In October humanity is standing up

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A report of the “5D Healing Hour” webinar by Karin Thomas (30 Sept 2021)

Grounding energy is first sent up from the Earth, so that we sink a little more into our body, and become better grounded. The sun shows itself, there is a lot of activity in the sun. Then I see all kinds of spaceships coming out of the sun. They entered our solar system from another location in the Galaxy through our sun as a portal. They come to help. Something needs to be converted in the transition from September to October. We have entered a crucial time phase. There is currently a lot of unrest among people in the world, also in the Netherlands. The spaceships begin to form a circle around the Earth. And the message coming through from the spaceships is:

“We are here to support your process, but you are driving the process. It is not that you are waiting to be saved, you are your own saviors. So many people have woken up lately, they have lit the light within themselves. And that has been a signal for us to come and support. The darkness, and the beings of the darkness, have many ways of bringing fear frequencies into the world. And we are here to support you in neutralizing those frequencies. So that it becomes easier for you to stay with yourself, to stay in your own power and love energy.
Collectively, there is still a layer of fear present in people in their base, a piece of trauma to which this darkness can hook up and increase. And today there is healing going on to continue and dissolve that fear layer. There is a round disc in the base chakra, a dark disk, which still represents that fear layer. That layer is a programming that was once deployed to trap you in the illusion of 3D, after the fall of Atlantis. It is the Atlantis trauma that could be captured in a kind of technological disc, which has been inserted into the base chakra of people. So that, even if people were to progress spiritually, this would be the last mechanism to stop humanity from standing up. And in October, humanity will stand up. And we are here today to help with our spaceships and the technology present on our spaceships, to remove these discs, these implants.

What we’re asking you now is to just sit back and relax and surrender, and then we’ll turn on the technology. A grid now forms around the Earth from the spaceships, consisting of pink-purple colored lines, which creates a frequency field that moves through the entire Earth and atmosphere, opens the lock like a key, and in a wave neutralizes and dissolves the frequency of that disc in the base chakra. You may feel some discomfort in your stomach, you may also feel some anxiety, or a tendency to brace yourself. That’s temporary, until it’s resolved. … The frequencies start to act on the disk, and it starts to get smaller. And also the appearance of the disc upwards in the abdomen is now starting to dissolve. … The more the disc dissolves, the more a small chip becomes visible in the center of the disc. The chip is the programming of that disc. … The disc is now as good as dissolved, the chip has no more power, and it burns out, it dissolves. It may be that you feel a bit heavier than normal resting on your chair, your bottom, because you are no longer held back by this energy disc, and that you sink more. The disc and chip are now completely dissolved.

Through your grounding cords, the attachment of your base chakra, your buttocks and tailbone are being renewed. It was as if a piece of connection with the Earth was missing, without you noticing it. This connection is now fully restored. Cells in your base are now waking up and filling with Earth energy. Where before the Earth started where your body ended, now the Earth comes up, and the Earth ends in your belly. The legs and your base are now part of the Earth.

Partly because of the disc that was there, mankind became detached from the Earth a long time ago, and the process of living together for mankind has become more and more artificial over the past thousands of years and not in line with nature, as a result of which humanity has become detached from its nature . And thus, man has been able to consume the resources, create pollution, leave plastic lying around, etc. But that’s going to change now. Now you are one with the Earth.
And the energies that the darkness worked into everyone to increase the fear, those frequencies have no attachment now, they are loosening. Now panic really breaks out in the darkness. Their breeding ground is disappearing, and then these energies have no right to exist anymore. Then they dry up, they dry out.

We are very happy with this step. And we are happy that we were able to support you people in this. We were sent by the Galactic Federation of Light to assist you in this. We remain present in your solar system to closely monitor developments taking place on Earth. And where enough people have their lights on together and have a request for help, we can support. It is the free will of humanity that we have to respect, it is humanity itself that continues this development, and only when there is a question for help can we support. In the end, it is humankind itself, going through the process, that has to do it. But know that you are not alone, that humanity is not alone in this, and that we love and support you dearly.
Connect with the Earth whenever you have the opportunity. When you get up in the morning, try to create a moment where you fill yourself with Earth energy, and consciously feel your bottom, and feel your belly. So that you feel connected to the Earth, and feel part of the Earth. So that you feel that you are not just an individual being, but that the Earth is within you. You are each other. It is the human consciousness that is creating the New Earth along with the Earth consciousness. The Earth cannot do without humanity, and humanity cannot do without the Earth.
We say goodbye for now, we will stay close. Thank you for this step. Namaste.”

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