All-cleansing tsunami of cosmic light

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Dear friends, it is an exciting time of processing, letting go and transfiguration into becoming the new human. I'm writing less at the moment. I am continuously "energised" by high, cosmic energies. I would like to share below the beautiful experiences we had during Karin's webinar last Thursday. Take heart, and don't be fooled by the news, nothing is as it seems, and everything is going according to plan. I would like to invite you to participate in Karin's webinars, they are powerful, well grounded and always attuned to the actuality of the ascension process.

Transcript webinar 5D Healing Hour from 3-3-2022

A large energy wave appears that washes over the earth’s surface, like a large tsunami. And this energy wave is twofold. Depending on where you are right now, you can experience it one way or the other. This energy wave has a great power to wash away everything that no longer fits. Making a cleaning sweep. To rinse everything and everyone that has dug in to preserve the old. And the more someone has dug in, the more that person will feel the power of this tsunami as a destructive force, as a world-upside-down force. And then the other side of the energy wave is just a light-bringing energy. A new supportive energy. Where you are already present in your new self a lot, you will not experience the energy as destructive but as nourishing. It washes away the fatigue from you. And rekindle the fire within you.

It is an electrical energy, a cosmic energy, which is not from the Earth itself but is carried along with the photons of the photon belt that we are in with the Earth. This energy can give you the feeling that you are being pulled up, out of your grounding. It is therefore important to feel your roots firmly and to remain anchored in the Earth.

As the energy of this energy wave, this tsunami, moves through us, we descend into the Earth. And by descending into the Earth, we create an opening through which this tsunami energy can also flow with us into the Earth. So that it can also do its work in the earth layers. Even people who have hidden themselves deep in the Earth cannot escape the tsunami energy. And also all the pollution that is in and under the earth’s surface through human action, through misuse of the Earth, this tsunami goes right through and cleans it. And then we arrive in Earth to an Inner-Earth people. We are welcomed by them. This people, like the other Inner-earth beings, is also touched by the energy of the tsunami, with the difference that it does not come as a surprise to them, and does not wash them away but empowers them, just as the energy also empowers us.

Then we are taken by the leaders of the Inner-earth people even deeper into the Earth, to a gathering, they talk about a gathering. We enter a very large subterranean space, where emissaries from many nations are present. And we sit there as emissaries of the people of men who live on the face of the earth. With us there are many more emissaries, all people who are also busy with the lightwork, who are meditating and connecting. Also all Inner-earth peoples are represented in the gathering, just like the fairy peoples, elven peoples and devas. The Blue Avians are also present with a delegation. And emissaries from the galactic federation are in attendance, as are several other ET races involved in the Earth project. Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, they’re all there, and many more peoples that I can’t tell apart right now.

It’s like the Earth is a big spaceship and we’re in a big conference room inside the Earth. As inhabitants of that great spaceship Earth. Meetings are held about current events that are happening on Earth right now. About certain forces trying to pull the Earth into a negative time spiral. Their last desperate attempts to manipulate reality and the future. The unanimous vote in the meeting is that we do not allow this with each other. Project Earth is a success and will be brought to a successful conclusion. The energy will not allow attempts to create a third world war to actually take place. What is decided in the meeting is that the Earth will be helped a little bit, to set the right course. And we are together in the gathering to give the Earth that push. Just a push the other way, away from the negative time spiral, away from the negative timelines.

We do this by connecting our hearts with each other, with all the emissaries of all peoples present there, by strengthening our grounding, by consciously anchoring ourselves in the core of the Earth. By letting our inner source light flow through us, into the collective heart, and thus empower the divine will towards what is intended for the project Earth. With this energy, the Earth gets a push in the other direction towards the most optimal luminous timelines. And at the same time as we are there in that gathering, the tsunami energy also flows through the conference room, through all those present, renewing and empowering our inner source energy. As if we can give Earth that extra push in the right direction with the energy of this tsunami. The negative time spiral, the negative timelines, are sliding away from the Earth. They are no longer attached and are letting go.

Then it is discussed in the meeting that nothing is as it seems. That there are double agendas behind everything and that our eyes and ears deceive us when we look out into the world. That whatever news source, whatever conversations there are, opinions about what’s going on in the world, are all just fragments of the whole, and all are untrue by definition. And that the only truth there is is in ourselves. The more we live the truth within ourselves, the more the truth becomes visible in our external reality. And we are asked to dwell much more in our internal reality in the coming time, in our internal truth. So that we are not washed away by the tsunami of energy that has not yet blown out over the Earth.

We are also being asked to see all sides of reality outside of us as one and to embrace it in our hearts, so that the duality within ourselves and outside ourselves ceases to exist. There aren’t just bad guys fighting the good guys. There is good and evil in all parties, there is fear and love in all. This final battle has been prophesied long ago, we are in the midst of it, and eventually this final battle will abolish duality. And it will become visible what the role of each has been, and that in the core all roles have been created from the light. Even the deepest shadow roles have their roots in the light. They create the illusion that they are deep shadows so that they can create experiences and offer lessons. Just as many of us have been destructive in other time cycles, in other realities, in other dimensions, in other places. And we have learned from that and have taken our karma and lessons with us to the present era, to serve the light in the present era and make whole again where we once had a destructive role. Deep down in our souls are still feelings of guilt and shame from our destructive roles from the past. The tsunami energy helps us to wash away those feelings and those beliefs. So we will begin to feel deeply that everything has a reason. And creation cannot exist without destruction. They are two sides of the same coin. Realize that the dark shadow and the people who now represent the dark shadow were or will become luminous beacons in other times, because actually everything happens in the now, there is no present, past and future but everything is in the eternal now and we are playing all our roles at the same time.

Let go every guilt-filled, every shame, every judgment on yourself and on the pawns who are now playing the endgame. Let it flow, flow away with the powerful energy of the tsunami. So that there is even more space within yourself to empower your own light, your own source frequencies, to let the infinite sea of unconditional love flow from your heart to all corners of your body and of your entire being, so that you become a complete embodiment of love and truth.

In the meeting room of the gathering, all sides of the world stage are lovingly taken into our joint hearts and through our togetherness the role of every human being, every pawn in the game is recognized, and in our togetherness gratitude exists for everyone’s role. Then all energies of the world stage neutralize in our joint heart and from this level also the negative time spiral is neutralized from the joint love field.

Then the meeting comes to an end and everyone congratulates each other on the result. And is it also nice to experience how all those different human races and peoples and ET races can all live together in such a unity love field and the individual differences do not predominate, but rather the common ideal, the common love that runs through everyone.

Then everyone says goodbye to each other and we leave the meeting room as a group. We descend even deeper into the Earth, to the heart of Mother Earth. To feel for a moment the loving nurturing energy of the Mother, the Mother’s Heart. And to connect our hearts with her and to share the internal source energy from our hearts with the heart of Mother Earth. And Mother Earth shares her source energy from her heart with us. And we feel the deep connection with Mother Earth, the infinitely loving field of love of this great being Mother Earth. She who always carries everyone, unconditionally, and endures everything that goes on in and on her. She has so much love for the Earth experiment, what she is and what we are with each other. That she plays such a subservient role in the whole. Just feel the gratitude in your heart for the role of Mother Earth. Without her, our human role in this form would not even have been possible. Let yourself be completely filled by the love of the heart of Mother Earth, like a warm bath.

The remaining tension parts in our body dissolve in this nurturing love bath from the heart of Mother Earth. In this total surrender and relaxation, information downloads come in through our crown. These downloads flow down through our bodies. Down our spine. Just let it flow, those downloads, into your body. And if it falters somewhere, bring your attention to it so that you can better guide the information through your body.

Just let the information land in your pelvis. The information touches every cell in our physical body and illuminates our energy bodies. It’s a whole set of new encodings that we’re getting encoded in our new being. Then the energy from our pelvis flows further down our legs into the Earth. And the Earth is also being informed with these new encodings of information energy. It also affects the energy bodies of Mother Earth.

So much light is created, more light than we have been able to experience and embody until now. It flows through our bodies and through the Earth. This energy is just the vanguard of the light fields that are moving our way.

With this, the Earth and humanity have been definitively taken out of the quarantine that we have been in for so long. As these very high frequency radiant light waves of energy flow through us, also bring your attention to your physical body and feel your physical body. With these energies you easily float into infinity as if your body is infinitely large, and not material, and it is important that you continue to feel your physical body in it as well. Also feel the energy of the heart of Mother Earth, which we are still in, and the foundation and grounding she gives in it, that that energy is also there, that grounding in particular. That you not only feel that you are an infinite sea of love and a very large infinite field, but that you also have a physical body, a physical limitation and you can feel the grounding bed of Mother Earth there, so that you can entire being remains anchored in your physical body.

More energy downloads will come through and the energy will only get higher in frequency and more luminous, so especially take care of your physical body and perform activities that connect you with the earth. Get out into nature, put your hands in the Earth, hug trees, take a bath, eat and drink well, take care of yourself. The transformation process will become more and more of a rollercoaster in the coming time and taking care of yourself, being well grounded in your physical body to be able to anchor all those energies well in yourself, make that your priority.

We now say goodbye to the heart of Mother Earth and take her love that resides within us with us as we journey back to the Earth’s surface.

Much love,


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