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As far as I'm concerned, it's about time we got a more relativized picture of the role of the lightworkers. It's not all as black and white as is sometimes said. You often read that lightworkers have come to Earth to bring light and love. That they volunteered to incarnate here after a distress call was sent into the universe from Mother Earth requesting help. But in reality it is not that simple.

Lightworkers, or light bringers, or love workers, whatever you want to call it, have not come here just to bring light and love. Admittedly, technically, viewed from one layer, they have come to increase the Light on Earth, and have indeed acted as a channel through their consciousness and transformation work to realize increasing light, and so, in conjunction with Mother Earth, to increase the light on Earth. But that’s just one layer. There are always many layers at work simultaneously in this complex, multidimensional reality, and it helps to gain insight into these layers, to gain more understanding, to put duality into perspective, to feel that everything and everyone is “grey” instead of black or white, and that gray is actually the color of unity. This understanding has a neutralizing effect and leads to more love and compassion.

The lightworkers have not interfered with an ongoing story that they were not part of before. Many lightworkers, in addition to wanting to be of service to Mother Earth and Creation, have also come here to redeem karma. This karma exists in many different forms. There is not just the karma of other lives on Earth. Karma runs through all of Creation, from the highest dimensions to the lowest dimensions. It is the constant balancing of the dual roles and non-dual roles that we all alternately play in the Creation story, in order to move the story forward, while experiencing, learning, growing, and developing responsibility to learn to create in an increasingly responsible manner. So this applies not only to our lives on Earth, but to all our experiences throughout our eternal existence. We have all played many roles, on other planets, in other galaxies, in other universes. Sometimes contributing to duality, sometimes contributing to unification. And everything is exactly tracked in Akashic libraries on many levels. And for the sake of clarity and completeness, karma is not about judgment, guilt or penance, but about restoring balance and growth through experience. We continue to experience what we have created ourselves, and so the universe moves step by step towards a new, higher equilibrium, and we all grow into responsible creators.

There are currently lightworkers working on Earth who contributed to the fall of Atlantis. There are lightworkers at work who contributed to the Maldek explosion. There are lightworkers who in other lifetimes on Earth have given the Earth story twists and turns by misusing their free will. There are lightworkers at work who have participated in galactic wars. You can be sure that almost all star races in this environment within this galaxy have a karmic entanglement with humanity and duality on Earth in one way or another, and therefore also have ánd take responsibility for doing their part in the elimination of duality here. There are also lightworkers on Earth whose mischievous 4D aspects have created chaos in this galaxy, and are in the process of facing these aspects of themselves, forgiving (themselves), and uniting, merging in love, which is also an inescapable prerequisite for their own evolution beyond 4D.
But it goes much further than that. There are lightworkers who have disrupted and twisted specific geometric constructions in other, much higher dimensions, that were building blocks for entire solar systems, and are restoring it here and now on Earth. There are lightworkers who eons ago in the very highest dimensions, where form barely exists, created subtle dualities in the infrastructure of Creation. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes accidentally, sometimes out of naivety, sometimes out of experimental effort, and this has created a major ripple effect in the condensation into form in the many dimensions below, with which one tiny act could have affected entire universes.
So many lightworkers, in addition to forming light channels, are also neutralizing their own contributions to dual creations. And that is what Project Earth also is: An intended focal point of duality, where all the “causers,” on whatever dimensional levels, even just below the Source of this universe, have come to ground, transform, and to come into oneness with other fields, which are represented and anchored by other lightworkers, as the incarnate aspects of those fields. While New York is called the “melting pot” of the Earth, the Earth is the great “melting pot” of DNA from all corners of the universe. This great diversity of DNA simultaneously produces a wonderful diversity and a great, dual tension. And also an enormous potential of unification, when on this small, microcosmic point, which is the Earth, all DNA manages to come into harmony, with an effect on the entire universe. That has always been the Plan of Project Earth, and it is passing with flying colors, even if it is not yet visible in the outer world.

In this context it is also good to realize that there is a certain order in the Creation story. A tight organization of roles that beings have taken on, possessing certain specialisms that are deployed both empowering and disempowering during the descension path and the ascension path through the dimensions of the universe. All well-known themes that archangels represent, for example, have both a sunny side and a dark side, and these are both used to shape the Great Story. And those who had a part in the highest dimensions in the beginning of Creation bear a karmic responsibility to bring the Creation story to a successful conclusion, and will be entwined in it to the very end. This is in my perception what the text “The first shall be last” really means. Clear, well-known examples of this are the Archangels Michael and Lucifer. However, this does not mean that they continuously play one white or black role throughout this story taking eons, but their many descended, split soul aspects in all their incarnations are found throughout the galaxies on all places on the unity/duality spectrum. For example, in our meditations we have dealt with luminous aspects of Lucifer and dark aspects of Michael. And this ultimately applies to all beings in Creation. Both the lightworkers and the elite, every human being on Earth, awake or not awake, have the most beautiful light beings as the higher selves of their higher selves of their higher selves, but also have their own split-off, mischievous self-parts scattered throughout the galaxies, which may be even more naughty than the current elite on Earth.

When you realize and oversee all of this, it becomes harder and harder to judge the dual players on Earth right now. If you want to put it very sharply, there is not much difference between the loving people and the current “self-serving” elite. This is simply a moment in time and space where the pieces on the board now stand as they are, while in countless other storylines in the eternal NOW the pieces are reversed.
That is why it is so important to zoom out, to get a bigger overview. This contributes to detachment and neutrality, and neutrality is a core component of unconditional love.
Collective forgiveness will become extremely important in the near future on Earth, and the lightworkers should lead the way and lead by example. A more relativized view of reality and of one’s own dual roles that one has played oneself throughout galactic history facilitates forgiveness to oneself and others. It makes life more lighthearted and playful, in which you realize that in reality there is really no loss, and there is always an infinite amount of new adventures and opportunities ahead for everyone. All we need to do is let go of our identification with the roles we play in this here and now so that we don’t lose ourselves in them.

Like many other lightworkers, I also played a part in the fall of Atlantis. Immediately after hearing about my part in this life, Lord Melchizedek came in and said, “It had to happen.” I turned out to have a deeply rooted self-condemnation this life about it in my consciousness, arising in that life after the deed, after seeing the suffering as a result of the fall. That self-judgment of the past has now been healed and replaced by self-love. By now I have learned enough about the mechanics of ascension and descension to understand that Atlantis had to fall. I often hear about what would have “went wrong” in Atlantis. But that’s just one perspective. To create a free-will universe, a story is needed, in which the actors perform actions out of free will that lead to descent, to destruction, to frequency lowering. Planets explode, civilizations fall. The fall of Atlantis was the final intended step of a long descension path, to reach rock bottom, to create the physical dimension. To create the circumstance in which the pure spirit could descend into the deepest matter, to bring the soul into the flesh, and then make the U-turn into the ascension path, the inbreath of God, back to Source. We are in this turnaround now, and the story is on track. No light forces that could stop the fall of Atlantis, and no dark forces that could stop the rise of the Golden Age in the present.

And by discussing this, without judgment, in a way that recognizes that everyone is actually gray, and not black or white, recognition, acknowledgment, acceptance and healing arise. Ultimately, consciously or unconsciously, we are ALL working to advance the Creation story and exponentially amplify the Light during this time, and we each have our own karmic roles to play in it. Some by amplifying the Light within themselves in a more direct sense, and some in an indirect sense by playing trigger roles, to give others the opportunity to mirror and transform themselves, in order to amplify their Light. The cards could easily have been shuffled the other way around. All our souls are eternally engaged in exploring the two great forces of the universe, love and power, in an infinite series of experiences alternately to the deepest depths. At all times, therefore, seek to be lenient and forgiving to those who now play power roles for a moment, and bear in mind that it may very well be that your own dual contributions in a distant past, whether you remember them or not, may have nourishing and contributing to the dual situation as it now exists on Earth. Take responsibility for your own shadow, and look it in the eye with love. Without guilt, without judgment, without projection, without bypassing, and without identification. Not as a victim of someone else’s actions, not as a victim of your own, but as a joyful co-creator of the special, adventurous project that is this free-will universe.

PS. By the way, I do not want to detract from the loving and serviceable intentions with which the lightworkers have entered into this spirited incarnation, nor the monumental work they have done.


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