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With the movement into the fifth dimension, the lifting of the quarantine of the Earth, and the opening of multidimensional reality, much knowledge is being released about the mechanics of multidimensional reality. Religion, spirituality, and existing ideas about spiritual growth are forced to be looked at in a new light. This knowledge comes from higher dimensions, from beyond the veils of the illusion matrix that we are now slowly stepping out of. Much of that knowledge had previously been restricted to mystical circles, mystery schools, and theosophical societies. Not coincidentally, in this particular time of transition there has been an explosion of this knowledge over the past decades thanks to the work of many incarnate lightworkers.

In particular, one person, a spiritual teacher, has brought much of this knowledge to Earth. He had been given a specific, divine commission to write an encyclopedia in preparation for the great transition to the Aquarian age, in which much of this mystical knowledge would be exposed in a simple, clear way. With the aim of providing an introduction to the multidimensionality that awaits humanity, clarifying the structure of the path of spiritual growth, and offering tools to help grow spiritually as quickly and effectively as possible. To raise one’s own light frequency to the level necessary to be able to move to the fifth dimension. He is the person whose work has had the most impact on my spiritual path. I am very grateful that his work came my way in 2006. The insight and application of the tools he has offered in his work has greatly enriched and eased my life and my ongoing transformation processes in the context of the ascension process.

I’m talking about Dr. Joshua David Stone. He lived in California, returned to the spirit world after attaining enlightenment in 2005, and now assists Earth as an Ascended Master through the Ashram of the Blue Ray. Unfortunately, his work has never been translated into Dutch (with the exception of two books, which now appear to have been discontinued), and as a result it seems to have had little foothold in the Netherlands. His work is primarily the result of telepathic dialogues he conducted with various light beings, such as the Ascended Master Djwhal Khul and Lord Melchizedek, the Universal Logos. Djwhal Khul in his incarnation on Earth was like Lao Tse (who wrote the Tao Te Ching) an Eastern wise master. Djwhal Khul was appointed in the spirit world for the transfer of knowledge to Dr. Stone, as a wise teacher from the blue ray, and as a representative of the Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood, the Ascended Master Community assisting Earth at this time. Djwhal Khul was also the one who previously inspired Madame Blavatsky and Alice Bailey in their esoteric work. Their work forms the basis of theosophy, to which Rudolf Steiner later joined, with an anthroposophical slant. Dr. Stone held annual Wesak celebrations at Mount Shasta where thousands of lightworkers attended, and where he deployed his tools, in conjunction with the Ascended Masters. Dr. Stone himself was a heavy user of these tools, and clearly enjoyed using them very much. He moved at full speed through the dimensions towards his enlightenment in his spiritual growth, and has enthusiastically documented this process in his books. I sometimes felt like a kid in a candy store when I read his books. Well-known lightworkers such as Lisa Renee and Judith Kusel are also big fans of his work.

Stone’s work has given me many tools that have helped me in my frequency raising, in learning to work with energies, and in solving crisis situations, such as energetic attacks. His work has brought me over the threshold to indeed make a large-scale appeal to the possibilities that the universe offers us. I have found that many people experience this threshold for a variety of reasons, such as unfamiliarity, caution, need for evidence, and a struggle with autonomy. His work invites free-willed interaction with the enlightened dimensions of the universe, and with that for me personally he has made the reality of the existence of the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Extraterrestrials more palpable and tangible, bringing it closer, understanding they are not just vague concepts or vague archetypes, but tangible, lived-through experiences, which brought me concrete, energetic benefits, and strengthened my inner light. And you can bet that in 2040, for example, this reality will be a much more tangible and integrated reality for the entire 5D world population. As a beautiful, transparent, loving, equal cooperation between Humans, Animals, Plants, Crystals, Extraterrestrials, Masters and Angels.

In addition to many tools for spiritual growth, his encyclopedia also contains a simplified explanation of the initiation process, as it has been explained quite complexly in earlier theosophical works. The Ancient Egyptians also knew and used this initiation path in their mystery schools. As far as I know the structure of this path of initiation has only been described in Theosophy, I have never encountered the description of this path of initiation elsewhere in mainstream spirituality. The spiritual path is a very structured initiation path, a ladder of dimensions and sub-dimensions within ourselves, which we have to take step by step. In this we are always judged on demonstrating mastery over a dimension within ourselves, reflected by the dimension outside ourselves. That translates as mastering a certain light body that corresponds to a dimension. For example, on Earth it is a great challenge to grow beyond the astral dimension, which comes down to learning to control our own astral light body, and thus become masters of our own emotional reality. It is not for nothing that the Earth is generally regarded in the universe as one of the most difficult schools for the soul.

Dr. Stone also extensively discusses the concept of enlightenment in his work, as he has received it. It always strikes me how much tension there is around the term enlightenment, and also around the use of the term. Like it’s something that flies away as soon as you name it. As if any conceptualization of it immediately misses the mark. And as if there can only be ego-like illusions behind ideas that enlightenment is within reach. I was very pleased with the lightness and concreteness with which Dr. Stone talked about enlightenment, and this actually throws all the spasm and tension about it overboard. Enlightenment is related in his work to the attainment of 7-dimensional embodied consciousness. This is where the first level of the Christ lightbody is anchored, actualized. Everything I have personally experienced and seen in my environment matches this description. However, this is a very different approach from the vague, fleeting, elusive definition we often encounter in Eastern spirituality. Two of the most valuable quotes from his work on enlightenment that have stayed with me and have shaped my perception of the subject are as follows:

1. “Every person on Earth can achieve enlightenment in five years.”

2. “With attaining enlightenment on Earth, you are only 10% of the way back to Source.”

If this is true, and I believe it to be true, it has far-reaching implications for what is commonly believed about enlightenment. It means that in this definition enlightenment is not the end point, it does not imply an absolute union with the Source, it is not something unattainable, it is not something elusive, it is not something that cannot be conceptualized, it does not mean that one has then finished growing and it does not mean that one no longer has an ego. It just means that one has realized a certain amount of light within oneself, released trauma, processed karma and demonstrated mastery over the emotional and mental bodies, after which one gets the Christ body installed. And then the growth just continues and daily life continues. One is, so to speak, at frequency level 6.9D not a suddenly different person than at frequency level 7.1D. It is true that one has got one’s Christ body anchored, but life just goes on, with all the challenges, triggers and mirrors, and the personality also retains its characteristic traits. All kinds of emotions can still surface from the unconscious, and there can still be all kinds of heavy energies of past life suffering that one has to deal with.

This is a much more concrete, tangible definition of enlightenment, much more embedded in the mechanics of multidimensional reality, and not the result of mystified, earthly guesswork. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a very welcome, down-to-earth view of enlightenment. And paradoxically coming from beyond the veils. From a cosmic perspective, enlightenment on Earth actually means no more than leaving kindergarten. The beauty of this is also the prospect of what a long and wonderful road we have yet to travel, in an enlightened state, moving through many dimensions, moving through many paradisiacal realities. Eternally exploring the wondrous beauty of Creation, like a neverending, blissful adventure. The important thing about this perspective is that enlightenment is much closer to everyone than people tend to think. But you have work for it, and, how could it be otherwise, proactive self-transformation is the key, it doesn’t fall into your lap out of nowhere. Now you can bring up the old, well-known clichés and say: enlightenment should not be an end in itself, and any aspiration projected into the future pulls you away from that state of being. That all sounds nice, but let’s face it, every being has a deep desire at soul level to experience more freedom, unity and wholeness within, and we really are dealing with a sequential evolution, a ladder with many steps to be taken in order. There is nothing wrong with pursuing that. Not from ego, but spurred on by the still voice of our soul, which gently prods us to remember, to move towards more light and love, back to the lap of Mother God and Father God. And if that impulse moves you to get busy emptying your backpack, then that’s only a good thing.

By the way, to avoid misunderstandings, Source is not something that should be placed outside yourself, the second quote suggests that. It exists simultaneously inside and outside yourself. It exists in the core of your heart, but the expansion of consciousness that we go through determines its actualization, its embodiment. It is dynamic and evolving, like an aura orb that gets bigger and bigger, like a non-dual unity field from the heart that covers more and more layers of ourselves, until it finally coincides with the outer limits of your own universe. Then it is fully embodied and you have taken 100% of the way back to Source. According to the second quote, enlightenment is apparently only a milestone on a very long path of spiritual growth, but what is said in the first quote touches on an important issue about the effectiveness and possible speed of spiritual growth and frequency increase. The first quote implies that in theory everyone on Earth is able to grow 4 dimensions (from 3D to 7D) in 5 years time. And that means that it should also be possible to grow 2 dimensions (from 3D to 5D) in a few years’ time. And this last fact is so very important and valuable at this time for the many souls who want to go to the fifth dimension, but have not yet reached the required 5D frequency level within themselves. We are currently in the phase of several years in which the 3rd and 5th dimensions overlap for a while, in which the gates to the 5th dimension are still open. The choices people make for themselves in the present are crucial. This is what these years are about. Not just waking up humanity to the existence of spiritual reality or opening its eyes to the corruption on Earth. The greatest importance lies in educating the people who are still in 3D or 4D about the ascension possibility and giving them the opportunity to transform themselves enough in the coming years to make this transition to 5D.

An obvious pitfall in the move to 5D is to dwell in attention and focus on 4-dimensional subjects, either in the physical reality of corruption or in the multidimensional reality of the matrix and sabotaging, unseen forces. Some make years of study of it, either through books and videos or with their third eye. It is a vast area of knowledge in which you can get lost, while time is so precious right now. Some knowledge is of course valuable and necessary, but don’t let your mind tempt you to keep on researching and consuming information about it endlessly. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.

Also don’t be tempted to do nothing based on the idea that everyone is already enlightened or that everyone is already Source. Because that is a major pitfall that can encourage passiveness. I do not dispute that that fact contains truth from an absolute, eternal reality. And that this attitude stimulates faith, acceptance and surrender, which are important qualities of the heart. But it’s only half the story. The other half indicates that proactive steps are needed if you want to climb the evolution ladder. This is a gradual, structured process, and there are no shortcuts, crash courses or instant solutions. It takes more than a eureka insight or a temporary enlightenment experience. It takes effort, focus, determination, perseverance and discipline. Light integration is a step-by-step process, and no one can ignore this physical law, because then overdose would simply burn out the aura. Every person can experience and invite the energy of his own I AM on his own initiative, and it is certainly advisable to do this regularly, but its full embodiment requires a lot of long-term transformation and frequency increase. Sometimes the distinction between experiencing and fully embodying does not seem to be completely clear to people, thinking they don’t need to take any more steps forward.

Incidentally, I believe that in the Netherlands alone, thousands of lightworkers have already reached this 7D state, and have just continued with their lives on the same sober and modest foot. And we’re going to be hearing a lot from these lightworkers in the near future, as we’re on the cusp of a great spiritual revolution, and it’s these lightworkers who will take the lead, each spurred on by their own God spark. In addition, millions of children worldwide are already being born in the enlightened state, and this is only going to increase. And the latter means that even the most theoretically pessimistic scenario of a future Earth would have been turned upside down within a generation anyway by the increase of Light through these children in the human collective consciousness.

Finally, with the methodologies of Dr. Stone, I do not want to suggest a one-sided solution to spiritual growth. By highlighting one method, I do not put other methods aside. I always believe in and-and, rather than or-or. Self-reflection, shadow work, trauma processing, silence, deprogramming, it is all valuable and necessary. And without proper grounding, no balanced frequency increase is possible at all. Many roads lead to Rome, and in my view the most powerful solution is always to take several roads at once. One thing has become clear to me, however: the path that Dr. Stone set out with his work is a highway to Rome, and a very pleasant one, which stimulates you not to dwell in the 4th dimension with your attention. I am grateful to have been able to take advantage of that path, and I can wholeheartedly recommend his work.

In love,

Maxim Lazet

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