From Duality to Triality: The Birth of the Christ Child

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On my path to wholeness, I have felt a void throughout my adult life until now. Not in my heart, not in my head, but in my belly. It felt like there was a hole, an absence of consciousness. This was confirmed in 2009 by a well-known reader, he observed a black hole there. For a long time I thought this was about grounding and healing and developing the lower chakras, and focused on grounding and freeing and getting the belly chakra in particular spinning properly. And while this too certainly deserved attention, I learned only later that it was about something deeper, something was missing at the blueprint/human template level, at the creation matrix level.

Although over the years I was allowed to make small steps in filling this gap and integrating this missing template aspect, only now, since 2022 and especially 2023, that space is becoming really fully occupied. This template aspect could only really begin to be embodied after the integration of the I AM Presence, which 2021 and 2022 were all about. I speak here of the birth and integration of the Christ Child, which is currently taking place in all of us, collectively. You may feel this through a momentary increase in transformational processes in the belly but also in the head. This Christ Child is an essential element in the restoration and return of our Holy Trinity consciousness, our “Trinity Consciousness,” the triangle of the masculine Christ in ourselves, the feminine Christ in ourselves, and the Christ Child in ourselves. This triality is the key, the bridge to move from duality to oneness. From the 2 through the 3 to the 1. The realization of this triality ensures a level of purified, crystallized consciousness in a yin yang balance, and is a prerequisite for access to our multidimensional creative power, which is now rapidly increasing.

You could say that where the Masculine energy represents the Light, the Feminine energy represents the Dark, and together in relation to each other they provide the duality needed to create the Universe, the Child energy represents the Zero Point energy. This energy field is neutral, loving, uninhibited and full of creative potential. It carries, as it were, the manifest, dual reality of Light and Dark, forming a failsafe, a neutral space outside duality that limits duality and can enter it to melt duality. During the universal cycle, during the descent in dimensions, the path of densification from Source to Matter, which is necessary to create the Universe, this Child’s energy field slowly withdraws to give space to the increasing duality, until the moment that the deepest point in the Universe is reached, where this Child has fully withdrawn, and with it, the availability of its creative power to the inhabitants at that universal level. But there where in the universal evolution, after a reversal, the way back up is taken, the ascent in dimensions, this Child slowly becomes available again, and with it its qualities. The qualities of the Child are rather always visible in the human child despite the deep duality in this dimension. Enthusiastic, innocent, open-minded, creative and with an open heart. Without judgment and without conditioning. It is this child that we may begin to become again, to playfully shape the New Earth with our newly received creative power.

We are now in 2023 as humanity in the midst of this process of integrating the Christ Child. This also does not seem to have been possible before. Jesus, Mary Magdalene and their children planted the seeds, made the blueprint available, opened the potential, and embodied the masculine and feminine Christ Consciousness, but as I understand it was too early at that time to fully embody the Trinity consciousness, i.e., including the Christ Child. There was too much darkness on Earth 2000 ago to realize this, and the astronomical and astrological constellations were not ready for it either. In addition, humanity has a symbiotic relationship with Earth, so there is a mutual dependence. In other words, we’re in this together. In order for us to start embodying the Christ Consciousness collectively, the Earth also has to start embodying it, has to restore and crystallize her grid system. However, that requires such a large influx of Light that had to be anchored through humans, that at that time no human could manage alone. Therefore, in this time, 2000 years later, after much collective karma processing (the Dark Ages), millions of light workers have incarnated to collectively get the job done. Transforming themselves allowed them to receive, embody, ground and anchor more and more Light into the Earth Grid.

I often see question marks popping up on social media about the timing and planning of the ascension process. Many question the role of December 2012 because there were great expectations of major changes that would take place then.
It would have been a disruption, a manipulation, a psy-op or a misinterpretation of the Mayan predictions. But nothing could be further from the truth. There were certainly big changes, just not in the physical yet. As I indicated in an earlier blog, the ascension process is all about grounding the 13th dimension on Earth, and the Christ Child is a capstone of this. Over the years, incrementally successive dimensions have been grounded, through the integration and embodiment by many lightworkers worldwide. In 2012, the 9th dimension was grounded, and with it, the Galactic Human was born. This was an important step because then specific light frequencies and encodings from outside our Galaxy could enter through the portal of the Galactic Sun. It was also an exciting move, because it brought the planet enough Light integration to be able to hold its own within the new position Earth was moving to in the Galaxy. If Earth had then entered a new galactic quadrant of high-frequency Light without embodying sufficient Light itself, the planet might not have made it. But that went well.

The years 2013 to the present have seen many follow-up steps in the ascension process of the collective consciousness, made possible by the new openings of space and frequencies offered by the new, galactic consciousness. My beloved Karin and I have meditated a lot together since 2013 and have been able to witness and consciously live through many of the themes in those follow-up steps. Soon after December 2012, from Source the Diamond Ray was anchored on Earth, and this process took several years to become firmly established. It was given a specific grounding location, as all Rays have (like, for example, the Golden Ray in India), and that was initially on one of the islands in Panama. There, the energy was calm enough to make an initial anchorage, but not calm enough to go unnoticed. This process was fiercely opposed by negative, etheric forces that wanted to prevent it, and Karin and I were led there in many, successive meditations to support this anchoring process, in cooperation with other lightworkers and lightbeings. When the anchorage had become firm enough, the Diamond Ray was moved to its final, current, prophetic location: Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, where it has begun to nourish the New Jerusalem and the Diamond Grid of the Earth with its Diamond Light. In the years 2014/2015, the Christ Child began to show up in our meditations. It took the form of a cheerful, cosmic little boy with very bright, blue eyes (although of course this aspect is archetypal and androgynous) who felt very much at home in the stars. It regularly sat on the back of a huge dragon and held a toy sword with which it easily destroyed certain dual Matrix constructs while laughing and playing, and large, dual forces had the upper hand. 😊 It seemed that the Christ Child came directly from Source, was beyond duality, and that the Diamond Ray, as the pure Source energy, had acted as a “slide” for the Child to be able to come to Earth.

After 2012, in the period from 2013 to the present, we as a human, collective consciousness have been moving from the 9th dimension to the 13th dimension, from Galactic Human to Cosmic Human. And so now we have arrived at a tipping point with the integration of the Christ Child in 2023. The potential of Trinity consciousness that is now becoming collectively available marks a huge milestone, and is of a whole new caliber in terms of change promises, including in the physical. Multidimensionality opens en masse, soul memory returns, creative power increases, the New Earth hologram becomes more tangible, and the new Light coming in allows no more nonsense. The Diamond Sword cuts through all illusions and lies, and change can no longer be stopped. The inverted Matrix will have no choice but to implode, and the masses will begin to wake up at an increasing rate to what is really going on.

In 2015, Spirit told me, “This child will be your teacher. Listen to what it has to tell you.” I suspect that is true for all of us. It is also developing in you, and if you tune into it, it may already have a message for you. We regain our multidimensional creative power, and may begin to apply it with purity and playfulness, under the loving and enthusiastic guidance of our inner Christ Child. I’m looking forward to it, are you?


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