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With the 5D Earth becoming a reality since this year, we will find ourselves in an overlap of two realities for several years to come. This report gives some more hands and feet to this energetic process, and how you can consciously tune in to it.

Meditation report workshop “5D Healing Day” of 2 Oct 2021

A connection is created from everyone’s heart to the center of the group, and a fountain of energy is created in the center of the group. An energy flow arises from the earth upwards, forming a supporting layer below us. This earth energy flows up through the feet and buttocks. Then via the coccyx and the base chakra fills the abdomen with earth energy. Just let yourself fall into that layer, knowing that you are supported by it. Just feel how that layer carries you. How to rest in it. Feel that in that softness you become firmer. How your feet and your legs carry you much more firmly. And know that from this firmness no challenge is too great. From this firmness you can handle anything, no matter how crazy and hectic things can sometimes be around you. Let yourself be carried by the Earth. This Earth energy empowers you, so that you can carry yourself. You can experience that you are one with the Earth. You are of the Earth, and the Earth is yours. It is your birthright.

Now the starry sky becomes visible. What is happening in this earthly layer is that we are empowering ourselves, and this empowerment, the power that people come into, with the power of the Earth, that radiates beyond the earth’s atmosphere. That radiation radiates to the cosmos that it is no longer possible to mess with the Earth and humanity. And forces literally recoil, pulling away from Earth. Knowing that they can’t get a foot in the door anymore, that their role on Earth is over.

Now the attention goes inwards, and together we sink into the Earth, ever deeper and deeper. Just feel how nice it feels, the magnetic force of the Earth. We arrive as a group in the core of the Earth. And there we go into a core of two different Earths that are in each other. The old Earth core and the diamond core of the New Earth. Feel what it feels like to tune into the core of the Old Earth, then shift your intent to the diamond core of the New Earth. Just feel how it feels. Anyone can hop back and forth, from one to the other, and back again. Just as the Earth itself, there are two Earths, we ourselves are partly old and partly new. And we can also hop in our own body, our own consciousness, from 3D to 5D and back again. And what do you choose, at what times. You are completely free to choose. There is nothing to stop you from choosing one or the other, or both.

And for now we can also keep choosing between the two, and switch from one to the other, just like a light switch you can hop from 3D to 5D, and back again. For a while it has felt very uncomfortable, living in two realities, but with this new Earth bed it becomes much easier. As a result, you will also be able to view all the issues you encounter in daily life from different perspectives. The moment an issue presents itself in 3D, and you keep looking at it from a 3D perspective, it may be that there doesn’t seem to be a solution, because it looks very heavy. Then hop to 5D, and then look at the same issue from a 5D perspective, and then discover new possibilities for the issue.

It will be a few more years before the gates close and the decision is made on whether to go for 3D or 5D Earth, and until then we will have to get comfortable hopping from one to the other.

We are now going to look at our grounding connections, which run from our feet and butts into the Earth. These grounding cords have always been anchored in your own crystal in the old Earth core. A crystal that also contains your life mission (red. incarnation blueprint), and your life mission energy can also flow up into your body through your grounding cords. Also see now that there is also a personal crystal, a personal diamond, in the 5D Earth core, which also contains your new life mission energy. And perhaps one or more of your grounding cords are already anchored in your new diamond crystal. Or maybe not at all. Perhaps you have removed all your cords from the old core. Everyone walks their own path. See where your grounding cords are anchored now. And do you want to keep them where they are now anchored or do you want to move them? You can now do that yourself. Suppose they are still in the old Earth, and you are ready to let go of the old Earth a little more, then you can take your grounding cords out, and place them in the diamond crystal in the new Earth. But it may also be that you have a lot of connection with 3D reality in your personal life, so that you actually want to stay in 3D for a while, that is also completely fine. Then you just leave your connections in the old Earth core. And maybe in the near future your job will be to hop from 3D to 5D and back again as a bridge builder. Then you can choose to have a grounding in both cores.

Just feel what suits you best, it is everyone’s individual path. What you can do now is go into your old crystal, feel how your personal crystal feels in the old core, and make contact there with the life mission that you have had until now. Feel it. And feel whether those life missions are still very much alive, whether you are still fully engaged in them, or maybe you feel that your life mission is drying up there. If so, take out any sustenance that’s still in there and take it with you. So that nothing remains in your old crystal, which you would actually like to take with you to the new one. When you are done feeling, step out of the old Earth core, and step into the new, diamond core crystal of the 5D Earth now. Just feel how this core crystal feels inside, and tap into its energy, and connect with your new life mission energy. Just feel if you are ready to live your new life mission energy, or if it is still too much for you to receive all of that right now, and you would rather complete your old life mission energy. When you are done making contact with the diamond crystal and your life mission there, step out of the crystal. And then we travel up again together, through all the different layers of the earth. Until we’re back here on the Earth’s surface.

The fountain in the middle of the group is widening until the whole group is in it. Now comes a spark of light that has traveled from far through the cosmos, and that spark of light arrives at the top of the fountain, which is actually a torus field. The spark of light descends through the group and enters the Earth through the core of the fountain. The spark travels all the way to the core of the Earth, and also to the core of yourself. And the moment that spark of light arrives at the center of the Earth’s core and settles there, there is a power explosion of light, which spreads outwards. And also from your own core, your own spark begins to radiate outward. You may feel that your heart becomes very warm, and from there all the light and warmth fills your entire aura. And feel and see how the light within you changes into a brighter light than before. Feel how you are magnetic and electric at the same time. Magnetic energy from the Earth, of which your body is a part. And the spark of light, which is very electric. And how together they complement each other and make you complete in yourself.


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