Aliens: are they coming to rescue us or do we have to do it ourselves?

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The topic of the extraterrestrials is very actual and even the mainstream media is now feeding the idea of their existence and their presence around the Earth. Aside from the questionable intentions behind these media that presumably do this to maintain control over the narrative, this is a sign that the reality of extraterrestrial life is slowly but surely integrating into our reality. It is no coincidence that this development coincides with the increasing entry of the 5th dimension, through which we will experience more and more 5D phenomena.

I often see conflicting perspectives within the spiritual circles about the role the extraterrestrials should have on Earth. Some believe that we should do everything ourselves and above all, we should not let ourselves be “saved”. They emphasize the importance of individual responsibility, sovereignty and prudence. Others believe we should welcome them with open arms, and make pragmatic use of their solutions to help the planet and humanity.

In my experience there is a middle path, and it will be this middle path that will be followed naturally, as part of an individual and collective exploration of the multidimensional reality that lies beyond. It’s not or/or, it’s and/and, and this middle path will accommodate all arguments from both perspectives. I strongly believe that this path will present and unfold at the right pace in the coming years, carefully directed by Spirit. It will come down to the fact that it is neither that we have to do it all ourselves, nor that we surrender completely and let ourselves be “saved”. We keep the initiative, we keep our sovereignty, but we let ourselves be helped. We’re going to work together. We are slowly going to bring the two worlds together, and the people who have realized the 5D consciousness within themselves will form the link in this. How exactly is that going to turn out?

We are in the midst of an integration process, an ever increasing overlap of realities, of dimensions, of 3D and 5D. The people who are realizing 5D consciousness are integrating this overlap within themselves. And that means that the reality they experience becomes larger, that they simultaneously become aware of multiple dimensions and also dwell in them simultaneously. They will have one foot in both worlds. The simultaneous existence in both dimensions creates an interweaving, a reciprocity, an exchange. A steady unification that first takes place on an individual, inner level, and which slowly expands to the entire collective. Inside out.

This process is a journey of discovery in which we come to realize that we are one with the inhabitants of 5D. And I don’t mean that in an abstract or hazy way. We are going to learn that we are very concrete, very technical, indeed one. We are going to experience more and more that we are all multidimensional beings, and that aspects of ourselves are scattered all over the universe and through all dimensions. We are all human, ET, master, angel, dragon, elohim and much more at the same time. But in the upward evolutionary movement we as human beings in the first dimensions above our own first encounter our ET-selves. And those ET-selves might even be present on the alien ships in our solar system that want to make contact with Earth. Think about it. That already gives a completely different view on the whole us-them dynamic, and the questions we ask ourselves about contact with extraterrestrials. If you say: we have to do it ourselves, what is that “self”? In the end, it’s all a matter of what you identify with. Are you just Pete or Mary, or are you a great, eternal, spiritual being who has incarnations walking around on Earth as well as on other planets (and spaceships)? What do you prefer to identify with? Evolution of consciousness is a unification process in which this identification shifts, in which you rediscover your own greatness, and in which you learn that you play many roles at once. For example, imagine learning soon that an ET-self of yours played a part in Earth’s history? Do we still have to do it “ourselves”, or do you start to give it a bigger context and see it more as a joint project?

In this special time of the transition to 5D, it means those who are ready will develop an active and awake awareness of their own 5th dimensional selves and will experience the 5th dimension through their integrated 5D selves. It means that they are not so much going to meet their own 5D aspect, but BE it, embody it, live it. They become both Pete or Mary as well as an ET at the same time, as a form of bilocation. Both without losing their uniqueness and individuality. And this ET-self is a being with a wider, galactic consciousness, with more highly evolved levels of love, wisdom and intelligence, who is eager to work more closely with the 3D self part, to play a larger, positive role together in improving conditions on Earth. The 5D self will begin to inspire, inform and instigate the 3D self to perform certain actions on Earth. And vice versa, the 3D self will be able to experience the life of the 5D self. This could mean that these people could soon be sitting around the table in council meetings on alien ships as “Earth experts”, or taking tours on other planets to see how they solve certain social, scientific and environmental challenges there. And they can then apply that knowledge on Earth. In this way there is an intensive cooperation, but the 3D self has the last say on Earth. And through these people, through their 3D selves, who will massively share their positive, extraterrestrial experiences and come up with their extraterrestrial solutions, there will be more and more habituation and embracement of extraterrestrial life within the world population, making First Contact and outer collaboration slowly come closer. In this way all questions about responsibility, sovereignty, free will and prudence are met. It should also be said that the 5D self as a part of the entire multidimensional self, itself also listens to and is inspired by higher-dimensional selves. It is also not necessarily the case that an ET self is 5-dimensional, this self can also be 9-dimensional or 12-dimensional, so to speak, but operating in the 5th dimension.

I have met many lightworkers over the years, online and offline, who are very aware of their own extraterrestrial selves. Although they did not yet have the integrated experience with these 5D selves because no one was anchored in 5D yet, they often had telepathic and visual contact with these aspects of themselves, and worked together in that way. Many of these selves come from Sirius, Pleiades, Arcturus, Orion, Lyra, and Andromeda. And many of them are part of the Galactic Federation. Notable lightworkers who have been transparent about that include Cobra, whose ET self is a Pleiadian commander, and Aurora Ray, whose ET self is a Lyran commander. I myself have an Arcturian self that is knocking at the door, integrating, to enter into an intensive 3D/5D collaboration. Exciting, galactic adventures are being presented to me, and I know that will be the case for many, many people.

One of the most joyous aspects of our eternal existence is the step-by-step rediscovery of all our selves and the infinite exploration of new worlds and realities, after descending all the way into the deepest ignorance and amnesia. This is the great value of the descension process and of the duality that was necessary for this descension. Now we stand in the bottom of Creation on the eve of an infinite ascension upward path. Not only to the 5th dimension, but later also to much higher dimensions, one even more paradise-like than the other. At a pace we choose ourselves. A wonderful prospect. But first let’s work together with our ET selves to bring Earth back to her paradise state. Are you ready to get to know your ET self?


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