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As expected, the measures have been tightened again. It helps our energetic balance when we stop being surprised, disappointed or indignant by these steps, we all know where it's moving, and we all know it's not about health, it's about power.

The increasing absurdity of the measures, the proportionality of which has been completely lost sight of, is however the most effective instrument to wake up a sleeping mass. Making their movement space smaller step by step, until they no longer find it “normal” and no longer accept it. For the awakened people it takes a lot of patience, stamina and resilience, and it is important to go inward and continue to feel our acquired inner freedom, independent of the outer circumstances, which makes it easier to remain in acceptance of everything that is going on around us.

It has been predicted to all of us long ago that the 3D Earth reality would collapse, but now we suddenly see it happening in front of us at great speed. Not only do bankrupt, social systems implode, but the most important concepts that make life worth living are being undermined. Love, truth and freedom make way for fear, illusion and lack of freedom. We all accept the idea that Creation has a constructive and a destructive side, but it is theoretical until we ourselves are in the middle of such a movement of destruction, and experience the destruction in the here and now ourselves. Then it becomes a lot more challenging to continue to look at it neutrally in acceptance. However, it is valuable in our judgment not only to point to the dual players as the cause behind this breakdown. There are great, collective streams of consciousness, transitions of ages, where the “bad guys” are just executioners. All of us, including the lightworkers, have played these roles at different times in the universe. The plug of life force has been pulled from the 3D Earth Matrix by Light forces from the highest dimensions, and the dual players are being sucked into the disintegration, as they desperately seek power over their external reality to the very end to make up for their inner emptiness.

The surreality of how this global situation has come about in such a short time should make one think how much more there must be going on here than just a series of well-planned events led by a few power-hungry people. This sudden, rapid, global change is undeniably driven by a vast, invisible intelligence, to which the actions of these power-hungry men are merely a response. There is clearly a higher spiritual force, a neutral, overarching consciousness at work, forcing an accelerated evolutionary movement in a short space of time. This overarching consciousness gives space to two waves of consciousness moving apart, which represent two different realities, in which everyone individually, depending on their own perception and free will, moves along. This movement offers each of us a crossroads, a choice, so that at a soul level we can take the path we feel we want to take, and both waves of consciousness “inspire” us with seen and unseen impulses to choose its path.

I personally assume that the governments that are currently moving along in the co*ona narrative will not suddenly see the light. It is psychologically difficult for them to withstand the international pressures behind the scenes, and even more difficult for them to withstand the pressures of energetic, unseen forces affecting them. They have chosen a direction and dug themselves into it, and their egos make it very difficult to make a u-turn in it. That is such a confrontational and humiliating perspective for their egos that they would rather sit it out, with all the destructive consequences that entails. They will remain in denial as long as possible, they will hardly be susceptible to rational or empathetic counter-arguments. Even if a (soul) voice in the back of their mind says that what they are doing is not right, the ego voice says “There is no way back”. It is ultimately a battle for consciousness, and the policymakers are not very conscious pawns in this. They are part of a negative pyramid of power that extends into the ether, within which they have no insight into the higher layers of that pyramid, and do not see how they themselves are being pulled over by those higher layers on the basis of incomplete information.

It is astonishing to see how collective, unseen force fields are active that can drag people along, and how little those people seem to be able to bring up against it. Policymakers, scientists and media personnel who support this policy are apparently unconsciously moving along in the wind of this wave of consciousness with no grounding of their own, without sovereignty, without center. They are bombarded by unseen impulses that make them move in one direction without even realizing it. Except for the few at the top who do this out of conscious, malicious intent, the majority of them will not even realize this, and are simply naive, trapped in a narrowed consciousness. “They are so dependent on the Matrix, they will fight to protect it.” Critical, common sense loses out here, and the ego-mind, illusion and docility run rampant in their consciousness. This also underscores the difference between intelligence and consciousness. Intelligence does not automatically imply consciousness, many hyper-intelligent people are completely riveted to the collapsing 3D reality, and the elite makes good use of this in the execution of their plans.

In one thing the power-hungry are right, things will never be the same. We really all need to resign ourselves to the fact that going back to the “old normal” is no longer an option. Due to the frequency increase, everything will change drastically, for everyone, whichever way one chooses. In relation to the old normal it may seem to become a surreal reality, but the opposite is true. In fact, more of reality is made visible, so that we can no longer continue on the same footing. We are going to learn in the short term that the times of Rationalism of the past centuries, which have been glorified as common sense taking away ignorance, has actually only led us deeper into illusion. I don’t want to bash the value of mind maturation and scientific inventions, they certainly have played a positive and necessary role in the evolution of consciousness, but it is ironic that this period was called the “Enlightenment”, when the contrary is true. It has trapped man more deeply in the illusion of a materialistic, atheistic, mental image of reality. It has not produced independent thinking people, but more impressionable people, because the mind, instead of the heart, became the core of existence, and the intuition became the neglected child. One of the primary focuses of dual, unseen forces to gain power over people is to limit their grounding and keep them in their heads. In the latter, Rationalism has been quite successful, and today’s technology is taking it a step further.

Now that more of reality is becoming visible due to the frequency increase, it is expanding on both sides of the spectrum. And that’s the good news. Not only does the duality become more visible, the unity also becomes more visible. Not only the illusion is exposed, the truth is also exposed. It gives the “evil” a face, but above all it also gives a face to the “good”. And this “good” will demonstrate the divinity of existence and of ourselves. This truth will be confronting, but at the same time it will also bring a lot of fulfillment, relaxation, inspiration and joy. It is going to bring an end to the wickedness of this planet. It is going to end the quarantine situation of this planet. It’s going to end the fear of death. It’s going to bring an end to deficit consciousness. It is going to end the suppression of liberating technology. It will put an end to the bizarre notion that humanity is the only intelligent life in the universe. And love will reign again. And all of this is going to happen with such divine power that policy makers have no chance of perpetuating the illusion and fear with their policies. And then at some point they will resign, knowing that they have been overpowered by divine intervention. And then it’s up to humanity to forgive them as soon as possible after initial outrage, so that humanity’s heart can heal. And then the heart of Mother Earth will also heal, with whom we have a symbiotic relationship. And then we can enter the Golden Age as one. And then they will watch outside of Earth and say, “Earth is where the party will be.” And we are all invited. I hope you will join the party.


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