive growth of Light and Truth, needed to make the leap into higher dimensions. . It has not been the minds of the “silicon valley” scientists who have created the necessary applications out of thin air, although their egos may like to believe so. They have received the ideas from Spirit to start bringing it into matter. Not humans, but the spiritual world is in control of which technology is introduced into a civilization at what time. Likewise, it is very likely that Tesla was not here to immediately implement his advanced technology in the early 20th century, but to plant a seed, because the collective consciousness at that time was not yet mature and responsible enough to use such technology without destructive abuse.

The Light World needed those in positions of power on Earth (let’s call them the “Clique”) to set up the technological infrastructure on Earth. After all, they have the resources. Those in power were needed to develop and build the facilities that would, eventually, break their own power. They did need a selfish incentive to realize this, and many of the provisions were born and financed from motives to increase their own power and wealth. In this way, those who exercise power are put to work by the Light, not realizing that they are actually, from a higher perspective, serving the Light and hastening the demise of their power. In this way the dark unconsciously contributes to the Higher Agenda of the Light. Their ego is used to unconsciously advance an ego-free evolution.

The consequences of the arrival of the technological infrastructure are then predictable. In their hunger for power, the Clique would inevitably use technology to increasingly control, register and centralize. And in this way try to create a timeline that is desirable to them, with the ideal of ultimate power centralization, a technocratic world government.
Either way, it would lead to a race, a time-sensitive chess game in which the technology is used by the Clique to increase their power, and on the other hand, the Light World would aim for this technology to have the intended liberating effect to strip the Clique would be stripped of power. This situation is forcing a boiling point between control and freedom, a final battle between the universal forces of power and love, between illusion and truth, and all of this is now well visible in the world. This boiling point characterizes the current global situation, and it is valuable to see the larger, positive context behind it. How the invisible hand of the Light World is behind this development, and how this all fits into an “end of time” scenario, which does not mean an end, but a forced, accelerated transition, which in the span of a few decades setting in motion a speedy evolution of the planet and humanity. You could call that a Great Reset. The Light World fully realized this inevitable race in advance, and took it for granted as an inescapable side effect. This race has certainly played out in similar transition phases on other planets.

It is not that the Clique has not been aware of this, but they have no choice. They know about the ascension process and the special times we live in. They are aware of the time pressure, and that it is hit or miss for them. And some of them are so caught up in power consciousness and pride that they are unwilling to lay down their arms and will try every last trick they can come up with. This is why it is now darkest before dawn. However, the dawn is now very close, the ascension has been successful, the technology has done its job.
Therefore, Clique and Klaus, thank you for your contribution to the successful completion of the ascension process. You have used your means of power to establish the necessary technological infrastructure. Exactly what the Light World has wanted. Only your ego has lingered in illusion and need for power, and you are now struggling to let go. You still live in the delusion that power will bring you more fulfillment than love. The Great Reset is indeed coming, but not in the way you are striving for. There can only be one end result, and that is Love. The increase in frequency enforces this. I hope that you will yet make fruitful choices, for the collective and for your own existence, also beyond this life.


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