Great Awakening or Great Reset?

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In a galaxy not far away ... there exists a planet very similar to ours. The planet has a rich, diverse nature and is inhabited by a humanoid race. In terms of evolution, society is slightly further along than humanity, and is characterized by the following features and tools:
– they are transhumanist
– they are led by one central world government
– they speak one language worldwide
– they use one central bank and one digital currency worldwide
– they went through what we call “the fourth industrial revolution”
– they have an advanced internet
– they have advanced science in robotics, AI and DNA manipulation
– they have no property of their own
– everyone receives a basic income

– there is no more religion

A recognizable terror? It sounds like a dark, unfree future that awaits humanity on Earth… Or doesn’t it? Let’s take a deeper look at all these elements in their society.

– transhumanism –

They went through a transcendence of consciousness after a sudden leap of consciousness that made them inwardly freer, more detached and playful in life. They evolved from homo sapiens to homo spiritualis ludens, the spiritual, playing human. They make grateful use of technology; however, they do not ponder putting technology in their bodies, but honor their bodies as the temple they are.

– central world government –

There is a world government; however, the form of government is not controlling, but facilitating. Referendums are held and the voice of the world’s population is taken seriously. It does not impose controlling rules that take away citizens’ sovereignty, but rather guards their freedom and livelihood. The government has a simple, minimalist form and consists of a 13-member Main Council, where two core qualities are required in the appointment of members: love and wisdom. In addition, there are Sub-Councils in which specialists in all social fields are seated, who can come up with concrete proposals, but which are tested by the Main Council on the content of love, wisdom, justice and equality.

– one language –

They decided at some point to use one working language worldwide, to strengthen the world population’s sense of unity and overcome language barriers, and thus have fewer conflicts due to miscommunication and misunderstandings. In terms of language, citizens have been willing to give up something of their local culture for this greater good, leaving them free to maintain local languages as secondary languages.

– one central bank and one digital currency –

This single bank, like the government, has no controlling role but a facilitating one, and exists only to ensure that the technology of the global transaction system works. The bank operates as a nonprofit foundation and is funded by the government. It operates with no profit motive, no costing, no interest calculation, no investing and no behavioral monitoring. Private banks have become obsolete, and no longer exist. There is one digital currency, which uses a public, transparent, non-fraudulent blockchain, and the whole world uses one and the same app for financial transactions, issued by this bank.

– the fourth industrial revolution –

Their advanced industry and technology have eliminated any form of harmfulness to nature, and their applications are aesthetically and harmoniously assimilated into nature, architecture and interior design.

– advanced internet –

They have an advanced Internet that can be used free of charge by any citizen of the world. The Internet serves primarily as an infinite open-source source of knowledge and unlimited means of communication, and the technology of their wireless networks has been developed so that the radiation is not harmful to health.

– robotics, AI and DNA manipulation –

The homo spiritualis ludens uses technology, but is very aware of the need for limitation and is no longer driven by power, as their heart center has become larger than their will center. AI is used with positive limits, robots are used only for routine work and for increasing comfort and safety, and DNA manipulation is used only to improve health and extend lifespan.

– no own property –

They have no property of their own (and they are happy). The need for a legal basis for possession no longer exists; everything is distributed from consensus, harmony, detachment and abundance. Houses and land are not “owned,” residents only have the exclusive right to use them. Because of their transcendental, detached state of consciousness and abundance-creating, economic system, everyone can use a house and things without having to name it as a legal possession. Rather, it is seen as a loan, the only, true owner is the living being that is the planet, giving them all the necessary resources for their abundance. It is not a communist model by earthly standards, and the government also does not own it. Government is only an enabling institution, it carries no power or ownership as a stand-alone, legal entity, and owes its existence only by the grace of the consensus of the people.

– everyone receives a basic income –

The mechanism of a basic income (in addition to any work income) is not there on this planet to control or patronize, it is simply a practical measure to ensure that everyone’s minimum subsistence needs are met, i.e. have housing, food, clothing and medical care. Basic income comes from compassion and self-interest at the same time. Everyone there understands that it works to everyone’s advantage for everyone to have this foundation. After all, the chain of collective consciousness is as strong as its weakest link. The simplest and most effective way to raise a collective consciousness is to raise the bottom of well-being for everyone. That means guaranteeing basic services, making sure that no one is homeless or hungry, no one has a fear of survival, and no one has reason for despair, frustration, jealousy, resentment or criminal behavior such as stealing, in order to ensure their own livelihood. This removes a large, negative emotional frequency bandwidth in the collective consciousness, which gives everyone upliftment, and gives much room for freedom, fun, creativity and innovation, which also increases public health and economic productivity.

– there is no more religion –

This does not mean that the population has become atheistic, quite the contrary. It only means that the people have embraced spirituality as a natural part of their existence. They see themselves as Source Beings, as aspects of God who is all-encompassing. Everyone has their own direct line to God, and they do not need institutions, intermediaries or symbols to do so. They do not worship God, but honor God in a down-to-earth way, recognizing and celebrating their own divinity, without making themselves small, and without indulging in misplaced emotions of fear, shame or guilt.


The moral of this story is, that transhumanization, globalization and technologization are not necessarily something wrong. They are basically neutral concepts indicating expansion and transcendence, which are natural movements of evolving consciousness. However, these concepts can be either liberating or limiting, and that depends purely on whether they develop from love or from power. The enumeration of societal and technological features and tools at the beginning of this blog may have seemed to reflect a pale future, but once these tools are deployed in a facilitating rather than controlling manner, it immediately turns the situation around by 180 degrees and actually works in an empowering and liberating way, as shown by the society on that other planet. If they are deployed from power, then the instruments have a controlling role, then they create an unfree and inhuman control system and turn the world into one big prison. But if they are deployed from love, then the instruments have only a facilitating, supporting role, and contribute to unification, freedom, expansion and well-being. So it is much more the motives of policymakers than the instruments themselves that need to be scrutinized. It is a simple and logical conclusion: it is not the tools that are decisive, but the heart-worn application of them by their leaders.
As for globalization, it is an inescapable development in evolution that administrations will emerge at ever larger unitary levels, and thus at some point planetary governance may emerge. We also arrived at our current country division in the world by merging regions, and we should not be under the illusion that we are now at the end of that expanding movement. Other planets also have world governments that function well, and so there are even governments on interstellar levels, such as Solar Councils, Galactic Councils and Universal Councils, in which many, different extraterrestrial peoples participate. What we see in that context in movies and series like Star Wars and Star Trek are not imaginations, they are soul memories. Let us keep our minds open to the possibility that in some distant future the entire Earth will consensually become a province of a peaceful, interplanetary, political unity. And let us also keep our minds open to the possibility that we are currently experiencing certain problems on Earth precisely because we are not yet a conscious province of such peaceful, interplanetary, political unity.

Globalization also does not have to mean the death of local culture or economy at all, sometimes it seems people fear that. Keeping things small offers the appearance of controllability, but ultimately stems from fear and need for control, not love. It is quite possible to create larger, political bodies to address global issues while respecting the existence of local, cultural and economic identities. It doesn’t have to bite each other. Love creates the space where everything can coexist in harmony.

I suspect that many who call themselves anti-globalist are not necessarily against globalization per se, but against a centralization of negative exercise of power, because they do not trust those in power. Which, under the current circumstances, they have a point. However, the exact same problems can occur on a national level. History is full of regional dictators. The solution to this problem does not lie in determining the ideal size of the Empire. If there were a world government that would selflessly serve the interests of the entire world population, taking into account all levels of society, and not infringe on the sovereignty and cultural backgrounds of citizens, there would probably already be much more openness to it.

People debate endlessly about what the best forms of society are. Globalism, nationalism, democracy, capitalism, socialism, communism, Marxism, anarchy, etc. But what they are actually asking underlyingly is: which system keeps man’s ego in check the most? In practice, every one of these systems has failed due to corruption by the ego. In all cases, corruption, exploitation and inequality have emerged over time. As long as the ego rules and the love of power is greater than the power of love, any system will continue to corrupt and fail, therefore only increase in consciousness and inner liberation from ego can offer real solutions. However, as long as spiritual reality is not given a role in the philosophizing about the ideal form of society, they are never going to find solutions in their discussions, and are stuck in an intellectual merry-go-round that keeps them in their heads rather than dropping into their hearts.

Now, is there a “Great Awakening” or a “Great Reset (a la WEF)” going on? My perspective right now: both. At least temporarily, because I feel the Great Reset agenda will implode. Collective consciousness continues to rise and the love of freedom will not accept a control system. We are on the eve of the same leap in consciousness that that other planet went through. We leave the homo sapiens behind, and we move from head to heart, to the spiritual, playing human. “The meek shall inherit the Earth.” We leave behind the rationalistic “I think, therefore I exist” philosophy and replace it with an “I AM, therefore I exist” philosophy, demonstrating a broader, spiritual awareness rather than a poor, one-sided identification with the rational side of our being. The soul is going to rule again.

However, what is confusing at this stage is that both developments, the Great Awakening and the Great Reset, at this stage have the same outline, are developing the same tools. This is because the darkness is currently making a final attempt to create a corrupted mirror version of the blueprint for future society. The shadow versions of the positive forms of transhumanization, globalization and technologization are literally soullessness, negative power centralization and destructiveness. And they seek through the media to focus everyone’s perception on this negative version in order to feed it with the creative power of the collective. Therefore, it is currently very important to detach and trust in the development of the blueprint of the Great Awakening, the Divine Plan for Earth. However, the Great Reset movement does not only have a negative function. It gets people out of their passive comfort zones and it prompts them to take action toward positive change. In addition, this phase addresses final negative, planetary karma issues, and separates the wheat from the chaff in leadership by forcing negative rulers to come out of their shadows and put their cards on the table. After the leap of consciousness, a great and inevitable shift in leadership in the world will take place, and it will come into the hands of people with humane and selfless intentions. And the tools developed will not be thrown away, but will be used in a facilitating rather than controlling way, and will have a liberating and empowering effect.

Furthermore, where global power centralization can be a negative, risky issue, it can also end up being quite beneficial. This is because with a “single point of power” comes a “single point of failure” and a “single moment of switching” as well. It creates the possibility of a sudden fall of the entire, old, global system and a rapid transition, whereby the new, global system will have in its hands an infrastructure that can be put to positive use immediately, and with the transfer of the keys can thus become a “single point of success.” To cite an example, disbanding the world’s powerful, private banking cartel is a tall order that would be met with much resistance, but if this were to be reduced already by current, political rulers to one global, central, public bank, and then, with the leap of consciousness, surrender the “keys to the kingdom,” this greatly simplifies and accelerates a transition to an equitable, enabling, financial system. And the Internet has also had a much more liberating effect than they had envisioned. And thereby they unconsciously prepare the divine blueprint, rather than their desired shadow version.

The reason I wrote this blog is to provide a fresh perspective on the Great Reset terror. Things are not as bad as they appear. “God works in mysterious ways.” The scenario of the other planet demonstrates how the blueprint and the shadow version of the blueprint in terms of social infrastructure and tools, in their early stages of development need not even be that much different, only their application differs.

A Master once said, “The structure of Light is born from the Shadow,” and that is exactly what we see taking place before our eyes. It is still somewhat difficult to recognize that new structure while it is still surrounded and influenced by the Shadow, and that may still torque our confidence a bit, but it is only a matter of time before the Light rises above the Shadow, the Shadow loses its power over the set up structure, and dissolves.

Therefore, Klaus and Kabaal, thanks for the preparations and reflections, humanity will soon take the reins with love. “And in ze Great Awakening, we will not eat ze bugs.”

PS1. The planet described is not an actual planet. Although I’m sure there are many planets that roughly have this setup.

PS2. The society described on that other planet is what I estimate to be a possible 5D society. A 7D society will be even more paradisiacal, where manifestation is magical and instantaneous, and there is no longer any need at all for money and transaction systems.


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