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Take heart, dear friends. Such great things are happening right now that it is sometimes a challenge to comprehend it all. I've honestly been a little hesitant about making this post because of the "greatness" of the information, but I've decided to do it anyway, in the hopes that it will help people under the current 3D circumstances.

We are collectively moving towards a boiling point. Not a boiling point of strife, but a boiling point after which the lid flies off the pan, and Truth is not only unstoppable, but will flow exuberantly, in the broadest sense of the word. Divine, Multidimensional Truth. As if heaven opens.

The following is not a continuous story, but a small summary of information, personal experiences and quotes from Spirit such as Karin and I have experienced, received, and above all, clearly felt and integrated during the past 2 months. This is to emphasize that these are not unfounded, theoretical ideas. It has also been confirmed in many ways by third parties with similar experiences, in our immediate environment, and online.

All this added together gives a nice picture of how things are spiritually, and shows that a Divine force is building up on Earth, to which the Plan*demic is really no match for. As always, follow your own truth, stay close to yourself. If it resonates, nice, if not, that is fine too. Love includes and embraces all perceptions, and celebrates the diversity of perceptions as a beauty of Creation.


– We are NOW living in the most extraordinary time on Earth EVER.

– The Divine Plan is on track. (Don’t focus on the 3D disintegration, and keep your own frequency high)

– The I AM Presence or God Spark (pure, non-dual God force) has been grounding on Earth since September. The I AM represents the 13th dimension (and above). Because of this, the Light on Earth is now increasing exponentially.

– “God has come to Earth.” (quote from Spirit in our meditation, referring to the grounding I AM Presence or God Spark)

– The Time of Revelations has arrived.

– On the date of October 15, 2021, the trumpet has sounded. This was the date the scripture below applies: “When the trumpet sounds, the Lord will descend.” Thessalonians 4:16-17. This corresponds to the previous points. (Initially this has came to us through another lightworker, and later confirmed in our own meditation)

– The Earth has recently received a great light pulse from the Cosmic Sun, the center of Creation. This light has traveled to Earth via the Galactic Sun and our Sun, shaking and moving everything into a new phase of change. Not just the Earth, but the entire universe. The Galactic Sun and our Sun are also evolving.

– There is an exodus of dual, astral energies leaving the interior of the Earth because they cannot tolerate the increasing Light. However, not all these forces leave the Earth, some have come to the surface to create chaos for a while, this can lead to heightened emotions among people.

– “The House of Sata*n is crumbling.” (quote from Spirit in our meditation). This has been associated with an energetic collapse at a site in Malta, a country that forms a major meridian point of the Earth from which unity energy flows through subterranean etheric “mycelium” network connections.

– Saturn has very recently lost its dominion over the Earth for good. Many winged unicorns were trapped there, they were released and flew to Earth to reunite with their human selves. (The unicorn symbolizes Christ consciousness). The end of Saturn’s dual influence caused an energetic explosion under the Vatican.

– We are leaving the legacy of Atlantis within ourselves. We have been collectively as humanity healing the Atlantis traumas for the past few years, and are now in the final stage of this healing process.

– Excalibur, the sword of Truth, is closely associated with Mount Schiehallion in Scotland. In this mountain last week a great white diamond dragon was awakened with the help of the sword, and this dragon caused a great “truth” vibration through the leyline grid of the Earth. The sword read: “Truth will prevail, love conquers all.”

– Two weeks ago energetic channels were activated in people, which make it possible to experience parallel realities. Not just more multidimensional perception, but literally being present in multiple realities. Multiple Earths. 5D.


A wondrous and hectic time is coming, of which our guides had to say: “Get ready for a wild ride. Trust the plan.”

No, not Q’s plan. GOD’S PLAN.

Happy 11-11 day!


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