Healing myself as an unborn baby

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During the period that my mother was pregnant with me, she experienced some strong emotions. The energy of those emotions ended up in my aura as an unborn baby and 'sticked'. It didn't really affect me in my youth.

However, in my twenties, which were dominated by strong karmic transformation processes, this energy started to play a stronger role. That energy was of a lower frequency than the frequency of my emotional body, and therefore formed a vulnerable spot in my emotional body, where etheric, dual forces connected to to try to lower my frequency. I was emotionally affected by this, but had no awareness of the origin of this emotional energy.

My mother died of cancer when I was 27. Five years later, I was sparring with a healer friend one evening when my mother suddenly appeared in my living room. She pointed to my belly, and gave me the message: “Go heal yourself in the period when you were a fetus. ” I then started doing this with the help of an aura reader. The energy in question then indeed became visible. It had become quite intertwined with my own energy in my emotional body. After a few sessions the energy was cleared, and I noticed a pleasant jump in the frequency of my emotional body. And so the circle was complete. 🙂


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