Love, Willpower and War

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As I have written in previous blogs, in my experience we are currently in the so-called End Time, or rather Transition Time. In fact, we would now be in 2023 exactly in the beginning year of what is called the "Tribulation" ("Tribulation"). This assumes that major changes are imminent, that old systems that are based on corruption and abuse of power or otherwise no longer resonate will collapse, and that some chaos is inevitable before a new order emerges. Some of these changes will happen anyway within the context of a major, necessary cleansing and karmic settlement, but there are also circumstances that are avoidable. War is one of them.

There is currently a great battle in the ether in which the remaining, dual forces are making one last attempt to cause as much destruction as possible, including starting a third world war. It is a complex, multidimensional chess game in which they seek to create new, negative timelines that set in motion a series of events leading to war.

Lightworkers play a larger role in this than many may realize. We all know that our creative power has increased as we have grown spiritually. And that it is more important than ever that we pay close attention to the purity of our intentions, thoughts and feelings. Of course it is true that we are primarily asked to remain alive to anchor the Cosmic Light, that we should reside in our Beingness and Equilibrium as much as possible to contribute to the stability of the collective field during this Transition Time, and be in surrender to the Divine Plan and to the inner transformation processes that are part of it. But there is something more at play, and that is to occupy the multidimensional space that we have, to consciously and voluntarily use our creative power to make this Transition Time as gentle and smooth as possible, with as little suffering for the collective, wherever possible.

Sometimes, however, in the delusion of the every day life, in the micromanagement of earthly, daily life, and in a lack of multidimensional overview, we forget to harness this creative power. I’m definitely talking about myself too, and Spirit subtly reminded me again this morning. In addition, many of us may also suffer a bit of self-underestimation regarding the creative power of “li’l ol’ me,” and in our current cocooning phase we still have some difficulty imagining how we are about to turn from the caterpillar into the butterfly, and what this butterfly will look like, and what creative power it contains. While we can indeed assert our creative power in this final cocoon phase. Most of us do not perceive (yet) how we are working hard on other dimensional layers on many issues in the context of this Transition Time. Also, the deployment of our creative power usually does not provide immediate empirical evidence of it, because changes in matter are delayed following the change in the ether, so sometimes there can be some doubt about its effectiveness.

This theme is largely about the harmonious cooperation between love and willpower. There is a tension between these two principles that we may begin to merge within ourselves. Our heart is expanding not only upward to the Higher Heart, but also downward to our solar plexus, the center of our willpower. The third dimension over the past few millennia has been strongly characterized by willpower without love. Willpower without love leads to power struggles, power lust and power abuse. On the other hand, however, love without willpower is not a solution either. There is a pitfall for people who are developing their love, and thus for many lightworkers, that they are too sweet, that they take refuge in love, and either consciously or unconsciously stay away from using their willpower. This can certainly be a useful survival mechanism at times, in which one accepts to temporarily occupy less space, to reside in an atmosphere of modesty or even invisibility, and one thus experiences in his/her high sensitivity less friction, less clashes with the reality around them. It can also stem from a fear of creating negatively, or from trauma about the possible consequences of sticking one’s head above the ground. As a result, one may then choose not to create at all. All of this results in settling for a limited manifestation, a small footprint on the common reality. This may be of value during a phase of undisturbed, inner transformation, but there comes a time when the caterpillar turns into the butterfly, and then it requires courage, flexibility, and willpower.

This intense time demands that we lovingly harness our willpower. On some, evolutionary matters at the macro level we may not have this influence, but on many other levels we do, and there we are asked to use this willpower, based in our acquired love power and our loving intentions. To make statements, to make explicit choices consciously and from free will, and not allow ourselves in our personal love bubble merely to be carried along by the flow, which on the collective stage is partly determined by the free will of those who do use their willpower, and perhaps do so in an unloving way. There is a trap, in trusting in the Divine Plan, which I myself have in great measure, to sit back and wait, and not see the use of our willpower as part of it. Applying our willpower is certainly also part of the Divine Plan. This asks us to accept our greatness and influence, and it asks us to accept and be patient that the result of it is not immediately visible.

So for the moment it is not just a matter of waiting for the sleeping masses to wake up or for the heavens to open, but also for the awakened ones to say, Enough is enough, up to here and no further! It doesn’t even necessarily have to be in a way where you stick your head above the ground, go to the barricades, get into politics, or by posting on social media. Not everyone has simply been given the personality structure for that in this incarnation. The battle that is going on is first of all a battle in the ether, where our multidimensional selves are active, who have grown so with us. However, our multidimensional selves not only have to respect our free will and willpower, but also the lack of its application. Only to see “from above” that this space is occupied by others. This blog is not a call to physical action, but a call to energetic action, which can be as simple as repeatedly stating your intention. What do you want? Peace? Speak up. Let your Higher Self know. Let your I AM Presence know. Not from drama, not from victimhood, not from indignation, not from fear or judgment. But from strength, from determination, from focus, from embracing the fact that you define your reality. When you do this, as a grown, loving being, it creates a shock wave through the ether that decreases the likelihood of negative circumstances.

Rather, this account is a call to assert your creative power in the form of affirmations. Do not underestimate the influence of your willpower on conditions in the ether. Do not underestimate the positive power of your multidimensional self. Firmly stating your intentions is enough, and the more often, the better, that strengthens its energy. For example, every morning.

Regarding the possibility of war, for example, you could make the following statement:


In support of this, you could expand your heart field so that it encompasses the entire Earth, or even the entire Milky Way. Lyra and Orion are places where much of the impetus for war on Earth originates. You can also possibly visualize putting your golden staff into the ground while making this statement. And possibly in your visualization stand on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, which is the largest ley line junction on Earth, and see how the energy from your statement and from your staff in the ground spreads out over the light grid around the Earth.

Thank you for your co-creation. I hereby do my part:



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