Sacred Marriage Mother Earth and her other half

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Report of “5D Healing Hour” Webinar by Karin Thomas on 11-11-2021

Welcome to Earth. Mother Earth welcomes us all. And she is grateful that we all had the audacity to incarnate at this time and to be here on Earth at this time, to be with her. In this wondrous time when we as souls have the courage to enter into human beings in our full glory and to become human angels again. And together, with each other, with the Earth we lift Creation to a higher level. Many of us have come a long, long way to do this since the dawn at the fall of the Angels. And now the time has come for the resurrection where we as human beings remember who we really are and the Angel who we are.

The fall from the cosmic womb and the landing, often hard landing, in the earthly womb has caused much trauma. Even though it was a voluntary fall, it was still a hard landing. And Mother Earth thinks it is very brave of the people, of us, that we dare to look all our trauma in the eye. That we dare to go through the eye of the needle. And her heart reaches out to our hearts. Mother Earth also made the fall, she also experienced trauma during this fall where she became separated from her other half. Her other half was Maldek, a planet that no longer exists, shattered into millions of pieces, and her other half has been on the spiritual side of the spectrum ever since.

And in the love Mother Earth has for all living beings, for people and for Creation, she has continued her journey, her journey through the Milky Way, and has also come to a point where with the rising frequency, the growth and transformation we go through, she is also reunited in the immaterial world with her other half. And not so much that a second planet is added, but more that Mother Earth herself comes into balance and also carries her male other half energy.

All this time she has been mainly a feminine energy, a Motherly energy with which she has given ground to humanity in their struggle for survival. Because Mother Earth lacked the masculine energy of her other half, it lacked a masculine, paternal bed for the people. And that meant that a patriarchal hierarchy could arise from within humanity and started to play the male, paternal role as a replacement. Because after the fall people entered a survival mode on Earth and were diligently looking for balance and that balance was not found in the feminine bed of Mother Earth, humanity has easily fallen for the patriarchal attitude of the state and church. Even if this meant that the people thereby relinquished their own power and strength. It gave a sort of false sense of security.

And now we have come to a point where Mother Earth reactivates her other half within herself so that she is no longer only Mother Earth but also Father Earth. And in this way the same balance of the masculine and the feminine arises from the Earth as a reflection of Mother Cosmos and Father Cosmos. For heaven is not only male, the Cosmos is also male and female. And every soul is male and female. And in every person there is also the union between the masculine and feminine energy. And is there a moment in every person when a sacred marriage is entered into between the masculine and feminine energy.

Meanwhile, we descend into the Earth to the heart of Mother Earth. Deeper and deeper we descend into the earthly Mother’s Womb. And we now land in the heart of Mother Earth. Just connect with your own heart and with the heart of Mother Earth. Just feel that she welcomes you and loves you dearly. And that it was she who was always there for you and always carried you through all your lives. Without her, the human experience would not have been possible.

An opening becomes visible on one side of her heart, a kind of window into the cosmos. From the cosmos an energy flows like a ray of light into the heart of Mother Earth. And this energy is the energy of her other half, of her great lover. And her heart is completely filled with the energy of the heart of her beloved. Perhaps you can feel in your own heart that something is changing there in connection with the heart of Mother Earth. For the first time in a very, very long time, the heart of Mother Earth is no longer exclusively magnetic, an electrical charge has now been added. And maybe you can feel the effect of that in your heart, your heart which is also magnetic and electrical, and you can feel that the electrical part of your heart relaxes more and gets more space.

The heart of Mother Earth is filled with joy. She is so happy to feel her other half so close to her heart again. To feel that she is together again. That she is actually Mother and Father Earth in one. And the light that radiates from the heart through all layers of the earth to the surface of the Earth changes. Mother Earth’s heartbeat is changing now that she has become complete. And that has an effect on everything and everyone in and on the Earth. And Mother Earth’s inner strength is also increasing, and this strength is making her reclaim her rightful, self-contained space in our solar system. And people are also touched by the energy she radiates. It’s like people were balancing and moving back and forth trying to find balance, and suddenly, people can stand still in their own center because the energy that carries them is in balance. Perhaps you can now also feel that in yourself, that you are suddenly sitting up straight, more centered in yourself. And the strength in your belly increases. This is the moment the patriarchal institutions have feared. Mankind no longer needs a substitute father, no substitute man. Because humanity is carried by Mother ánd Father Earth.

And meanwhile, the energy of Mother and Father Earth is increasingly flowing into our bodies. Through our legs up our tailbone and stomach and further up. It may feel hot to the energy, or a little chilly. It is like a tsunami wave of energy flowing through us. And also our hearts, our heart chakras expand and flow even more and a recalibration of our electromagnetic energy field takes place. It can give a somewhat tingling sensation in our nervous system. This newfound balance of the masculine and feminine in Mother Father Earth also has an effect on the Sun. And has an effect on the energy that the Sun sends to the Earth. The Sun, which has always mainly shown its masculine side to compensate for the lack of masculine energy on Earth, can become more in balance with its own feminine energy, because the Sun is also masculine and feminine.

From the great Cosmic Sun an energy ray is on its way, a ray of light that travels through other Suns and reaches our Sun, and through our Sun this ray of light to Earth right into the heart of Mother and Father Earth. This energy, this ray of light, seals the bond between Mother and Father Earth. And also within ourselves, very deep in our belly, the marriage between our masculine and feminine energies is sealed by the light beam of the Cosmic Sun. In this sealing a new strength arises in ourselves. A new power within us that awakens the Angelic Being. And this power reminds us more of who we really are, a luminous Angel undergoing a human experience, to discover and experience what life really means, what being human really means. And let’s start living more from our angelic being, in our human jacket.

And maybe you can feel how your Angelic Being also flows through your heart, the angelic heart, and gives it extra warmth. And gives you the feeling that you are firmly present within yourself. In unity and love with yourself and everything and everyone around you. And the warmth of the angelic heart softens the harshness in the environment. And with that we can touch the hearts of other people. It is the heart energy that leads the transformation. And it is the heart energy that has a solution to all challenges. In the heart there is no yes or no, no for or against, no one or the other. In the heart everything is in unity with each other. In the heart there is no good or bad. In the heart everything is just as it is. In the heart, every obstacle is a challenge to face, to grow from and become even more heart, to become even more love. And love is contagious. Love is also contagious in resistance.

Then it is time to say goodbye to the heart of Mother Father Earth, in which we have dwelt all this time. One last energetic hug from heart to heart. And then we travel back to the Earth’s surface again and we all land back in our seats.

Much love,

Karin Thomas


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