The Light always “wins” from the Dark

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Karin and I have been able to experience many meditations since 2013 in alignment with the actuality of the ascension process. In this we have experienced the most wonderful adventures. For a few months in 2015, however, virtually nothing came through. This turned out to be because we were in a process of crystallization of our physical bodies, making the veils temporarily too close for the mind's eye to safely perceive clearly. What was allowed to come through during this period was a background setting of this crystallization process.

Somewhere in the Sinai desert, near the Catherine Monastery, there is (on an etheric level) a huge, underground hangar, where alien spaceships come and go. At the time, this hangar contained many vertical capsules, a kind of “med beds”, in which lightworkers were laying. At least, in which their etheric bodies were laying. Karin and I were in it too. It involved a group of thousands of pioneering lightworkers who were ready for the crystallization of their physical bodies as part of the physical ascension into the fifth dimension. Apparently this required our etheric bodies to be in these capsules temporarily. Most lightworkers probably have not noticed this other than experiencing the usual ascension symptoms.

The hangar was at one point attacked by the reps. They were out to prevent these lightworkers from crystallizing and thus getting out of their sphere of influence. However, they were stopped by the Archangels. The Archangels appeared and intervened, because with this attack contracts were being broken. Archangel Michael presented the reps with a contract, which the reps signed eons ago, implying that this action was not allowed. Since the reps are no match for the archangels, and realizing that this attack was contractually taking place outside of their allotted leeway, they backed off.

I share this experience as an illustration of how the contract is also a frequently used instrument in other dimensions to make binding agreements, and in particular to define the latitude of dual players. It gives a guarantee that the free will of dual players is not infinite, but that they must adhere to set frameworks that are appropriate within the evolution at the macro level. These contracts will often coincide with the duration of epochs, and astronomical, cyclical movements within galaxies, in which galaxies receive sometimes more and sometimes less light from the Great Central Sun. The archangels guard the observance of the natural laws within the universe, thus protecting free will, but also the limits of free will. And so in particular where contracts have been entered into. We as humanity are now in the transition into a new era, apparently ending certain contracts of dual races that have been influential throughout Earth’s history and given free will space to do so.

When you stop and consider how the whole cosmos is one big cogwheel of suns and celestial bodies that revolve around these suns, from cosmic level to solar level, you see a very structured system in which there are always varying amounts of Light eventually flowing to the planets and their inhabitants. Often, that Light will simply be too strong for the Dark to operate there, and it will be forced to move into shadow areas. This means that the Light does not always “win” against the Dark, but is actually always in full control of the leeway that the Dark is given. There is therefore actually no question of “winning”, which nevertheless presupposes some equivalence in power, in which it is uncertain what the outcome will be. Rather, the Light allows the Dark within certain frameworks, in which the Light reigns supreme at all times, rules the playing field, and intervenes where natural laws and contracts are violated or where the balance at a higher macro level is at stake. This fact offers a lot of confidence and hope. It means that ultimately chaos can never completely overpower order, there are always higher levels of order that frame chaos. With that, everything in this cosmic cogwheel always works out in the end, if you zoom out enough and look at it from the eternal perspective of the soul.

In addition, there are other mechanisms to name, in how Creation is set up, that make that the Light always “wins”. Like the soul being indestructible, no matter how far one has descended. Another mechanism is that beings are able to see and exert influence in the dimensions below their own dimension where their own consciousness resides, but not in the dimensions above them. That means, for example, that 4D reps can monitor and manipulate in 3D, but cannot look up, where they in turn are watched by beings from 5D and above. For example, the reps will likely attend many government meetings on Earth unseen, but their own meetings will most certainly also be monitored by light beings, so their war games are always known in detail. And do the reps have a higher intelligence and technology than humans, you can bet that the intelligence and technology of the beings in the dimensions above can be multiplied by a factor of ten.

And yes, we are assisted by these lightbeings beyond 4D, even though they rightly tell us that the initiative and responsibility lies primarily with us. And so we are not only assisted by them when we call on them. And we are not only assisted by them, because in reality they are multidimensional parts of ourselves. And we are not only assisted by them, because we are in a transition phase where a lot of new Light is coming to Earth, and it is getting too hot under the feet of the dual players. And we are not assisted only because planet Earth is a unique and beloved project that is followed and supported from the highest dimensions. No, we are also assisted because “free will space” contracts have expired for these dual players, and their compliance is being enforced by higher Light forces, including the Archangels. Something to draw confidence from.


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